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Databox Is Launching 185 New Datablocks Today–Here’s How

In what we’re calling ‘Datablock Building Day’, here’s why our marketing team is spending their day building and shipping product.

John Bonini on April 18, 2018 (last modified on August 26, 2020) • 7 minute read


19 new Datablocks added for Wistia, 11:00am EST
14 new Datablocks added for Drift, 11:28am EST
28 new Datablocks added for Quickbooks, 1:58pm EST
18 new Datablocks added for LinkedIn Ads, 2:54pm EST
25 new Datablocks added for Shopify, 3:17pm EST
10 new Datablocks added for Google Play, 3:25pm EST
12 new Datablocks added for App Store Connect (previously iTunes Connect), 3:46pm, EST
29 new Datablocks added for CallRail, 4:15pmEST
30 new Datablocks added for Bing Ads, 4:33pm EST

When you log in to your Databox account today, you’ll notice that some of our most popular integrations have significantly more Datablocks available for you to add to your dashboards.

That’s because our marketing team is trying its hand at product development today, working with our engineers to build and ship tons of new pre-configured Datablocks for some of our most popular integrations.

We’re calling it (drumroll) Datablock Building Day.

We’re adding significantly more pre-configured Datablocks for Quickbooks, Shopify, LinkedIn Ads, Wistia, Drift, Google Play, App Store Connect, CallRail, and Bing Ads.

(For those of you visiting us for the first time, you might be wondering what a ‘Datablock’ is. Here it is explained in 1 minute.)

We’ve seen a direct correlation between shipping new Datablocks and increased product usage. Any time we make it easier for people to track and visualize their most important metrics, they connect more data, build more dashboards, and most importantly, uncover important insights quicker.

And while our product team ships new metrics and Datablocks frequently, they also have a full roadmap of other products and features they’re working on. Marketing wanted to help, and engineering helped nail down a fairly easy process for us to build and ship new ones pretty quickly.

Look, no one is going to mistake us marketers for engineers.

(I asked Andrej, who heads integrations at Databox, ‘so does this mean we’re engineers now?’ His response: ‘No.’)

But pretending to be engineers for a day in order to build and ship more Datablocks for our users felt like a high-leverage activity for all of us. So we committed a big part of our day to do just that.

For some integrations, we’ll be doubling the amount of pre-configured Datablocks currently available.

Check back with this post, or with our social accounts, for updates on new Datablocks added.

Wistia, 19 new Datablocks added

Wistia, along with several others, was one of the integrations I was most excited to work on this morning, as it’s a tool that we use pretty heavily here at Databox.

From onboarding resources to top-of-funnel content, we use a combination of Soapbox and Wistia to produce most of the video content we put out, so adding more pre-configured Datablocks to our Wistia integration is also going to save us a ton of time, too.

Here are the metrics now available in the Datablock Library:

  • Plays
  • Total plays
  • Total plays by videos
  • Total actions
  • Hours watched
  • Videos total
  • Total plays by projects
  • Visitors
  • Actions by videos
  • Video uploads
  • Email address of identified user
  • Projects
  • Videos by projects
  • Total loads
  • Identified viewers
  • Total loads by projects
  • Total loads by videos
  • Identified users
  • Loads

With all of these metrics now available as Datablocks, look how easy (and fast) it is to build a meaningful video marketing dashboard…

New to Databox? Choose a Wistia template and get started.

Drift, 14 new Datablocks added

More and more Databox partners and customers are using Drift to engage their website visitors, so adding more pre-configured Datablocks available out of the box was a no-brainer.

We’ve seen increased success using Drift ourselves lately, so this was another one we were excited about internally.

These metrics are now available in the Datablock Library:

  • New contacts
  • Open conversations by agent
  • Total closed conversations by agent
  • Sent by playbook
  • Total conversations
  • Click % by playbook
  • Opens by playbook
  • Open % by playbook
  • Dismisses % by playbook
  • Clicks by playbook
  • Closed conversations by agent
  • NPS score by playbook
  • Dismisses by playbook
  • Sent / Click % by playbook

And here’s me setting up a Drift dashboard in ~2 minutes using some of these new Datablocks…

New to Databox? Here are some Drift templates to get started.

Quickbooks, 28 new Datablocks added

Here are the new Quickbooks metrics now available as pre-configured Datablocks:

  • Net income
  • Expenses
  • Gross profit
  • Net operating income
  • Open invoices by customers
  • Paid invoices
  • Open invoices
  • Cost of goods sold
  • Gross profit margin
  • Income by category
  • Overdue invoices
  • Paid sales receipts
  • Number of paid invoices
  • Paid invoices by customers
  • Money received
  • Total expenses
  • Number of overdue invoices
  • Number of open invoices
  • Balance
  • Income by subcategory
  • Unpaid expenses
  • Number of paid bills
  • Open bills by vendor
  • Paid bills
  • Number of unpaid expenses by vendor
  • Refunds
  • Number of unpaid expenses
  • Overdue invoices by customers

New to Databox? Browse our free Quickbooks templates here.

