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    If you’re a reading enthusiast, there’s no such thing as too many B2B blogs. In fact, the more you read, the bigger your appetite grows. Even if you aren’t an avid reader, but just looking for a few of the best B2B blogs, we’ve got you covered.

    Before we take a deep dive into some of the best B2B blogs, let’s take a closer look at some important takeaways we gathered from this research.

    • Marketers rely on Google to find new blogs. Links from other publications are their second-best source for doing so with social media as their next option.
    primary method of discovering blogs data
    • On average, 42% of the marketers are subscribed to less than 5 blogs. About 30% also read between 5-10 blogs with less than 5% subscribed to over 50 blogs.
    how many blogs are marketers subscribed to data chart
    • As for how many blogs marketers visit weekly, around 42% say they check out between 5-10 blogs
    how may blogs do marketers visit weekly data chart

    We really have a lot of avid blog readers here. Now let’s take a look at the top 25 b2b blogs the experts we surveyed recommended, each followed by an explanation on what makes them so read-worthy.

    Please note that these are arranged in no particular order.

    1. SparkToro
    2. Ahrefs blog
    3. Contently
    4. HubSpot
    5. Copy Hackers
    6. Sprout Social
    7. Fresh Sales Strategies by Jill Konrath
    8. Salesforce’s blog
    9. Drift’s blog
    10. Databox’s blog
    11. Steve Toth’s SEO Notebook
    12. Backlinko
    13. Convertica blog
    14. Animalz’ blog
    15. Search Engine Journal blog
    16. BusinessGrow
    17. The Moz blog
    18. Neil Patel’s blog
    19. Shopify’s blog
    20. SEMRush’s blog
    21. Think With Google
    22. RevenueZen’s blog
    23. Velocity Partners blog
    24. Ann Handley’s blog
    25. Orbit Media’s The Orbit Blog

    1. SparkToro


    If you’re into blog posts that share expert opinions, SparkToro’s blog is your destination.

    Premium Content Shop’s Victor Ijidola talks about the blog: “Just real, expert opinions on marketing from a marketing expert I learn a lot from, Rand Fishkin. He wrote one post around what agencies should be focusing on and I loved it –particularly where he shared that agencies shouldn’t try to be everything to every client. Pick the service(s), industry, etc. you want to be known for and stick with your decision.”

    2. Ahrefs blog


    Ahrefs blog is a widely popular one, particularly, among SEO nerds.

    AbdulGaniy Shehu from Your Content Mart says, “The most useful/helpful B2B blog I continually get value from is Ahrefs blog. The reason is simple. The Ahrefs team consistently shares content marketing and SEO topics (which is an area I’m most interested in) and simplifies them too.

    Don’t understand advanced SEO, no worries. “Even if you’re a newbie in SEO, reading Ahrefs blog will most likely level up your knowledge of the industry and keep you up to date with the latest insights and trends,” confirms Shehu. “I also love how Ahrefs weaves in their product by showing you exactly how to navigate each of the features it has.”

    3. Contently


    “I love the Contently blog,” writes Helen Jackson of HelenJ Marketing. And, what can you learn from the blog? A boatload of topics including “useful tips around storytelling, ROI, strategy, digital transformation, and more,” says Jackson.

    But that’s not all. The blog’s voice is diverse, thanks to the plethora of authors who contribute to it. This “helps keep opinions and pieces fresh and interesting,” Jackson notes. “It’s my go-to blog to keep on top of trends and get the latest content marketing advice.”

    4. HubSpot


    Another popular name in this list of best B2B blogs that several of our respondents shared is that of the HubSpot blog.

    “The HubSpot team are experts and they’ve never missed a beat when publishing excellent, informed content,” highlights PlaybookUX’s Lindsey Allard.

    “They handle a ton of topics, from general marketing strategies to advanced company growth topics, and beyond.”

    Besides the diverse range of topics that the HubSpot blog covers, here are two more reasons to make it your go-to source for content inspiration:

    • “HubSpot goes beyond standard blog content by offering tools, templates, and a full-fledged academy of online courses.” –  Ben Maguire.
    • “They make it easy to find related articles to a topic, they’re always high-quality and easily skimmable pieces, and I know they’re leaders in the space of marketing and sales best practices (aka content is relevant and fresh).” – Maria West, Maria West LLC.

