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    How do you write a service page that turns more visitors into buyers?

    Writing a service page can be a daunting task because you have to communicate your offer clearly and why your target audience needs it.

    In this post, we’re sharing a handful of examples of service pages on the web, including:


    What are Service Pages?

    A service page is where you can describe your signature offer or a specific product or service you sell. 

    In fact, one of the most common ways that people land on service pages is through Google.  

    most common way service pages are found

    How Do You Create a Service Page?

    Your service page is an opportunity to build trust with your target prospect by sharing more about your specific offer and how it can help them. 

    What should be included in a service page?

    Here are the key components of a great service page: 

    • A compelling headline – you only have one chance to make a first impression. So, it is worth putting extra time and attention into drafting your headline for your service pages. For example, you might want to draft up 10 different headlines, and then choose the best one out of the bunch. 
      Copy that describes your offering  – This should communicate what your service is as well as share more about the process.
      Share the benefits of your service and not just the features – Great service copy communicates the benefits of your offering and doesn’t just list out a bunch of features.
      A clear call-to-action – Your CTA button is designed to get them to take the next step. That might be signing up for your email list, scheduling a free call, or maybe even booking an appointment.
      Social proof – This can be in the form of testimonials or links back to case studies on your website. 
      Easy-to-navigate layout – If the page is cluttered or it takes a visitor 2 minutes to click around to find out about your services, they are going to bounce it.

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    Service Page Examples to Inspire Yours

    Now let’s take a look as some great service page examples.

    1. Lone Fir Creative
    2. Vibrant Media Productions
    3. Fltlaw
    4. Online Optimism 
    5. Truck Driver Institute
    6. Verblio
    7. Adams Street Partners
    8. Community Tax
    9. Genbook
    10. Nettly
    11. Van Matre Construction LLC
    12. PickFu
    13. CarInsurance.org
    14. Sendible
    15. TattooPro
    16. Domo
    17. Sharpe Groupe
    18. Copper Pantry Consulting
    19. GemPool
    20. LoudGrowth
    21. The CareSide
    22. We Buy Property In Kentucky

    1. Lone Fir

    Ashlee Rolkowski of Lone Fir Creative

    How it performs: “Exit Rate = 39.73%”

    Why it’s excellent: “This page highlights the unique approach we take in building websites. This is important for any service, but especially for one as saturated as website design and development.

    There are plenty of companies out there offering to design and build your website, so we need to show how we do it differently. Not only does it set us apart, it also helps prospective clients determine if we are or are not a good fit for their needs from the outset.”

    2. Vibrant Media Productions

    Vibrant Media Productions service page example

    Alex Cascio of Vibrant Media Productions 

    How It Performs: “This page ranks within the top 2-3 results for a competitive keyword on Google and converts very well.” 

    Why it’s excellent: “We have designed this page with simplicity and user experience in mind. We limit the amount of decisions that can be made and put our best work/direct content forward. Previously we included far too much information/options that pulled customers to other pages. Now we focus on making these service pages act as their own sales machines because very often, customers will land directly on them so they need to be able to sell them on a single page effectively.” 

    2. Fltlaw

    Fltlaw service page example

    Elijah Litscher of The Loop Marketing

    How it performs: “This page is the second-best performing page on the website. Since our improvements in mid-2019, the page has experienced a 300% increase in traffic.” 

    Why it’s excellent: “Informative copy with researched keywords and general layout. By focusing on answering site visitor’s questions and offering thorough information, they will see your site as a reliable resource. This will increase traffic and Google will take notice. Furthermore, by having the page formatted with visuals and statistics, it will provide easy-to-scan information for the site visitors in a hurry.” 

    3. Online Optimism 

    Online Optimism service page example

    Jordan Figueredo of Online Optimism

    How it performs: “This page appears on the first page of Google search results for the term social media agency DC, appearing fourth in organic search results.” 

    Why it’s excellent: “This particular page features internal links into the various departments, which passes on authority and credibility in addition to decreasing the website bounce rate. The various department services pages also feature testimonials to increase credibility, a call to action, and digestible material to educate readers.” 

    4. Truck Driver Institute 

    Truck Driver Institute service page example

    Keyoka Kinzy of Truck Driver Institute

    How it performs: “Our Service Page comes up on the first page when using the keywords, “Class B CDL training” on Google, where we appear ranked at number 2.” 

