The 16 Best White-Label Marketing Software Agencies Recommend

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    Running an agency is no cakewalk without the support of tools to empower you with additional technological skills. These could help you either in proposal creation, SEO, analytics, design, ad management, and client reporting.

    However, it can be a slow process to narrow down the best software available in the market for your agency. Core features, white-labeling, client access, support, online reviews, and a lot of other factors matter while deciding your marketing agency stack. 

    And among all these, white labeling is one of the most sought-after features of the software, especially to marketing agencies. 

    So, in this post, we’ll be looking at some of the best solutions available for your agency to pick up & get started right away. We’ll focus on:  

    What is a white-label software?

    White labeling means making anything look like you own it, and use it to brand your company. Be it software or service.  

    So, a white-label software is the one that is built by the parent brand and then utilized as per your needs & re-marketed under your brand. Typically, this is to make the clients feel personal and build credibility. 

    Why do agencies prefer white-label software?

    It’d be of course, awesome, to send out reports under your agency’s brand to a client or provide a branded & custom login to any software you use mutually. 

    And if you’re a pro at a particular service, provide the service to the fullest to your clients. That shouldn’t let you restrict yourself in not-providing other services. That’s where white-labeled software comes handy. You can improve your offerings and scale your revenue by utilizing these tools.

    Jennifer Willy of Etia, says “In today’s world, a lot of business owners and companies use white label marketing tools as they allow us to use our branding. It plays a big role in developing a loyal and trustworthy relationship and experience with customers.”

    The pros come along with a few cons that might hamper your client relationship. Discovering white-labeled marketing software & services marketed at a lower rate; otherwise, it might lead to trust issues among clients. 

    Unless these cases happen, you’re safe to white-label the software & make your client feel important. After all, you get the best of the software in the market to make things easier for them.

    Srish Agrawal of InfoGraphic Design Team highlights this, “There is a myriad of white label solutions to leverage. But picking the right one that aligns with your business needs and goals is vital. If anyone of you aspires to become a full spectrum digital agency, white label marketing tools can give you that push. Not only will you create an extraordinary UVP, but you will also have a happy and satisfied clientele.”

    We surveyed agency marketers & owners to present you with the best white-label marketing agency software & tools based on what each of them does the best. Pick what suits your agency needs so you can focus on wowing your clients. 

    The best white-label software tools for marketing agencies

    With the full range of operations running in a Marketing Agency, we’ve divided the list of white-label tools into categories: Marketing & Sales Automation, Reporting, Brand Reputation & Monitoring, PPC Ad Management, and SEO. Here are all the recommended white-label software:

    1. ActiveCampaign
    2. HighLevel
    3. Landingi
    4. Mautic
    5. Databox
    6. Agency Analytics
    7. Google Data Studio
    8. Swydo
    9. DashThis
    10. Raven Tools
    11. Mention
    12. Rankur
    13. WordStream
    14. SE Ranking
    15. Ahrefs
    16. SEO Scout

    Marketing & Sales Automation: 

    1. ActiveCampaign

    ActiveCampaign is the most-sought after marketing automation platform for agencies. 

    Why? Custom branding & white-labeling. 

    From email marketing, in-app marketing, setting up lead captures, and contact management, ActiveCampaign lets you do it all.

    What is the best part of using ActiveCampaign?

    Cali Saturn of Direction Inc. points out, “ You can control your email marketing, customer relationship management, digital marketing, and personal messaging all in one place. They offer custom domains, custom template creation, and HTML/CSS. The reason why this software is so valuable is that it provides so many different services in one domain.”

    Who wouldn’t love having all their marketing automation services under one domain? ActiveCampaign lets you do your end-end marketing with high-level customization. 

    Majid Fareed of Angel Jackets, agrees, “They offer services like custom domains CSS/HTML rebranding, and you can also make custom buttons, add colors an change the size of fonts, border. It makes the user experience amazing.”

    2. HighLevel

    HighLevel is an all-in-one marketing software that can replace all of your email autoresponders, funnel builders, and calendar scheduling software.

    Best features of HighLevel: 

    HighLevel caters to the full-funnel of the business from marketing, closing deals to retaining clients with its complete suite of tools & services.

    • Landing pages, surveys &  lead capture forms to attract leads
    • Email Marketing, SMS & Facebook Marketing, and Voicemail to set up automated lead nurturing.
    • Payment & Appointment scheduling to close more deals.

    Why do agencies love HighLevel?