    5. Copy Hackers


    Copy Hackers has come to establish itself as an industry-leading blog on copywriting advice. No wonder, Soundstripe’s Zach comments, “In my mind, they’re the leader in the copywriting space, and I’ve learned a ton from that publication.”

    “It’s more than vague ‘best practices.’ the content actually teaches you practical techniques that elevate your copywriting,” Watson explains.

    6. Sprout Social


    The Sprout Insights blog covers social media marketing thoroughly. On top of that the blog “talks about a wide range of subjects from leadership, marketing, corporate culture, branding, customer experience, and the latest digital space trends,” Matt Weidle from adds.

    Moreover, the blog isn’t about theory only. Instead, “it feeds your mind and enriches your professional life with strategic tips applicable to your industry needs,” notes Weidle. So reading the blog will not only help increase your knowledge, but also leave you with actionable advice to grow in your professional life.

    7. Fresh Sales Strategies by Jill Konrath

    Fresh Sales Strategies by Jill Konrath

    Next up is Jill Konrath’s blog in the best B2B blogs. This one’s a suggestion by Carol Tompkins from AccountsPortal.

    “I love the blog because of the author’s insightful take on all matters sales, business development, and cultivating customer relationships. She is also an excellent storyteller, so everything she writes is easy to read, and proves quite compelling as well.”

    8. Salesforce’s blog

     Salesforce B2B blog

    “I am a frequent reader of Salesforce B2B blogs as they host a vast array of information-packed and high-quality content that tackle even the littlest topic you can think of,” writes DoorLoop’s David Bitton.

    Its target audience includes people from all levels of expertise. Bitton agrees, “I find innovative articles and guides that can effectively equip anybody, whether you’re a beginner or expert, with only the optimal information and data befitting any topic that’s worth learning in the world of B2B marketing.”

    To cap that, the blog pieces on Salesforce’s blog are not “brain scratchers” as Bitton puts it. Instead, “the contents are comprehensive and loaded with value yet lightly delivered, making each read truly worthwhile and productive.”

    9. Drift blog


    “I’d say the most helpful B2B blog I’m following at the moment would be the Drift blog,” insists GR0’s Kevin Miller.

    The content on Drift’s blog, you ask? Miller shares a list: “the latest trends and strategies when it comes to SEO, social media marketing, along with a wide-lens look at the industry as a whole.”

    But what makes this blog a reader’s absolute favorite are its “in-depth tutorials and guides on a range of complex sales and marketing topics,” Miller shares. Despite the depth though, the blog content is “easy to follow and implement.”

    There’s a third point that makes Drift’s blog commendable. And, it’s that it “is conversational and simple, and it also focuses on the content from a customer perspective, which any marketer will understand the importance of,” adds Miller.

    10. Databox’s blog


    Yep, the one that you’re reading right now.

    Lily Ugbaja from Dollar Creed votes Databox’s blog among the best B2B blogs to follow.

    Ugbaja talks about the tool before sharing how the blog helps: “It is a useful business analytics platform that helps to give statistics of comparable data to help you know how you measure up and how you can improve. It also furnishes me with helpful business insights.”

    11. Steve Toth’s SEO Notebook

    Steve Toth’s SEO Notebook

    Looking for another SEO blog to grow your knowledge around SEO?

    Gabriel Nightingale from Bon Accord Pest Control recommends Steve Toth’s SEO Notebook.

    “Steve Toth’s SEO Notebook has been an amazing source of invaluable information. It contains actionable, up-to-date insights concerning the entirety of the SEO industry.”

    And to make things interesting, “the content is mostly short form,” observes Nightingale. Despite the length “it’s so packed with advice that I always learn something useful from each post. Most of them are short tutorials that you can apply almost instantly for great results.”

    In short, if you’re looking to add a few short-form pieces to your reading list, this blog is the one to follow.

    12. Backlinko


    Brian Dean’s blog stands out for its to the point, fluff-free, actionable content. The content quality is also worth applauding shares Joris Zantvoort from FishingBooker.

    “Brian Dean and his team create evidence-based guides that can level up the digital marketing strategy of any SMB, and probably of most larger enterprises as well,” Zantvoort writes.

    In fact, Digital Silk’s Emma Debeljak says, “his tutorials are so rich in value, yet simple enough for everyone to follow. We refer all our new recruits to their resources for content and SEO training.”

