How KlientBoost Improved Customer Engagement and Retention with a Unique Approach to Setting Client Goals

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    Recently, Jonathan Dane sat down with our own John Bonini to share details about how identifying and improving one metric helped boost customer engagement, customer retention, productivity, employee happiness, and so much more.

    KlientBoost is a digital performance agency founded about six years ago that today has multiple offices across the US and 250+ clients in various industries. The company has continuously come out with recipes and execution differences that have helped its clients perform at a higher rate, and due to that, established itself as a force to reckon with when it comes to driving social proof — with 300 case studies and online reviews to show for it, among other things.

    With the knowledge that their clients stay long with them for the results they achieve, Dane sought to identify one metric to track and improve that will not only lead to more engagement, but also impact other key areas.

    Read on for more details, or listen to the full episode below:

    The Metric: Percentage of Client Goals Achieved 

    About five years ago, Dane was inspired by the founder of Growth Hackers, Sean Ellis, who believes that if everybody within the company is focused on improving the performance of one metric, in this case, the percentage of client goals achieved there’ll likely be a  domino effect.

    In line with that, Dane also posed a question to his team, asking, “If you can only choose one metric and if we improve that metric, a lot of our other goals will be achieved as well, too.

    What would it be?”

    Based on the numerous answers the team gave, Dane decided to make this one metric the company’s focus: Percentage of client goals achieved.

    In Dane’s words, “I think it was a goal. It was a metric that if that metric improves, the ripple effects of positivity are the greatest.”

    The Opportunity to Increase the Percentage of Clients Goals Achieved

    “Every client has a specific goal that we’re trying to achieve when we bring them on board.”

    Or so they thought, but they realized down the line that this wasn’t the case.

    To get their clients to keep paying for their services, they always have to make sure that their clients are clear on their goals, including defining what success means to them and how to measure it. So, according to that, the typical first step is to set goals with all their clients objectively and identify how these goals will be measured.

    Mainly because sometimes clients have fairytale expectations of what kind of results they expect to get.

    After discussing goals, they use an ROI calculator. Depending on the nature of their client’s business (eCommerce, lead generation, or SaaS), they set in place different metrics to measure ROI.

    They also consider the client’s marketing spend, as sometimes the amount of improvements to be made is directly related to the amount of money the client has to pay.

    Additionally, to continually excel in helping their clients achieve their goals, the team at KlientBoost also does the following:

    • They use a project management platform called Boost flow to track performance and the effectiveness of their strategy.
    • The team is quick to pivot if they realize specific strategies aren’t working.
    • They use Impact scores: Every strategy has an impact score internally and is tied to a particular type of business, which is,  -3/+3: -3 being that it doesn’t perform at all and +3 being that it exceeds set expectations
    • They have a master audit trail: The team uses dashboards to track performance across various departments- finance, marketing, sales, and operations.

    Also, to ensure that their client goals get executed in the way and manner they want them to be, they use Databox, especially for measuring the effectiveness of their content marketing efforts, along with data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

    The Results

    “Literally tracking that one metric has opened up Pandora’s box on so many different things.”

    Here are some ways that the team at KlientBoost has benefited from improving this metric:

    • Improved the ideology of a shared vision: “This metric is also very helpful from a vision perspective, to make sure that people know why we’re doing what we’re doing too.”
    • Established trust: Their clients have become more confident in their ability to deliver results.

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