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The Most Effective Way of Marketing a Company on Linkedin: 7 Tried & True Tips from Experts

What is the best way to market on LinkedIn? Discover 7 LinkedIn marketing tips from business experts and data from 1,000+ businesses.

Melissa King   |  Feb 6

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11 Best Practices That Will Help You Optimize Your Facebook Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Having trouble optimizing your ROAS for Facebook ads? Make the most out of each Facebook ad campaigns you create with our 101 guide.

  |  Jan 31

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24 Highly-Engaging LinkedIn Headline Examples to Help You Write Yours Like a Pro

Writing a LinkedIn headline that gets people to engage with you is no easy feat. So we’ve put together 24 Linkedin headline marketing examples to inspire you.

  |  Jan 25

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Facebook Retargeting Ads Guide: 6 Strategies and 11 Expert Best Practices for Converting Warm Leads

Facebook retargeting ads are a potent channel for bringing in users who previously didn’t convert. We bring you proven strategies and tips you can use to maximize the effectiveness of your retargeting campaigns.

  |  Jan 9

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What Is a Good CTR for Facebook Ads? 6 Expert Tips on How to Improve It

We asked 60+ marketing experts to share their average Facebook ads CTR (click-through rate) and some tried-and-true tactics to improve it.

Marketing   |  Sep 8 2022

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9 Social Media Algorithm Hacks That Marketers Swear By

Learn how you can make each platform’s social media algorithm work in your favor, so each campaign you execute is a success on social.

  |  Sep 2 2022

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Reduce Your Facebook Ad CPM with These 10 Pro Tips

Do your Facebook ads cost too much? Apply these 10 pro tips for a more profitable Facebook ads strategy with higher reach and a lower CPM.

Marketing   |  Aug 16 2022

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Best Short Video Apps: When to Choose TikTok, Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts

Which short video app will provide the best marketing results? Learn the perks of TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels to decide for yourself.

  |  Jul 22 2022

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12 TikTok Marketing Tips and Best Practices

From striking a balance of entertaining and promotional content to figuring out the right metrics, here is how your business can stand out on TikTok.

  |  Jul 20 2022

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How to Measure Your Share of Voice on Social Media

What is share of voice, why is it important and how do you calculate it? 15+ marketers weigh in with their opinions and advice.

  |  May 5 2022

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13 Ways Small Businesses Can Leverage Instagram for Marketing

From increasing brand awareness to hashtag research and displaying social proof at scale, here are 12 ways SMBs can leverage Instagram for marketing.

  |  Sep 27 2021

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7 Of The Most Common Challenges Of Social Media Reporting and Tips to Overcome Them

How do you determine the ROI of your social media campaigns? 30+ social media marketers weigh in with their expert advice.

  |  Aug 10 2021

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Ideal Post Frequency on Instagram: 20+ Expert Tips on How to Generate Engagement and Growth

Is there a universal recipe for optimal post frequency on Instagram? 20+ marketing experts share their insights and best practices for growing your Instagram community.

  |  Jul 19 2021

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Facebook Ads for Ecommerce: 11 Ways to Optimize Ads for Your Online Store

Want to maximize the ecommerce sales you get from Facebook Ads? Follow these 11 tips from ecommerce marketing experts.

  |  Jul 12 2021

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10 Clear Signs You Should Pause Your Facebook Campaign

Are your Facebook ads performing poorly? 35+ marketing experts help you determine when to pause a Facebook ad campaign.

  |  Jul 1 2021

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Videos vs. Images: Which Drives More Engagement in Facebook Ads?

Which performs better on Facebook–images or video? Here’s what 20+ marketers say works best as two of the most popular Facebook ad formats go head-to-head.

  |  Jun 28 2021

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How to Get More Website Traffic from Instagram: 13 Proven Tips

Here are 13 simple ways to get more website traffic from Instagram without having to worry about your follower count.

  |  Jun 24 2021

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16 Ways To Measure Social Media Engagement Using Only Google Analytics

How many customers come from social media? What type of content (text, image, video) perform best? Here’s how to find those answers in Google Analytics.

  |  Jun 22 2021

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The Most Effective Linkedin Marketing Strategies According to 30 Marketers

If you’re looking for new ways to generate leads, market events, expand your reach, and engage your audience, it’s time to consider how LinkedIn marketing.

  |  Jun 18 2021

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24 Twitter Marketing Tips for Driving Engagement, Leads, & Sales

