How One Marketing Agency Improved Recurring Revenue by 20 Percent by Reporting Video ROI with Databox

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    Nextiny Marketing is a Diamond Hubspot Solution Partner agency founded in 2002 by CEO Gabriel Marguglio. Originally a web design and SEO shop, Gabe has spent the last 20 years adapting seamlessly to the digital marketing sphere and growing his team. As inbound marketing experts, they specialize in using video to create engagement, build relationships, and generate leads for their clients.

    Their tools for success include a customized strategy, a plan for implementation, and reporting on that plan with transparency so that their partners can feel confident in the performance of their digital marketing.

     Nextiny Team
    Left to right: Growth Strategist Bryan Gorman, CEO Gabriel Marguglio, Agency Strategist Kara Inglis

    Nextiny’s top growth & agency strategists

    We had a chance to sit down with two of Nextiny’s top strategists and discuss their marketing philosophies, daily struggles, and big wins. Kara Inglis, Agency Strategist, and Bryan Gorman, Nextiny’s Growth Strategist, joined us for the interview.

    Bryan is a Growth Analyst—his focus is largely on helping Nextiny’s clients understand their business and business goals. Data is an absolute necessity in his role, used for optimizing their current digital marketing efforts and finding promising opportunities.

    Bryan has to be able to see the big picture of growth patterns and also drill down into highly specific metrics to figure out what is working, and how. In an average month, Bryan will review and analyze data from 10+ sources, including HubSpot, Wistia, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, YouTube––and that’s just the start.

    “When things become more complex is when we start to rely on Databox” – Bryan Gorman

    Kara’s role gives her an opportunity to work both inside and outside of the company by developing marketing strategies for the agency itself and for clients as well. Kara is passionate about working with clients to understand their business, their challenges related to marketing and sales, and their growth goals so that she can develop a strategy for their business to succeed. Analyzing performance data is necessary not only for her strategy role but in managing client accounts.

    She uses Databox’s Dashboard Designer to streamline the client reporting process and support both live and Zoom client review meetings with custom, on-demand reports.

    This is aligned with Nextiny’s approach to transparency and building a true partnership with its clients.

    “We want to make sure that our marketing efforts are part of their business growth conversation and not just marketing analytics.”
    – Kara Inglis

    Connecting Databox to Wistia and HubSpot

    One of the most powerful tools in the Nextiny team’s tool belt has been the one-two punch of connecting Wistia, their video marketing tool, with HubSpot, their lead generation tool, in Databox in order to draw a correlation between its video strategies and leads/sales. With 100+ one-click integrations available, they are able to track the full customer journey in one place.

    The strategies and the overarching goals themselves vary—SEO, lead nurturing, client engagement, sales enablement, and even brand affinity. With so many ways to do video, knowing what’s working has become more important than ever.

    Kara explains how they were able to bridge that gap by using Databox:

    While they have clients that use classic video marketing techniques—explainer videos, product videos on their website—they’ve also seen an uptick in the last year due to the pandemic. Leads can be further qualified through pre-recorded webinars and even pre-sales meeting videos.

    With the Wistia/HubSpot integration on top of Databox reporting, Kara is able to analyze metrics like play percentage and video completion, which then triggers automated reminders, follow-ups, or even notifications to internal sales team members to reach out directly.  

    The results are no joke. In one case study, this tech stack led to a 3x closing rate for their client. CEO Gabriel Marguglio gave us an update with even more impressive numbers, “In the past years after this case study, we have calculated the same metrics for other clients and we have seen an increase between 2x and 9x for clients closing more when leads have engaged with video

    But it goes beyond just making better marketing decisions for their clients. Understanding the full business impact of their video marketing strategies has helped Nextiny get ahead, too.

    Beyond marketing decisions

    Dashboards don’t just help with marketing strategies. When it comes to pitching your business or agency as a solution, what potential clients need is hard numbers. Using Databox, Nextiny was able to provide just that. 

    Bryan describes how:

    It can be difficult to sell something like video with qualitative data; it’s ‘nice’, it’s ‘engaging’, or it’s ‘cool’ doesn’t cut it. Their big initiative was to put some numbers to it and show potential clients that video actually contributes to leads closing at a higher rate. And that’s exactly what they were able to do.

    The big question became, ‘How does video holistically help close leads into customers?’

    After Gabriel put together a calculation in Databox, that became their case study. 

    As you know now, he was able to prove that over 3x customers closed when video was a part of their buyer’s journey. So what did those results mean for Nextiny as an agency?

    Business impact for agencies

    Gabriel puts it plainly:

    “These video efforts and the ability to connect the data… had given us the ability to sell almost all of our clients into doing video with us, increasing our monthly recurring revenue by more than 20%.”

    “We are now getting clients that come to us through video and want to start with video first and then expand into other services.”

    Finally able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that video is more than just “cool”, over the past 5 years, Gabriel, Bryan, Kara, and the rest of the Nextiny team have been running video series for their clients regularly. As they’ve learned, they’ve iterated, and become one of the premier video marketing agencies in the industry.

    “The benefits of doing video as a brand affinity effort take a long time, but they are always rewarding.” – Gabriel Marguglio

    Scaling into a niche

    Now, the opportunities continue to grow for the Nextiny Agency. On top of servicing their clients, they are keeping plenty busy.

    They run a U.S.-based Video Hubspot User Group boasting over 200 members. They also run the Hubspot Community Video Marketing Study Group with more than 400 members, host a Hubspot Video Marketing Office Hours bimonthly event, and are in the planning stages of a Hubspot Academy Video Bootcamp for Marketing, Sales, and Service that will be launching in February ‘22. 

    Building a culture of data

    How can your agency or business get results like Nextiny? 

    It all comes from a solid foundation of their data-centric culture. This means transparency not only internally, but with clients as well.

    It’s fair to say that for a marketing agency, client reporting is a critical element of their services. Whether it’s dashboards presented and discussed during weekly or bi-weekly review meetings, or more formal reports delivered quarterly or at the end of the year, agencies strive to show progress towards business goals and results from specific marketing initiatives. Nextiny goes to great lengths to make sure that the most relevant and timely information is included in their reports, and their process is designed to deliver on that promise.

    Bryan explains, “…we really do focus on the process, and we don’t have a box that we put every client into. I think we focus on talking to the clients during the sales process, really understanding what it is that they need. And sometimes they don’t even know what they need, but in that conversation, we really learn the ways that we can help them, and then we develop a plan that works for them specifically.”

    One solution when tech gets out of hand 

    When it comes to the data itself, a tech stack made up of powerful tools can often mean dozens of different metrics coming from multiple sources. The more you zoom out to try to see the big picture, the more complicated it all becomes.

    When asked about this, Kara remarked that “Tools like Databox exist for a reason, so that you can rely on those templates, rely on the educational value they have so that you can make yourself a better reporter for marketing and business alignment.”

    Bryan agreed, saying, “If you can’t make sense of what’s happening in the software you’re using, use Databox and figure it out.”

    For more information on Nextiny Marketing, click here.

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