    Why it’s excellent: “This page is high performing because of the accessibility of information with the enrollment form at the bottom and floating menu at the top. Under bold headers, we give detailed responses about our CDL Training program, outlining the benefits of the license and also the assistance in job placement that we provide. This layout makes it easy for users to get the information they need and drive enrollment into our program.”

    5. Verblio

     Verblio service page example

    Paul Zalewski of Verblio

    How it performs: “On the traffic front, this page ranks in the top 3 for our target keyword (website content writing service), but also ranks for 89 total keywords and delivers over 200 bottom-of-funnel visitors per month.

    On the engagement front, our bounce rate is under 50%, and 6% of traffic turns into leads.” 

    Why it’s excellent: “With our service page on website content writing, we had two goals: one is to capture organic traffic, and two is to segment that traffic (both while making it feel like the Verblio brand, which we did through copy and custom graphics).

    So, when creating this page our copywriter & SEO team worked closely to weave together copy that’s fun but also includes keywords and related terms. Just as important for us was qualifying that traffic, since we do content writing, not in-depth copy writing.

    So, we included a fit / it’s not a fit section that, in a playful but informative way, allowed traffic to self segment so we didn’t overwhelm our sales team with leads that were looking for what we couldn’t deliver.” 

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    6. Adams Street Partners 

    Adams Street Partners service page example

    Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media

    How it performs: “This page cranks. It ranks well for an amazing phrase. It also has a high page value and appears in the reverse goal path report. It’s driving leads on a regular basis.” 

    Why it’s excellent: “This page is both cheese and mousetrap. It ranks on page one of Google for top private credit firms and attracts a steady stream of qualified visitors. It also converts well through trust, examples, faces of the team and links to thought leadership content.” 

    7. Community Tax 

    community tax service page example

    Susan Miller of Community Tax

    How it performs: “This page ranks #1 for the keywords – free tax advice online chat and #5 for free tax advice online. This page alone generates over 3% of our total site traffic, which is pretty good considering the total traffic our site receives. In turn, this page has captured a fair amount of leads and conversions for us.” 

    Why it’s excellent: “It provides an easy and less intimidating way for users to contact us, which in our industry is understandable. Additionally, our Trustpilot reviews are sitting on the right side of the screen, with the intention to help promote and establish trust with new visitors. Also, there are only 3 lines of information to fill out (name, email, phone), making it incredibly quick and easy for any to get started.” 

    8. Genbook 

    Genbook service page example

    Bronwyn Karaoglu of Genbook

    How it performs: “This page, a page for booking services with Manly and Sons barbershop in Los Angeles ranks first for branded search terms including money keywords like Book Appointment at Manly and Sons. It gets 6,900 average monthly page views and converts at 43.9%.” 

    Why it’s excellent: “There are a number of aspects of this page that make it great: optimized for search and conversion. The first is the clear and concise layout with trust-building badges such as the number of starred reviews, favorites, and the latest review highlights on the page.

    The second is the highlighted categories on the page so that the user knows exactly the type of services they are purchasing. The clarity of services and their pricing gives the user a direct path to purchase.

    There are no distractions on the page, and the users are easily guided through to booking. The simple step of finding the ‘next available date’ for booking the service, and the fact that the user does not need to create a profile to book and there are no additional booking fees are other ways this page is optimized for conversions.

    The fact that this page gives the user what they want in a concise manner is likely why this page ranks so well in organic search as well.”

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    9. Nettly

    Nettly service page example

    Thorstein Nordby of Nettly

    How it performs: “Our services page is not generating high-volume leads, but the right leads that are worth a lot to us. This page has contributed to three inbound leads in the last few months, each worth between 75-100 dollars per year.” 

    Why it’s excellent: “I believe it works well because it quickly disqualifies or qualifies the people we want to talk to. We call out the industry or vertical we are targeting (industry 4.0 companies).” 

    10. Van Matre Construction LLC 

    Van Matre Construction LLC service page example

    Brady Van Matre of Van Matre Construction, LLC

    How it performs: “Right now, we’re averaging a 19.57% conversion rate for the past 3 months on this page. It gets about 40-80 visits a month. We’re a local service provider, and this is a service that not everyone needs like haircuts or landscape work, so relatively speaking, this is good traffic. We vary between the 1st and 2nd position in rankings for all of the key terms.” 

    Why it’s excellent: “There were a few things we did that helped to increase conversion rate. 