    Andrew Schutt of Schutt Media is all awe for HighLevel at their agency. “Having a single platform with all of this functionality (and more) has been hugely beneficial for us to stay organized. We are also able to provide our clients with a white-label dashboard so that they can reap the benefits of the platform as well. Must have for any marketing agency,” says Schutt.

    3. Landingi

    Landingi is a marketing platform to create high-converting landing pages. Catering to marketing experts, business owners, and agencies, Landingi helps in scaling their marketing efforts. 

    What are the best features?

    The landing page designer is a drag & drop builder with over 300+ templates to choose from. It has over 40+ integrations to connect your landing pages to other apps you use.

    Generate leads via Landingi’s landing pages & push them to your CRM, Email Marketing, and do much more. 

    Apart from interactive landing pages (design & copywriting), this software provides services like lead generation, banner & newsletter design, and much more.

    What does Landingi have to offer to Agencies?

    Andrzej Bieda of Landingi explains, “Landingi offers a white-label solution for agencies and enterprise-level companies, so they can run a lead generation marketing platform (landing pages, pop-ups, funnels) independently and extend their offer for customers.”

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    4. Mautic

    Mautic (acquired by Acquia) is an open marketing cloud software that helps marketers integrate and personalize their digital campaigns across all channels.

    What can you do with this?

    • Setup cross-channel marketing campaigns (email, SMS, & web messages).
    • Track website visitors to get to know your audience. 
    • Create tailor-made landing pages.
    • Personalize user experience with dynamic content.
    • Use native integrations & APIs to better integrate with other services.

    Vidushi Dwivedi of MakeWebBetter, says “This marketing solution helps us to automate our routine marketing tasks like sending out emails, managing leads, follow-ups, set-up web-forms etc.”

    What makes Mautic stand out?

     “Some features like website tracking help us deliver high-performing campaigns of more revenue growth opportunities,” says Dwivedi.

    Client Reporting & Dashboards

    Imagine it’s the start of the month, and you’ve got a meeting with your client to discuss the month’s good & bad. A day before that, you’ll be spending hours pulling data, organizing it, and beautifying your reports to highlight your wins. In short, manual client reporting is a hassle. 

    Romy Fuchs from BEE Inbound AG notes, “One of the most important aspects of running an Inbound Marketing agency is reporting. For every client, we’re responsible for reporting on any data related to projects that we have taken on.”

    Editor’s Note: Read more about how Databox helps a HubSpot’s Top Agency Partner save 48+ hours (per client) annually on reporting.

    And what if your campaign data split across the table? Never mind. Reporting software let you gather all your campaign data across various channels under one roof. 

    Let’s have a look at the white-label agency reporting tools that help you create client-specific reports in no time:

    5. Databox

    With multiple marketing campaigns, comes data-heavy reports that look scary (if not organized well). Databox saves you from that and makes marketing campaign reporting a breeze.

    Databox can help your agency save time by automated client reporting. Here are some of the features that can help your agency:

    • Track performance metrics across data-sources at one place
    • Create customized dashboard & reports for various campaigns
    • Automate client reporting
    • White-label your reports & dashboards 
    • 200+ pre-built templates

    Romy Fuchs from BEE Inbound AG recommends using Databox for client reporting. 

    “Having to connect all data from HubSpot, Google, Facebook, and other platforms can be a lot of work. For that reason, we use a business dashboard software like Databox. It connects multiple sources of data and creates visually engaging dashboards and reports that update in real-time”, says Fuchs.

    Editor’s Note: Looking to get started to track your Facebook Ads performance metrics with Databox? Check out this Facebook Ads Campaign Performance Dashboard template and get a birds-eye view of your metrics.

    Here’s how agencies use Databox effectively:

    “We use them for monthly, quarterly, and yearly report meetings. Also, we can generate specific dashboards for every role in a company, e.g. a unique overview for a CEO or a deep dive for the Marketing team. Right now, we are much faster and efficient with these reports”, says Fuchs.

    6. Agency Analytics

    Agency Analytics is a reporting platform built for agencies. With this, you can track your SEO, PPC, Social, Email, Review, and Call Tracking metrics.

    Why do agencies love Agency Analytics?

    Kevin Geary from Digital Gravy, says “We put a big emphasis on being data-driven and reporting analytics to our clients, so for us, Agency Analytics is an essential white label marketing software. It allows us to build custom analytics dashboards that pull in data from multiple 3rd party sources like Google Analytics, Google My Business, Ahrefs, ActiveCampaign, CallRail, and more. It’s a huge benefit to the client (and to us) that we include with a monthly add-on fee.”