LinkedIn Ads, 18 new Datablocks added

The following 18 metrics have been added as Datablocks to our LinkedIn Ads integration:

  • Conversions
  • Leads
  • Total spent by campaign
  • Leads by campaign
  • Conversions by campaign
  • Avg. CTR by Ads
  • Avg. Engagement
  • Avg. CPM
  • Gross profit margin
  • Avg. CPC of Ads
  • Avg. CPC by Campaign
  • Conversions by Ads
  • Leads by Ads
  • Avg. CPM by Ads
  • Avg. Engagement by Ads
  • Avg. CPM by Campaign
  • Total spent by ads
  • Total engagement by ads
  • Social actions by ads

Get started by download this free LinkedIn Ads template.

Shopify, 25 new Datablocks added

Here are the 25 Shopify metrics now available in the Datablock Library…

  • Net sales
  • Returns
  • Discounts
  • Shipping
  • Taxes
  • Total sales
  • Orders by new vs. returning customers
  • Total sales by new vs. returning customers
  • Pending orders
  • Net sales by top products
  • Products
  • Total sales by top products
  • Low inventory products
  • Net sales by new vs. returning customers
  • Refunds by products
  • Gross Sales by new vs. returning customers
  • Discounts by billing country
  • Taxes by billing country
  • Gross sales by billing country
  • Shipping by billing country
  • Orders by billing country
  • Returns by billing country
  • Total sales by billing country
  • Net sales by billing country
  • Refunds/Type

Browse our free Shopify templates to get started.

Google Play, 10 new Datablocks added

We’ve added 10 new Datablocks to Google Play. Here they are:

  • Daily installs by user
  • Daily installs by user by country
  • Daily ANRs
  • Daily uninstalls by user
  • Daily upgrades by device
  • Daily installs by user by OS version
  • Current installs by device by app version
  • Daily uninstalls by user by country
  • Daily average rating by app version
  • Daily average rating by OS version

Get started quickly with our free Google Play template.

App Store Connect, 12 new Datablocks added

We’ve added 12 new Datablocks to App Store Connect:

  • Product page views
  • App units
  • Impressions
  • Crashes
  • Sessions
  • Active devices
  • Sales
  • Paying users
  • In-app purchases
  • App units by territory
  • Total app units
  • Total sessions

CallRail, 29 new Datablocks added

We’ve added the following 29 Datablocks to CallRail:

  • First time callers by source
  • Average duration by source
  • First time callers by company
  • Missed calls by company
  • Answered calls
  • Average duration by company
  • First time callers
  • Answered calls by company
  • First time callers by keyword
  • Leads by company
  • Average duration
  • Average duration by keyword
  • First time callers by landing page
  • Average duration by landing page
  • Leads by source
  • Total calls by campaign
  • Leads by landing page
  • Missed calls by landing page
  • Leads by campaign
  • Leads by referrer
  • Missed calls by campaign
  • Average duration by referrer
  • Answered calls by referrer
  • Missed calls by referrer
  • First time callers by campaign
  • Answered calls by campaign
  • First time callers by referrer
  • Leads
  • Average duration by campaign

Get started quickly by downloading one of our free CallRail templates.

Bing Ads, 30 new Datablocks added

We’ve added 30 new Datablocks to Bing Ads:

  • CPA
  • Revenue
  • Conversion rate
  • CTR by campaign
  • CTR by ad group
  • Conversions by campaign
  • Average CPC by ad
  • Spend by ad group
  • CPA by campaign
  • Conversions by ad group
  • CTR by ad
  • Return on ad spend
  • Impressions share by campaign
  • Return on ad spend by ad group
  • CPA by ad group
  • Quality score by ad group
  • Average position by ad group
  • Average CPC by ad group
  • Return on ad spend by ad
  • Quality score by campaign
  • Conversions by ad
  • Spend by ad
  • Revenue by ad
  • CPA by ad
  • Impressions share by ad group
  • Return on ad spend by campaign
  • Impressions share percent
  • Average position by campaign
  • Revenue by ad group
  • Revenue by campaign

Get set up quickly by downloading this free Bing Ads template.

Made it this far?

Phew. That was a lot of added Datablocks, 185 to be exact.

Looking for more metrics and/or Datablocks for a specific data source?

Let us know by leaving a comment with the metric and/or Datablock you’d like to see added.

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John Bonini is Director of Marketing at Databox. He's passionate about building brands that tell great stories. Connect with him on Twitter @bonini84.

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