11 Marketing KPI Reports with Industry-Specific Benchmarks

Prove that your marketing goes above and beyond your competitors with industry-specific comparisons

Kevin Kononenko on March 19, 2018 (last modified on January 18, 2022) • 7 minute read

“How do our marketing KPIs compare to others in our industry?”

You have probably heard this question repeatedly from a concerned boss or skeptical client. Fortunately, there is plenty of authoritative industry-specific data on digital marketing tactics like social media, AdWords, content marketing, email marketing and more. With this list, you don’t have to hunt around for it.

These 11 resources will help you determine if you are meeting, beating or behind your industry’s average. Every resource includes averages that are broken down, at the very least, into individual industries. They may also compare results based on size of company, region and others.

  1. Landing Pages
  2. Google AdWords
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Facebook Ads
  5. Organic Social Media
  6. Display Ads
  7. Demand Generation Funnel
  8. Mobile App Funnel
  9. E-commerce

Words of Warning

Marketing KPIs can vary widely within particular industries. Using an average is not always appropriate for judging the success of your marketing initiative. This post intentionally includes only metrics that are better suited for direct comparison. For example, landing pages allow for straightforward comparison because there is usually one goal: clicking a button or filling out a form. Comparing blog performance would be more challenging because multiple factors determine whether a blog will be successful.

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Landing Page Benchmarks


Source: Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report

Type of Data: Visitor-Lead Conversion Rate

Amount of Data Sampled: 64,000 Lead Gen Pages, 74,500,000 visitors

Time Period: Q4 2016

Level of Granularity: Industry

How You Might Use It: See the exact percentile of your landing page’s conversion rate. Determine the tone of copy that your industry prefers.

Google Adwords Benchmarks


Source: Google AdWords Benchmarks for Your Industry

Type of Data: Clickthrough Rate, Cost Per Click, Conversion Rate, Cost Per Action

Amount of Data Sampled: 2,367 US-based WordStream client accounts

Year: 2017

Level of Granularity: Industry

How You Might Use It: Determine if you need to improve copy on your ads. Confirm that ad spend is normal for your industry.

Email Marketing Benchmarks


Source: Average Email Campaign Stats of MailChimp Customers by Industry

Type of Data: Email Opens, Clicks, Bounce Rate

Amount of Data Sampled: Campaigns with over 1000 subscribers

Year: 2017

Level of Granularity: Industry, Company Size

How You Might Use It: Determine if your industry or your client’s industry traditionally engages with brands over email. Set expectations for sales derived from email clicks.


Source: ConstantContact Average Industry Rates Report

Type of Data: Email Opens, Clicks, Bounce Rate, Unsubscribe Rate

Amount of Data Sampled: 200 million customer emails

Year: 2017

Level of Granularity: Industry

How You Might Use It: Determine if your industry or your client’s industry traditionally engages with brands over email. Set expectations for sales derived from email clicks.

Facebook Ads Benchmarks


Source: 2015 Advertising Benchmark

Type of Data: Cost Per Click, Clickthrough Rate, Cost Per Thousand Impressions

Amount of Data Sampled: 1+ trillion ad impressions from Salesforce customers

Year: 2014-2015

Level of Granularity: Industry, Country

How You Might Use It: Review whether your ads performed during holiday season. See if social users react to ads in your industry.


Source: WordStream Facebook Ad Benchmarks by Industry

Type of Data: Cost Per Click, Clickthrough Rate, Conversion Rate, Cost per Action

Amount of Data Sampled: $550,000 in ad spend from November 2016- January 2017

Year: 2016-2017

Level of Granularity: Industry

How You Might Use It: Review ad performance during holiday season 2016.

Organic Social Media Benchmarks


Source: 2017 Digital Marketing Analytics Performance Report

Type of Data: Interactions per 1000 followers, Blog Performance, Domain Authority

Amount of Data Sampled: 700 Leading Brands

Year: 2017

Level of Granularity: Industry, Sub-Industry

How You Might Use It: Estimate how activity on social should translate to follower engagement. Decide if your brand should invest in social.

Display Ads Benchmarks


Source: Google Display Ad Benchmarks

Type of Data: Clickthrough Rate, Average Display Time, Video Completion Rate, Interaction Rate

Amount of Data Sampled: The vast reach of the Google Display Ad Network

Year: 2010-2016

Level of Granularity: Country, Industry

How You Might Use It: Determine if you should create an ad in a particular industry. Decide if you should use a display ad or a Rich Media ad.

Demand Generation Funnel Benchmarks


Source: HubSpot Demand Generation Benchmarks Report

Type of Data: Cost per Lead, Visitors per Month, Leads per Month, Opportunities per Month

Amount of Data Sampled: 900 marketers

Year: 2015

Level of Granularity: Industry, Company Size, Annual Revenue

How You Might Use It: Compare your funnel to companies that exceed revenue goals versus miss revenue goals. Calculate an appropriate cost per lead for your marketing and sales team.

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Mobile App Funnel Benchmarks


Source: The State of Apps Engagement 2016

Type of Data: 1-7-30 day retention rates, Funnel Conversion Rate, Sessions per Daily Active User

Amount of Data Sampled: 3.5 billion installs, 5000 apps

Year: Q3 2016

Level of Granularity: Industry, Region

How You Might Use It: See where you should focus efforts on improving funnel. Determine if you should focus on user acquisition or retention.

E-commerce Benchmarks

Wolfgang Digital

Source: E-commerce KPI Benchmarks 2016

Type of Data: Visitor-Customer Conversion Rate, Average Order Value, Clicks to Purchase, Days to Purchase, Average Session Duration

Amount of Data Sampled: 87,000,000 sessions, $230,000,000 in e-Commerce sales

Year: 2015-2016

Level of Granularity: Industry

How You Might Use It: See if your e-Commerce funnel needs improvement. Decide if you need to boost advertising exposure for more conversion assists.

When you measure marketing results in fractions of a percentage, they can quickly feel unimpressive to a client. After all, any normal person will struggle to get excited about a 2% clickthrough rate versus a 3% clickthrough rate, even though 3% is 50% greater!

When you communicate with your boss or client, use industry benchmarks to set goals up front. Then, when you review your performance based on data from your marketing automation dashboard, you can (hopefully) tell a clear story about the ways that your results exceed the industry average.

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Have any other benchmarking resources that you think we should add? Let us know in the comments!

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