How to Leverage the Right Data to Increase Website Traffic & Conversions

Data Snacks Jul 19, 2018 1 minute read

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    Peter Caputa

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    When it comes to creating new content, marketers often struggle to see the big picture.

    They’re either thinking about the top of the funnel: “How many views did this blog post get?”

    ..or they’re thinking about the bottom of the funnel: “How well does this blog post convert?”

    Often times, marketers see the two as mutually exclusive, meaning some content is positioned only to drive traffic, while other content is positioned to convert existing readers into leads.

    Why not both? Why not use prior successes (or failures) to drive future content strategy?

    At Impulse Creative, we’ve built a Databoard that allows us to see the complete picture when it comes to the content we publish.

    In this episode of Data Snacks, I’ll be showing you how it works.

    How to Leverage the Right Data to Increase Website Traffic & Conversions

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    Remington Begg

    is co-founder and Chief Remarkable Officer of Impulse Creative. Passionate about helping companies grow by helping them create a Remarkable #Inbound Experience.

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