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How To Create A Simple Yet Insightful Facebook Ads Performance Dashboard

Marketers tend to complicate things when it comes time to report on results. Here’s how to create a simple and effective Facebook Ads dashboard.

Miha Ambroz Miha Ambroz on February 11, 2020 (last modified on February 19, 2021) • 1 minute read

We’ve all been there––you spend months working hard to make sure your campaigns are a success and then…. you’re asked to report on the results.

Since you’re in the trenches every day doing the work, you know what’s going on. But when it comes time to share with others, we tend to overcomplicate things.

How? By compiling extensive 10-page reports that show EVERYTHING. And to your surprise, your boss/client/team doesn’t seem to get it. Why? Because there’s too much noise?

When creating reports for people outside the marketing team (especially CEOs and business owners), you have to remember to keep things simple––focus on the inputs and outputs.

In Databox, one of the best visualizations for this is the Pipeline. Here’s how you can use it to create more impactful dashboards that convey the value of your marketing campaigns.

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