    Besides, it’s also frequently updated notes Zantvoort. Translation, your blog’s publishing schedule counts a lot as it sets your readers’ expectations around when they’d next read a new piece from you.

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    13. Convertica blog

    Convertica blog

    TEFL Hero’s Quincy Smith appreciates both the blog and newsletter that the Convertica team runs.

    In fact, both the resources have been “tremendously valuable to us and I read everything Kurt and his team put out,” Smith says.  

    So what exactly does the blog cover? Smith has the answer for you: “they offer so much value when it comes to CRO, website tweaks, AB testing, etc. and we have made lots of valuable changes based on their insights.”

    Thanks to all the value the blog offers, Smith goes on to say, “I just unsubscribed from a few blogs I found myself putting off each time they arrived in my inbox and didn’t even consider removing Convertica – it’s invaluable for small companies like us who don’t have a proper CRO budget but still want to make meaningful changes.”

    14. Animalz’ blog

    Animalz’ blog

    This one’s another audience favorite blog. Nextiva’s Joe Manna begins, “the blog managed by Animalz, a content marketing agency, is loaded with high-value case studies and actionable marketing advice that stands out from the rest.

    It’s an excellent source of inspiration to stay relevant in highly competitive industries like cloud communications.”

    The best part? The content is also “based on their own experiences working with their clients,” notes Groovewallet’s Paul Kim. So if you’re looking for case studies on how others are succeeding with their content marketing, Animalz’ blog will help satiate your appetite for it.

    15. Search Engine Journal

    Search Engine Journal blog

    Another notable B2B blog is Search Engine Journal Blog that covers everything related to digital marketing. This includes content marketing, PPC, search engine optimization as well as online advertising.

    Elizabeth Weatherby from CSI Financial Group adds, “I find the Search Engine Journal Blog super helpful for B2B info relating to digital marketing, SEO, PPC, and other Google updates.

    SEJ does a great job of feeding me new info, articles on new algorithm updates, and things I should look out for as an SEO. I also find these articles super helpful to send to other teammates, as SEJ content is easy to understand, and is easily digestible!”

    So if you’re looking for one blog on digital marketing that teaches as well as updates, make sure you subscribe to the Search Engine Journal.

    16. BusinessGrow


    “Mark Scaefer’s marketing blog, known as BusinessGrow is on the very top of my list of B2B influential blogs that I read frequently,” Solution Scout’s Blake Bobit says.

    Needless to say, BusinessGrow isn’t a brand’s blog, but a blog from an industry thought leader. This is why it breaks down trends and news with Scaefer’s expert comments, helping you understand things in depth.

    Bobit adds the blog is a good source of “insights, ideas, and tips are trending news and research that’s hard to find elsewhere.

    More often, when new ideas are being discussed, I usually find his blog providing already well-examined thoughts and experiments that help break down some pain points when creating fresh campaigns, or coming up with a new marketing approach.”

    17. The Moz blog

    Moz blog

    The Moz blog is another great B2B blog, but it’s focused solely on SEO and inbound marketing. What makes it stand out from the rest of the B2B blogs?

    Chris Wilks of BrandExtract has the answer. “They do a great job of breaking down complex topics in their Whiteboard Friday video series, they have some great 101 content for beginners and they have an adjacent community to dive deeper into more tricky or advanced topics.”

    18. Neil Patel’s blog

    Neil Patel’s blog

    A lot of the folks we talked to vote for Patel’s blog as one of the best B2B blogs.

    Janice Wald from Mostly Blogging, for example, notes, “Neil Patel’s articles are filled with value. He breaks down complex concepts like SEO in understandable chunks. His screenshots with their colorful arrows add to the clarity of the information.”

    On top of that, “Neil offers information in both text and video formatting. Neil’s blog offers information on everything bloggers could need: SEO, marketing, and social media for example.”

    19. Shopify’s blog

    “Shopify’s blog caterers to small biz owners and entrepreneurs, and I thoroughly enjoy how the content is relevant at all times,” writes Genbook’s Taru Bhargava who also shares the blog as a favorite.

    Bhargava continues, “What stands out is how each post is in-depth and conversational. The content doesn’t stretch unnecessarily and offers value to the reader without getting monotonous or boring.

