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We Built 250+ 3rd Party Automation Templates for Zapier and Integromat So You Can Quickly Track More Data

We built 250 automations across 50 software tools using Zapier & Integromat to bridge the gap between Databox and hundreds of other products.

Monja Dobnik Integrations   |  Sep 8 2020

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Using Databox

New: Create Reusable Templates in Databox & Save Hours on Client Reports

Design templates in Databox, complete with the data sources, metrics, and visualizations that you need, and save them to your account so that they can be used for any client in just one click.

Monja Dobnik Using Databox   |  Mar 30 2020

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Learn How to Automate Marketing Reporting in Databox with These 17 Animated GIFs

These 17 GIFs reveal how easily you can automate your reporting across 50+ services

Avatar Basics   |  Jul 14 2017