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    Most teams, in some form or another, are tracking something in Google Sheets. But, when it comes time to visualize all of those columns and rows of data so that it can be distilled down so that others can understand? That’s when things get complicated.

    When we introduced the Google Sheets integration with Databox a few years back, it quickly became an easy and compelling way to visualize spreadsheet data, allowing quick access to teammates, executives, and clients alike.

    Well, we’ve kicked it up a notch this time, and are excited to announce the brand new Google Sheets Wizard—making the creation of Google Sheets metrics possible in just a few quick steps. With all the properties of the Databox Google Sheets Query Builder, on top of an even more friendly user experience, creating metrics for your Google spreadsheets is now easier than ever.

    Get to Know the New Databox Google Sheets Wizard

    If you have Google Sheets connected in Databox, you are familiar with our Google Sheets Query Builder and all the options it offers. After helping hundreds of customers set up their own Databoards and gathering feedback, our goal to create an even more seamless experience for our users was finally realized with the addition of the Google Sheets Wizard.

    Here’s how it works.

    If you are an existing user, the first step is to select “Use Wizard” instead of “Start blank” in the Databoards section when creating a new dashboard.

    After that, you have the option to select an existing data source or connect a new Google Sheets data source.

    Next, choose the specific Sheet you want to pull data from and press Continue. 

    Connect your data with Google Sheets Wizard in Databox

    Once you have selected your sheet, the data will appear on your screen with each column defined. Once you’ve determined that everything looks correct, press Continue to begin creating a custom metric.

    NOTE: Not into the guided metric creation? You can always switch to a manual setup in the top right corner. This will take you to the more familiar Query Builder form for Google Sheets. 
    Verify your data in Google Sheets Wizard in Databox

    Now it’s time to add some more information to create the custom metric that we want. Begin by selecting a metric value. From there, you will have the option to further segment it by a dimension. Simply select the data you want the value to be shown for.

    Select your metric in Google Sheets Wizard in Databox

    Finally, we add our finishing touches. Start with naming your metric, then choose the data aggregation option that works best for the values chosen. Don’t forget to select the favorable trend (in other words, your trending preferences) and the number format. After that, all that is left is to add this metric to your dashboard. 

    Name your metric in Google Sheets Wizard in Databox

    And you’re done! From a spreadsheet with cells full of data to a striking visualization of the very same data that’s as easy to read as it is to report on. Need more information on how to create a custom metric using the Google Sheet wizard? Check out our detailed help doc.

    Need Help Pulling All of Your Spreadsheet data?

    Creating Google Sheets custom metrics may be easier than ever now with our Google Sheets Wizard, but if you’re still unsure how to connect your data or format your Google Sheets, our team of experts is here to help.

    Getting started with our free Google Sheets Setup Service is as simple as completing this questionnaire. Once submitted, one of our Google Sheets experts will get in touch and help you create powerful visualizations of your data.

    Start Creating Custom Metrics using Google Sheets Wizard in Databox

    The Google Sheets Wizard is available with all plans that include our Query Builder functionality

    If your plan has access to Query Builder, you can log in and start using the Google Sheets Wizard now.

    On a free plan? Take the new Google Sheets Wizard for a test drive by requesting a trial of Query Builder.

    New to Databox? Create a free account here.

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