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Data Snacks

How to Track & Visualize Close Rate by Sales Rep from HubSpot CRM

On this episode of Data Snacks, we show you how to easily track and visualize Close Rate by Sales Rep in HubSpot CRM.

Monja Dobnik Data Snacks Monja DobnikMonja Dobnik   |  Mar 30 2021

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How Jasz Rae Digital Generates MQLs for High-Dollar Clients

Learn how Jasz Rae Digital created their own SQLs for high-dollar clients by bringing in more marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) and nurturing them.

Avatar Uncategorized   |  Mar 5 2021

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The Best Social Media Platforms for Business According to 30+ Experts

Which social media platform drives the highest quality traffic? 30+ marketers give their expert advice on which social media platform works best for them.

Maham S. Chappal Marketing   |  Jul 27 2020

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23 Tips for Tracking Sales Activity with HubSpot CRM

Tracking your team’s sales activity in HubSpot CRM is a powerful way for forecasting sales and improving processes. Here’s how 45+ sales pros are using it.

Jessica Malnik Uncategorized   |  Jun 2 2020

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Using Databox

New: Create Reusable Templates in Databox & Save Hours on Client Reports

Design templates in Databox, complete with the data sources, metrics, and visualizations that you need, and save them to your account so that they can be used for any client in just one click.

Monja Dobnik Using Databox   |  Mar 30 2020

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How (and Why) ThriveHive Went All-In On Small, Local Businesses

ThriveHive CMO Dan Slagen shares the challenges of marketing to the SMB, how to build a marketing strategy around those challenges, and why partner marketing has been the key to it all.

John Bonini Uncategorized   |  Dec 2 2019

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Are we there yet?

The sad state of the MBTA

Avatar Uncategorized   |  Nov 5 2015