    1. We put a contact form on every page instead of having people navigate to the contact page to submit a form. 
    2. We added jump links so that users could skip to the sections they actually cared about (also helped to decrease bounce rate) 
    3. We added more imagery to break up the text and styled different sections of the text with different colored backgrounds, etc. to provide for more variation. 
    4. We added FAQs with FAQ schema to help drive more clicks, but also answer questions potential customers may have. 

    All of these things together really helped to boost our conversion rates. The average conversion rate on the web is 2.35%, according to Wordstream. So, we’re really happy with where we’re at 19.57% and looking forward to seeing how much further we can drive our rates.” 

    11. PickFu 

    Pickfu service page example

    William Chin of PickFu 

    How it performs: “Late last year, we decided to make a number of changes to this page. For example, we moved specific content above the fold, added FAQ schema, refreshed the content, and then built out a link building strategy to get links pushed to this specific page.

    On top of that, we also refreshed the content and provided a number of interlinks.

    Due to all of this heavy SEO lifting, we saw the fruits of our labor. 

    For a specific target keyword, we ended up seeing the average rank go from 3 – 4th position over the beginning of 2020 to 1st – 2nd position currently.

    We added an email promotion sign-up box to increase conversions, which gave users the incentive to convert with our SaaS tool. So far, we’ve seen roughly an equal amount of conversions (which is understandable due to the drop in conversions because of COVID-19). Therefore, we see this as an absolute win!” 

    Why it’s excellent: “The best thing about this page is the hyper-focused conversion keywords that it ranks for. We have a pretty high conversion rate on this page and it’s mostly due to strong search intent (SEO) and conversion rate optimization strategies we’ve added.” 

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    12. CarInsurance.org  

    CarInsurance.org service page example

    Melanie Musson of CarInsurance.org

    How it performs: “After including interactive graphics, conversions shot up 15 percent.” 

    Why it’s excellent: “The visual interest. The background color changes as you scroll, the graphics are easy to understand and reinforce the point, and the graphics are interactive.” 

    13. Sendible 

     Sendible service page example

    Veronika Baranovska of Sendible

    How it performs: “While we’re still working on ranking this page better in search (e.g., our Instagram tips for business blog is #1 on Google), it has been a highly effective page for website visitors to get to know what Sendible offers and entice them to try it out.

    Looking at conversions in Google Analytics, we know that website visitors who see this page are 3x-4x more likely to start a free trial compared to our regular feature pages! That is a considerable increase that contributes to a significant number of trials every month.

    What’s more, this services page almost acts as a landing page for our partners and referrers as it’s much easier to write about an aspect of the tool and link here than being broad and sending their readers to a homepage.” 

    Why it’s excellent: “Instagram is huge for brands right now, so in-house social media managers and agency marketers need the best tool they can trust to deliver their posts in the most streamlined way possible.

    It is one of the most targeted feature/services pages on our website, and it’s been so successful because:

    1. It truly speaks to the potential customer listing all the time-saving features they care about. We spent much time going through the frequently asked questions by customers and leads to understand what is the information they want to know.
    2. The page allows our partners as well as our team to link to a feature page that explains everything about our Instagram offering from which they can directly start a free trial. Linking to pages with broader functionality (or the homepage) can be a hit and miss sometimes. The fact that it’s straightforward and easy to link to means that we get a significant amount of referral traffic to this page (63%+ to be exact).”

    14. TattooPro 

    TattooPro service page example

    Ashley Johnson of TattooPro

    How it performs: “I’d love to call this the pillar page that completely describes the product. We recently updated the content and optimized it from a UX and SEO perspective. It’s currently on the first page for two keywords that matter the most to our product.” 

    Why it’s excellent: “The way images are used for each section that shows exactly what the product is about and the content to support it.

    The depth of the content, we’ve answered all possible questions as to why it’s the best software available in the market for our target audience.” 

    15. Domo 

    Domo service page example

    Andre Oentoro of Breadnbeyond

    How it performs: “Domo creates the service page by splitting up their solutions by role, industry, and data sources. As they hover over a position, they can see a snip of the solution they’ll get before they click them.

    This way, customers can find the right solution for them in no time – without spending hours scrolling and wading through information to find answers they’re looking for. In this busy world, people must get an answer quickly, or they’ll leave.

    That’s why an easy-to-navigate service page like Domo’s can be a great tool to keep leads on the page longer.’ 