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    7. Google Data Studio

    Are you looking for a free alternative over the paid reporting platforms? Google Data Studio is the resort. 

    Though restricted with advanced reporting & dashboard features, Google Data Studio solves the purpose of basic reporting when you have fewer campaigns to track.

    Alex Rouse from All My Web Needs, says “Google Data Studio- Pulls information from other sources anonymously allowing you to create any reports from a combination of data sources without revealing your specific tools.”

    8. Swydo

    Swydo is a marketing reporting & monitoring platform that lets you automate your client reporting across PPC, Social & Analytics’ data sources. In addition to data reporting, Swydo lets you collaborate and manage tasks internally. 

    For small to big agencies, Swydo helps in managing client reporting with dynamic report templates.

    Rob Sanders of Socially Found, says “The essential software I have is an online reporting platform called Swydo. It allows me to easily create bespoke reports for every client, ensuring that I include the relevant metrics that they need to measure for their success.”

    How is the client-agency collaboration in Swydo?

    “This platform also allows it to be shared to the client as an online report, giving them the ability not only to view their metrics live at any time but also to adjust dates for specific periods for comparison. For other clients, I can provide an automated process sending an email to them, based on the timeframe they wish to receive it”, says Sanders.

    Sanders further adds, “With so many metrics available, it has made my life simpler as many clients tend to measure different aspects of their business, and no two reports are the same.”

    9. DashThis

    Are you looking to report on your advertising and marketing platforms? DashThis allows you to create clean & powerful client reports within its platform.

    Why do users love DashThis?

    Logan Adams of Washington Marketing Experts expresses, “We enjoy using DashThis. It’s an incredible tool that integrates with all of our advertising and marketing platforms. It allows us to provide our clients with one easy to use dashboard, that we can cross-band as theirs and ours. 

    This helps us stand out in the pitch process from other organizations, who either provide clunky or just boring reporting tools. DashThis not only provides value to our clients but to our agency as well.”

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    10. Raven Tools

    Raven Tools is a white-label SEO & Reporting platform for agencies, freelancers & marketers. Apart from reporting, it allows them to perform competitor research, site audits, backlinks, and keyword research. 

    You can track all your SEO related metrics from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and many other sources integrated into Raven Tools. 

    How do marketers use Raven Tools?

    Natalie Luneva says, “I use Raven Tools often to determine various technical metrics for my clients’ websites current SEO state. My monthly marketing reports are generated with this tool, so all most essential metrics are being automatically added to the report from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Rankings tracking tools, Google Search Console and many others tools. 

    Users find Raven Tools pretty easy to track their SEO performance. “All I need to do is to add highlights and activities performed”, says Luneva. 

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    Brand Reputation & Social Media Monitoring 

    Social media monitoring can prove helpful in not missing out on negative remarks or a prospect looking for an alternative to your competitor. You can quickly jump & take necessary action.

    Setup brand monitoring & be on your toes and, ultimately, save yourself from losing a potential customer.

    Let’s have a look at the white-label software that lets you do it automatically & saves you tons of time.

    11. Mention

    What is Mention all about?

    “Mention is one of the best white-label software out there. It enables brands and agencies to leverage media monitoring and social media to increase brand awareness. By tracking a brand, competitor, or industry topic, their platform allows customers to compare and analyze online conversations, as well as create content based on important social and web insights.” says Jennifer Willy of Etia

    Agencies are very selective while choosing the white-label marketing software keeping in mind ease of use, implementation & cost. 

    Marcus Berkovit of Adrack points out, “After our business was launched, we have tried different white-label marketing tools to understand which of them is a better fit for us. Among the ones that I recommend is Mention, which is a powerful but at the same time easy to use media monitoring solution.” 

    “It helps you build and increase brand awareness, engage new customers and improve your reputation online,” says Berkovit.

    Does Mention monitor ONLY Social Media? Well, no. 

    Carrie McKeegan of Greenback Expat Tax Services says, “Mention can monitor both social media and the traditional media so that you can plan your campaigns and strategies around the data that you uncover.”

    Editor’s note: If you’re having a hard time keeping track of which of your social channels is performing the best, use this free Social Networks Overview dashboard to get a complete picture of how well your social media is doing.

    Why do marketing agencies love Mention?

    Mention is one of the most popular white-labeled software for marketing agencies for tracking social media to acquiring new clients too.

    Srish Agrawal of InfoGraphic Design Team, says ”This software also benefits agencies to build brand awareness, engage prospects, and brush up their online reputation. It can immediately generate an analysis of your competitors and your clients that you may automatically send to your clients.”

