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With Data Calculations, you can combine data from any source and easily calculate new metrics, conversion rates, ROI, and much more -- all without coding or spreadsheets.

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Databox calculations from multiple sources

Aggregate metrics from multiple sources

Do you use multiple payment providers? Different systems for tracking website engagement and actual leads and signups? Add, subtract, divide and multiply data from any source to calculate conversion rates, ROI or any other metric -- to get a complete picture of your sales, marketing, and overall business performance.

Calculate conversion rates easily

Calculate conversion rates

While absolute metrics like sessions, signups, sales, revenue, and cancellations are important metrics, they don’t provide insight into the efficiency of your business. By calculating ratios (things like visit-to-signup rate, signup-to-paid rate, and more) you can identify important trends, draw correlations, and learn whether or not your performance is actually improving.

Calculate ROI and financial metrics easily

Easily calculate ROI and other financial metrics

SaaS and financial metrics are examples of metrics that don’t come “out of the box” in most tools. With Data Calculations, you can now calculate important metrics like average revenue per user (ARPU), customer acquisition cost (CAC) lifetime value (LTV), return on ad spend (ROAS), and others.

Track goals on calculated metrics

Track calculated metrics over time, set goals, and more

Want to plot your visit-to-lead conversion rate over time? You can do that by adding your calculated metric to a Databoard. Want to set a goal to achieve a specific Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)? You can do that, too with our Goal Tracking feature. Want to get notified if your sales close rate drops by 10%? Set up an Alert. You can use calculated metrics across all Databox features, just like any other metric.

Databox calculation preview formula

Preview your calculations

Calculate new metrics or conversion rates and see a preview of both the newly calculated metric and its corresponding visualization right in the editor. You’ll see exactly how your calculated metric will look, allowing you to ensure its accuracy before adding it to any Databoards.

Start using Data Calculations

Choose a data source, connect your data, and start visualizing your data in seconds.

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Chris Handy

“Because Google Analytics is the single source for most marketers, a lot of our customers want to merge their Google Analytics and Drift data.
With Databox, they can measure Conversation Rate (a cross-platform metric not otherwise possible); and always be in touch with the campaigns and sources of the meetings booked for their sales team by LeadBot.”

Chris Handy, Head of Customer Marketing at Drift

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