How Virayo Marketing Improved Trial Signups by 70% for a Client

Metrics & Chill Podcast May 14, 2021 3 minutes read

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    In this episode of the Metrics & Chill podcast, Robbie Richards, Director of SEO at Virayo Marketing, shared how they skyrocketed trial signups for a client by 70% purely from organic traffic.

    Recently, Robbie Richards, director of SEO at Virayo Marketing sat down with John Bonini for an episode of the Metrics & Chill podcast. Richards discussed how they helped a client generate quality traffic that converts–yielding an increase in trial signups by 70%.

    Virayo is an SEO agency that serves B2B SaaS companies. Robbie walks us through how him and the team improved trial signups for a client directly from new content, what they did, how they measured it, and what the results were. 

    Read on for more details, or listen to the full episode here: 

    The Metric: Trial Signups

    Trial signups is one of the lifeblood metrics of B2B SaaS companies. 

    For this particular client, they were in the early stages of engagement, and they were going through some funding rounds, as such “part of what the investors wanted to actually see was obviously growth in the number of customers.”

    Desperate for a solution, they came to Virayo needing help increasing their signup trials and demos of their product.

    The Opportunity

    At the time, their client, an international company, was trying to break into the US market, having gained success in some European markets. But the downside was the US turned out to be more competitive compared to some of these European markets.

    With no idea on how to make headways generating more signups and demos, specifically in the US, they decided to outsource an agency.

    The team at Virayo identified that “a lot of the traffic they were getting was a lot of blog-based content that wasn’t really driving trial signups or demos, real top product pages.”

    So, to help them drive quality traffic that converts, Robbie and the team saw an opportunity to help their client identify relevant keywords they can rank for, build a content pipeline and publish great content with the help of experienced writers.

    Boosting Trial SignUps Directly from New Content

    Virayo first had a meeting with their client where they discussed in detail their clients’ target audience, and problems, and based on the outcome of this meeting a large portion of the seed keywords used in the initial keyword research process was drawn.

    As a next step, they carried out thorough research on their client’s top competitors to learn what high intent, product-focused, feature-related keywords they were ranking for that their client was not. Additionally, they also leveraged keyword research tools such as Ahrefs and Semrush to find long-tail variations.

    Now with hundreds of keyword opportunities identified, they were able to create four to five pieces of content a week, all optimized for those keywords.

    “It took us about two months to get to that because the first month was real audience keyword research at laying the roadmap. The second month we started on content”

    Lastly, they “took out those topical keywords and layer on a more top-funnel, modifiers like trends or statistics because these were going to be your linkable assets.”

    The Results

    Before Virayo came into the picture, trial signups per month were about 300. But ever since, their client has seen a 70% increase directly associated with the work that Virayo has been doing, all from new content and organic traffic

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