    Why it’s excellent: “Domo is an excellent example of a high-performing services page because of its compelling design and organization. The company takes a simple and minimalistic approach for the design, making it easy on the eyes. It shows us that service pages don’t always need fancy designs to work.” 

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    16. Sharpe Groupe 

    Sharpe Groupe service page example

    Valerie Cox of Sharpe Groupe

    How it performs: “Domain Authority (DA) – 34” 

    Why it’s excellent: “It provides our 5 general services, but then it takes it a step further and gives detailed information on each category’s individual pages. Visitors can easily see which services they need and click on the individual pages for further information.” 

    17. Copper Pantry Consulting 

    Copper Pantry Consulting service page example

    Divij Mehta of Websites ‘N’ More

    How it performs: “This page ranks in the top 3 positions for search for various hospitality consultant-related keywords and attracts 70% of the clicks.” 

    Why it’s excellent: “The page load speed which is less than 3 seconds, the fact that the services are listed above-the-fold, allowing the user to easily choose the service they are after and finally the presence of the contact button on the top navigation, allowing the user to take action across the site.” 

    18. GemPool 

    GemPool service page example

    Namratha Ambat of GemPool Recruitment

    How it performs: “1000 visitors and 5% conversion rate (queries)” 

    Why it’s excellent: 

    “1. The page instantly sheds light on our services and is easy to navigate. There is an option to lock in a meeting with our Director with date and time available for people to pick without going back and forth.

    2. We’ve created a recruitment and selection guide, a detailed document that is apt for the target audience for the page, i.e., companies looking to make new hires and need some up-to-date guidance on the topic.” 

    19. LoudGrowth 

    LoudGrowth service page example

    Harpreet Munjal of LoudGrowth

    How it performs: “We made some changes on this page a few months ago after getting insights from our A/B tests, heatmaps, and analytics. Before making changes the landing page had around 5%-6% conversion rate, but once we made the changes related to design, content, and CTAs, Our conversions boosted many times. Now the page has a conversion rate of 43%. It is one of the top converting pages that is continually generating business for our digital marketing company.”

    Why it’s excellent: “We make this page as minimal as we can without using multiple colors and images. We try to keep it as clean as we can. It helps us to make it user-friendly and improve the load time of our landing page.

    Also, we have provided all the info that a user wants to proceed further. Right CTAs at the right positions and our unbeatable commitment helps us to convert more people.” 

    20. The CareSide 

    The CareSide service page example

    Gareth Mahon of The CareSide

    How it performs: “The service page ranks #9 in Google for its primary keyword, nursing care. It also ranks well for many related long-tail keywords. The page brings in about 5 new leads each month via organic search and PPC. That doesn’t sound like much, but because our customer LTV is very high and we convert about 90% of the leads who fill out a form on our website, each lead is very valuable to us.” 

    Why it’s excellent: “The page is strong because it’s well optimized for search engines and customer conversions. That’s the key. Driving traffic to a website is useless if it doesn’t ultimately generate new business. The page provides educational information (e.g. benefits, costs, types of treatment, etc.) about nursing care. This ensures that we address the query intent for people who want to learn more about the topic. In addition, it outlines our USP compared to our competitors. Finally, the page also includes a downloadable ebook guide so visitors can learn more information in exchange for providing us with their email address.” 

    21. We Buy Property In Kentucky

    We Buy Property In Kentucky service page example

    Luke Smith of We Buy Property In Kentucky

    How it performs: “The page performance is very good. We have a 9% conversion rate (Compared to other marketing channels in this industry (i.e., direct mail, cold calling, etc.) that are 1-2%). Typically, when someone puts their information into the link, we know they are motivated to sell, and we are very likely to do business with them. 

    This page ranks in the top ten search results for keywords like: We buy property in Kentucky, We buy property Kentucky, We buy Houses Kentucky, and We Buy Houses Kentucky, etc.”

    Why it’s excellent: “The things that make our homepage excellent is that the copy speaks directly to the seller (our target audience) so they know what we do, and how we’ll do it. (We lay out the three-step process of how we will buy their home).

    We also show them before/after pictures of our work and have pictures of us on the website, so they know who we are (rather than a faceless corporation).”

    In sum, a great service page clearly communicates your core offer and how it can help your ideal prospect. We shared 20+ different examples to help inspire you as you write your own service page.

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