    Not just that, Mention has helped agencies send out branded reports to their clients. 

    “You can white-label all the reports generated with your branding. This type of business model has helped us in creating a larger and more holistic service package. And has also helped us to expand our client base. Apart from making things cost-effective for our clients, we could also shoot up our revenue,” says Agrawal.

    12. Rankur

    Similar to Mention, Rankur is an online reputation management & social media monitoring system. It is capable of scraping the web in 50+ languages across 200+ countries. 

    Bonus: It has a white-label solution too for agencies to impress their clients.

    Tariehk Geter of OSI Affiliate says, “By being able to control your social media campaigns, branding, web monitoring, and analytics, Rankur is an extremely beneficial business tool.”

    What are the benefits of using Rankur?

    • Easily monitor your social media accounts all in one place. 
    • Send client reports based on sophisticated social media & brand analytics.
    • Agencies can white-label it with their branding.

    PPC & Ad Management Software

    Managing multiple clients and their ad accounts can create a mess if not managed well under a single platform or an organized manner. Using PPC & Ad Management software lets you run campaigns for different clients efficiently. 

    13. WordStream

    WordStream is a complete suite of tools for your paid advertising. Used by agencies, small & mid-size businesses, WordStream helps advertisers to find keywords, create ads, optimize, and track results. 

    What are the best features of WordStream for agencies?

    • Manage ad campaigns across AdWords, Bing & Facebook
    • Wide-range of tools to support your paid marketing efforts (Manage bids, keyword analyzer, etc.)
    • Robust Client Reporting on your PPC campaigns
    • Track budgets easily across all your clients
    • Create ad-creatives on the go

    Why do Agencies love WordStream?

    Wouldn’t it amazing to manage your paid advertising channels via one single platform? WordStream lets you do that. Moreover, while you’re operating multiple clients as a marketing agency, it makes more sense to utilize such a platform. 

    Andrea Loubier of Mailbird says, “The Wordstream New Business Center allows linking between Google and Facebook ads so that you can easily analyze opportunities and create strategies.”

    SEO Software

    14. SE Ranking

    Are you looking for a 360-degree SEO analysis of your client’s website? SE Ranking for Agencies helps agencies grow their client’s online presence and up their SEO game. 

    How does SE Ranking work?

    Oliver Andrews of OA Design Services says, “With SE Ranking, your agency can create accounts and set up domains for their clients without separate hosting and still make it completely personalized. It is an excellent solution to optimize websites without being an SEO expert or spending additional costs to support the service.”

    All the essential tools required for your SEO efforts & experiments can be accessed using SE Ranking.

    “The tool has many useful features, such as performing website audits, monitoring the ranking of positions, and others. It helps to track precise ranking, which is based on location. This tool offers competitor and backlink analysis,” says Andrews.

    Similarly, Chris Gadek of AdQuick breaks it down for us on how SE Ranking can help. “It is an all-encompassing SEO platform that offers tools for checking backlinks, auditing, checking ranking positions, analyzing what your competitors are doing, and much more,” says Gadek.

    Why do Agencies love SE Ranking?

    Melanie Musson of Car Insurance 101 says, “It’s is valuable because it’s customizable and allows the user to remain true and consistent in their branding.”

    15. Ahrefs

    Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool for individuals, SMBs & marketing agencies to help them grow their traffic & dominate through online presence. 

    What does Ahrefs provide?

    • Site explorer 
    • Research keyword & analyze keyword rankings
    • Audit websites of yours & competitors
    • Content explorer 

    Robert Brill of BrillMedia says, “One fascinating tool that we have recently adopted is Ahrefs. It’s designed as an SEO tool, but it allows us to turn on precision ad buying as well. We pull up individual URLs that we want to target ads on, import those URLs, and upload them into our ad buying platforms.”

    16. SEO Scout

    SEO Scout is another white-label software for small marketing agencies. They offer free SEO tools like SERP Simulator, Keyword Intent Categorizer & Comniber. 

    You can use SEO Scout to optimize your content, analyze your results, and test your site’s SEO using the Split Testing feature. It gets easy to track the keyword rankings in this tool using their Keywords Report.

    Liam Barnes of Directive uses SEO Scout for their SEO. “We use SEO Scout that helps us A/B test meta titles, meta descriptions, and headings for clients to improve keyword rankings and traffic, says Barnes.


    This was our experts’ take on the best white-label marketing software for your agency. Check with your agency’s requirements & tie them to the software that you choose for your PPC, Reporting, SEO, Social Media & other operations.

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