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Why Your Marketing Goals May be Setting You Up For Failure (And What To Do About It)

Tom Shapiro, author of Rethink Your Marketing, shares the goal-setting framework he has created after helping hundreds of businesses with digital marketing strategy over 20 years.

Avatar Management AvatarKevin Kononenko   |  Sep 6 2017

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The Human Brain Can’t Decode Your Marketing KPI Spreadsheet

Your marketing KPI spreadsheet is baffling your clients instead of demonstrating how hard you worked to produce stellar results. Here’s why.

Avatar Thoughts   |  Mar 28 2017

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How to Achieve Your Dreams
Using Data And Your Gut

Shape your company’s vision using data, not just your instincts.

Avatar Thoughts   |  Mar 15 2017

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Databox: A Look Back at 2016

… and even more excited for the year to come.

Avatar Thoughts   |  Dec 29 2016

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