Twitter has been voted the third-best social platform for generating leads. In this guide, 39 experts share their best tip for making the most out of Twitter.

  |  May 26 2021

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18 Proven B2B Instagram Marketing Strategies

Instagram isn’t just for travel bloggers, influencers, and consumer brands. Here’s how 35+ B2B companies are building their brands on Instagram.

  |  May 22 2021

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Instagram Captions for Businesses: 9 Ways to Write More Engaging Captions

From hashtag research and storytelling techniques to testing different caption lengths and incorporating humor, 40+ social media managers weigh in with their top Instagram caption tips.

  |  May 20 2021

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26 Most Engaging Instagram Brands (and What We Can Learn From Them)

62.4% of people say they are more likely to interact with brands on Instagram than on other social media channels. Here’s what makes them engage.

  |  May 18 2021

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10 Essential Social Media Metrics That Every Social Media Report Should Include

How do you sell the value of social media marketing? Which social media metrics should be included in reports? 60+ marketers weigh in.

  |  May 14 2021

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Facebook Content Ideas: 16 Ways to Come Up With Fresh & Engaging Posts

Don’t know what to post on Facebook? 30+ social media managers share their favorite strategies and tips for beating writer’s block.

  |  May 13 2021

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16 Most Interesting & Engaging Company Pages on Facebook

Not sure how to boost your business page’s organic reach on Facebook? Try analyzing some of these successful Facebook company pages.

  |  May 11 2021

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How to Plan a Social Media Content Calendar

Want to create a social media content calendar but don’t know where to start? 40 pros weigh in with their top strategies, tactics, and tools for building their content calendars.

  |  May 7 2021

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Facebook Content Calendar: 6 Easy Ways to Create & Manage Yours

Creating a Facebook content calendar takes work. Managing it efficiently takes even more work. Here are 6 tips that can help you with both.

  |  May 4 2021

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14 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Company Page More Engaging

Don’t let your LinkedIn company page sit idle. Take advantage of all it has to offer with these 14 ways to get more engagement.

  |  May 3 2021

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11 Facebook Post Ideas to Help Increase Engagements for Businesses

Don’t know what to post on Facebook? We asked 40+ social media marketers to share their top tips for creating engaging Facebook content.

  |  Apr 30 2021

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Facebook vs. Linkedin: Which Channel is Better for B2B Marketing?

How does B2B marketing work on Facebook vs. LinkedIn? Find out which of the two platforms 20+ experts prefer and why.

  |  Apr 22 2021

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18 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

From auto-publishing to social share buttons, 30+ marketers weigh in with their favorite social media plugins.

  |  Apr 13 2021

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Instagram Ads Cost: How to Optimize Instagram Campaigns for Cost Efficiency

From budgeting to split testing your ads, here are 8 expert-recommended ways to effectively reduce Instagram ads cost.

  |  Apr 2 2021

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Facebook Engagement: What Is It & How Do You Measure It?

Want to learn how to increase engagement on your Facebook page or group? Nearly 30 marketers share their top tips.

  |  Apr 1 2021

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9 Facebook Pixel Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Your Ad Targeting

Facebook’s tracking pixel offers valuable insight into your customers’ behavior. Learn how to tap into that knowledge with advice from 12 marketers.

  |  Mar 15 2021

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Maximize Paid Advertising with These 6 Ecommerce Facebook Remarketing Strategies

Facebook Ads remarketing can help you snag abandoned carts and retain more customers. Become a remarketing pro with these 6 remarketing strategies.

  |  Mar 11 2021

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Facebook Ads vs. Instagram Ads: Which Platform is the Best Fit for Your Business in 2021?

Struggling to choose between Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads? Here are expert opinions on which platform-specific ads work better for specific industries.

  |  Mar 9 2021

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Facebook Group vs. Facebook Page: What’s Better for Your Brand?

Should your brand use a Facebook group or a Facebook page to optimize engagement and drive up revenue? Almost 20 pros weigh in with their advice.

  |  Mar 3 2021

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40 Advanced Google Sheets Tips for Marketing Pros

We asked marketers to tell us how they use Google Sheets. The result: 40 strategies you can adopt, plus pro tips and tools to multiple the power of Google’s free worksheet app.

Marketing   |  Feb 25 2021

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How Long Should a Facebook Video Ad Be?

