How to Increase Organic Traffic With an SEO Audit

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    SEO, at its heart, is all about helping searchers complete their tasks by providing them with relevant, high-quality, useful content.

    In order to be useful, that content has to also be both accessible and user-friendly.

    For most of us—especially for content creators—“the user” is the person who does a search and who, hopefully, clicks on a search result leading them to your website. With that in mind, we tend to spend a ton of time crafting the perfect title tags, meta descriptions, H1s and H2s, image alt text, etc.

    But the truth is, there’s a second “user” that many marketers never stop to think about: The search engine that is tasked with crawling, rendering, and indexing your content to begin with. If you want your content to ever get in front of the end user, you’ve first got to make sure that the search engine can crawl and understand it.

    So, the question becomes: How can marketers make sure that their website and content are user-friendly for search engines?

    The single best thing you can do is to track the overall technical SEO health of your site over time so that you can identify, troubleshoot, and correct the most pressing of issues.

    That’s where the focus of this week’s episode of Data Snacks —the Site Audit Score in SEMRush—comes into play.

    Editor’s note: Sean’s agency, Pepperland Marketing, offers a free SEO assessment in order to identify key factors limiting your organic exposure, and more importantly, the things you can do to fix them. You can schedule a free assessment with Pepperland here.

    How to Increase Your Organic Traffic with an SEO Audit

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