    But that’s not all. The inline CTAs and additional resources ensure that there are enough takeaways at all times. Lastly, clear content categories and navigation make it easy for the reader to take the next step, which a lot of blogs often miss out on.”

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    The takeaway? If you’re looking to up your blogging game, consider creating a pool of resources so you can share relevant ones within your post. Work on the user experience as well. And, when it comes to the content itself, go deep, not broad while staying conversational in your writing.

    20. SEMRush’s blog

    SEMRush’s blog

    Another SEO tool-based blog like the Mox blog is SEMRush’s blog, a suggestion from Heidi Robinson of Because Market. In fact, Robinson goes on to say, “When it comes to B2B content, SEMRush is one of my absolute favorites. “

    So what differentiates this blog from the rest?

    According to Robinson, it’s their content’s actionable nature that makes the blog a winner. “Anyone can provide content filled with fluff and one or two tips here and there,” comments Robinson “but this content is actionable, and it can provide not only how-to strategy guides, but it also inspires its readers to think outside of the box, but to rely heavily on research and data for growth and success.”

    Looking for tips to write actionable content? Consider taking a step-by-step approach to the guides you create, pair the steps with screenshots to help explain things. And, back your suggestions/tips with examples. If you can, get subject matter experts to talk about the topic too.

    21. Think With Google

    Think With Google

    “‘Think With Google’ is definitely the most useful and complete b2b blog for my agency,” Francesco Bonafine from Digital Nomads Hong Kong shares.

    So what can you find on this blog? Bonafine says, “there’s valuable information on the latest Google Ads products developments and success stories from big corporates and SMEs.

    In addition to that, what I find particularly useful are the ‘how to’ in-depth guides which can be easily used by agencies like us or company owners and online marketers. If it’s the first time you are using a newly launched advertising tool or technology this is definitely the best initial step you can make.”

    22. RevenueZen’s blog

    RevenueZen’s blog

    From sales to marketing and lead gen, the RevenueZen blog covers it all. However, it’s not the variety of topics that make this blog a winner.

    Instead, Ken Marshall from Doorbell Digital Marketing explains “they distill often misunderstood or not frequently discussed B2B marketing topics in a way that is both informative and interesting to read. That’s a winning combination.”

    Sharing their experience, Marshall continues, “I’ve learned a ton about how B2B organizations can improve social selling tactics to improve lead gen, lesser-known content strategy techniques, cold email templates, and more. It’s packed with real-world examples that are instantly applicable.”

    23. Velocity Partners blog

    Velocity Partners blog

    This blog goes into B2B content marketing so they are super niche topics that you can read here. However, that’s not it. What makes the Velocity Partners blog a must-read is the conversational style of writing.

    Shriya Garg from ContentNinja praises the same. “I just love how candid they are – it feels like a conversation with an old friend who’s giving me the latest industry on-dits. These guys can be spray-your-coffee funny or stare-in-the-distance thoughtful. They get the pulse of the industry and share it very generously with other marketers.”

    24. Ann Handley’s blog

    Ann Handley’s blog

    Most of us know Ann Handley’s newsletter, Total Anarchy, as an excellent, you-can’t-miss fortnightly newsletter. However, L-SPARK’s Stef Reid shares her blog is an equally brilliant resource.

    “Her approach to marketing, and more specifically, her art of incorporating storytelling is fun, approachable, and rooted in thoughtful strategy,” Reid commends.

    “I love the tactical advice Ann shares on how to master content marketing, with specific how-tos related to copywriting, developing brand voice, call-to-actions that actually work, and more. She also sprinkles in case-studies for real examples of the impact that these activities can have on businesses in a variety of industries.”

    25. The Orbit Blog

    The Orbit Blog

    Andy Crestodina’s The Orbit Blog is another great B2B blog.

    The Loop Marketing’s Kylie Moore shares, “As a small digital marketing agency, Andy Crestodina’s insight into the marketing world is hugely important to us. We’ve heeded his advice on everything from internal linking strategies and A/B testing to finding branded keywords easily.”

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    Broadly, the blog covers web design, content marketing, and analytics where each post is packed with actionable insights and branded visuals that keep readers on the page.


    With this list of the best B2B blogs, we’re sure you are feeling pumped to learn more and work on your blog too. The key is to select a niche topic and take a deep dive into it – providing actionable advice, examples, branded visuals, and conversational content that keep readers engaged.

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