How long should a Facebook Video Ad be? Should it be short or should it be the length of a Shakespearean monologue? We’ve polled experts to get their opinions.

  |  Feb 24 2021

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Instagram Ads For Beginners: 8 Tips for Creating High-Performing Instagram Ads

Want to make Instagram ads that convert? Learn how to create Instagram ads and promoted posts that get results from marketing experts across the globe.

  |  Feb 19 2021

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Improve Your Facebook Ad Quality Ranking with These 7 Tips

Can’t get a grasp of Facebook’s ad relevance diagnostics? Here’s everything you should know about Facebook ad quality ranking, including how to improve it.

  |  Feb 12 2021

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Twitter Ads for B2B: How to Actually Generate Leads on Twitter

Twitter B2B lead generation is necessary for brands big or small. But many fail to acknowledge its importance. Here are some tips to help you get started.

  |  Jan 14 2021

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B2B Social Media Strategy: 21 Ways to Drive More Engagement

B2B social media isn’t a tough nut to crack. All it takes to grow your engagement is showing your business’s human side. Learn how 40+ experts do this and more.

  |  Jan 6 2021

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How to Optimize Twitter Ads: Use These 17 Tips to Get Better Results

Want to know how to run Twitter ads to get more leads? Use these 17 tried and true tips to optimize your Twitter ads and reap sweet results in no time.

  |  Dec 28 2020

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14 Instagram Analytics Tools to Try Out Right Now

Looking to measure the ROI of your Instagram account? We’re sharing free and paid ways to see your Instagram page performance.

  |  Dec 2 2020

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32 Effective Social Selling Tips for B2B Companies

Nearly 50 sales pros share how they use social selling tactics to build rapport with their prospects and close more deals.

  |  Nov 2 2020

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46 Expert Tips for Boosting Organic Social Growth

Organic social media takes lots of consistent efforts and creativity. Not sure where to start? Dive into this guide of 46 proven organic social growth tips.

  |  Oct 5 2020

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28 Expert Tips for Conducting Social Media Audits

A social media audit doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, scary process. Check out how 55 social media marketers perform an audit.

  |  Sep 30 2020

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37 Marketers Share Their Favorite Marketing Design Software

We polled 35 marketers to find the best marketing design software for creating assets for presentations and campaigns. Here are the 20 tools they recommend.

Agencies   |  Sep 23 2020

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12 of the Best Social Media Tools for Marketers to Promote, Sell, & Manage Their Brand

Looking to up your social media marketing game? Here is a list of the 12 best Social Media Tools to help you promote, sell, & manage your brand.

  |  Sep 16 2020

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The 18 Most Important LinkedIn Metrics You Should Be Tracking

How do you track the engagement of your LinkedIn pages? We asked 50+ marketers to share the most important LinkedIn metrics they track.

  |  Aug 31 2020

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The Best Social Media Platforms for Business According to 30+ Experts

Which social media platform drives the highest quality traffic? 30+ marketers give their expert advice on which social media platform works best for them.

Marketing   |  Jul 27 2020

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Facebook Ad Impressions: Definitions, Benchmarks, and Ways to Improve

Reach and impressions are two of the most underrated Facebook Ads metrics. In this guide, experts share how they use them to improve their campaigns.

  |  Jun 17 2020

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Facebook Ad Placements: How Do They Compare & Which Perform Best?

Which Facebook Ad placements drive the highest return? We asked a few dozen paid marketers to weigh in. Here’s what we learned.

  |  Apr 7 2020

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15 Proven Ways for Lowering Your Cost Per Lead from Facebook Ads

Leads are important. But, the cost of those leads is of equal importance. We polled 54 marketers to find out the best ways for lowering your cost per lead.

  |  Mar 24 2020

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22 Tips for Building Meaningful Social Media Dashboards from All Networks

More than 40 marketers share their best tips for building a social media dashboard that pulls all of your insights in one place.

  |  Mar 4 2020

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The Methods and Tools 57 Agencies Use to Measure Social Media ROI

Databox and Sprout Social joined forces to learn how agencies track and report on social media ROI, including the tools they use and metrics they track.

Marketing   |  Sep 5 2019

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The 24 Social Media Metrics That 95 Marketers Agree You Should Be Tracking

We asked 95 marketers to share the metrics they track to determine the success of their efforts on social. Here are the 24 metrics they say matter the most.

Marketing   |  May 1 2019

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The Best Facebook Ad Content for Driving Awareness & Sales

Approximately 3 million businesses use Facebook Ads, but with so much competition, it’s tough to know what stands out from the crowd. From videos to long-form text, here’s the type of content 29 experts are using.

  |  Mar 7 2019

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