Social Media Benchmarks by Industry for 2023

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    Having a clear strategy can make or break your social media marketing efforts. But how do you know if your strategy aligns with industry norms?

    Databox’s comprehensive analysis of organic social media benchmarks can provide you with a roadmap and show you how brands across various sectors are performing.

    We’ve sifted through the noise, pinpointing key metrics that matter, from understanding the optimal post frequencies to gauging organic reach and tracking follower growth. This data-driven approach ensures you won’t be flailing blindly and throwing things at the wall to see what sticks but will come at it equipped with insights to refine your strategy.

    If you want to delve even deeper, the Databox Benchmark Groups can help you examine a broader spectrum of metrics for free.

    Ensure your brand’s social media journey is on the right track, and let our research guide your next steps. That way, you’ll have a strategy in place that is powered by data and knowledge of the industry landscape.

    Facebook Page Posts Published

    The median number of posts published during July 2023 across all companies on Facebook is 12.

    Facebook Page Posts Published

    Let’s take a closer look at Facebook page posts published across different industries:

    IndustryPosts Published
    Apparel & FootwearMISSING
    Consulting & Professional Services13
    eCommerce & MarketplacesMISSING
    Health Care11
    Health & Wellness8
    Information Technology & Services11
    Industrials & Manufacturing9
    Real Estate9
    Travel & Leisure9.5

    Posting frequency is relatively consistent across industries, with most sectors hovering around the median value and Education, SaaS, and Consulting & Professional services posting most frequently. Most industries seem to post at least twice a week. However, the quality and relevance of content may play a more significant role in organic reach and engagement.

    EXPERT RECOMMENDATIONS: Consistency is crucial for your Facebook page posting strategy. Experts recommend posting 2-3 times per week, though some pages might benefit from posting multiple times a day. 

    The key is to balance frequency with quality. Instead of inundating your audience with daily content, aim for 2-3 high-quality, weekly posts that genuinely resonate. You can use Databox Facebook (Page Insights) Dashboard Template to uncover key insights about your Facebook page. Always prioritize impactful, quality content over sheer quantity.

    Facebook (Page Insights) Dashboard Template

    Facebook Page Post Reach (Organic)

    The median organic post reach for all companies on Facebook for July 2023 was 2.66K.

    Facebook Page Post Reach (Organic)

    Let’s take a closer look at the organic Facebook page post reach across different industries:

    IndustryOrganic Reach
    Apparel & FootwearMISSING
    Consulting & Professional Services1.35K
    eCommerce & MarketplacesMISSING
    Health Care1.35K
    Health & Wellness3.82K
    Information Technology & Services1.49K
    Industrials & Manufacturing1.45K
    Real Estate4.16K
    Travel & Leisure4.61K

    Industries like Food and Education have very high organic reach, three and two times higher than the median respectively. This, combined with the fact that Travel & Leisure and Health & Wellness also have high reach, suggests that visually appealing content or topics of broad interest might resonate more with users on Facebook.

    EXPERT RECOMMENDATIONS: To boost your Facebook page post reach, focus on posting when your followers are most active. Understand your audience’s habits and preferences by examining your Facebook Page Insights. This allows you to determine the optimal times for posting, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement. 

    Additionally, consider diversifying your content types, such as using infographics or live videos, to cater to different audience preferences and keep your content fresh and engaging.

    Facebook Page Likes

    Across all industries, the median number of page likes on Facebook for July 2023 was 6.

    Facebook Page Likes

    Let’s take a closer look at page likes on Facebook across different industries:

    IndustryPage Likes
    Apparel & FootwearMISSING
    Consulting & Professional Services3
    eCommerce & MarketplacesMISSING
    Health Care4
    Health & Wellness7
    Information Technology & Services4
    Industrials & Manufacturing4
    Real Estate6.5
    Travel & Leisure16

    The Food, Travel & Leisure industries have a significant lead in page likes, indicating that B2C industries with a visual or experiential focus receive higher engagement on Facebook. Other industries veer much closer to the median.

    EXPERT RECOMMENDATIONS: A good way to boost Facebook page likes is to be authentic and share content that resonates with your audience. Sharing personal anecdotes, especially humorous or relatable ones, can be just the thing to make them stand out.

    In addition, creating posts with people and offering a behind-the-scenes look into your business operations provides transparency and fosters a deeper connection, encouraging more users to like and engage with your page.

    Instagram Business New Posts

    The median number of new posts during July 2023 across all companies on Instagram was 11.

    Instagram Business New Posts

    Let’s take a closer look at new posts on Instagram Business across different industries:

    IndustryNew Posts
    Apparel & FootwearMISSING
    Consulting & Professional Services12
    eCommerce & MarketplacesMISSING
    Health Care11
    Health & Wellness11
    Information Technology & Services11
    Industrials & Manufacturing11
    Real Estate11
    Travel & LeisureMISSING

    Posting on Instagram remains consistent across various sectors, with no real outliers, suggesting most businesses see posting frequency as a “solved” problem.

    EXPERT RECOMMENDATIONS: Consistency and quality are paramount when determining your Instagram posting frequency. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, experts suggest that posting daily can be beneficial, especially if Instagram is your primary marketing platform. Daily posts can increase your visibility, keep your audience engaged, and potentially favor your content in the algorithm.

    However, ensuring that each post offers value and isn’t just filler content is essential. If daily posting feels overwhelming or reduces content quality, consider posting 3-5 times a week. The key is maintaining a consistent schedule that aligns with your audience’s preferences and ensures that every post is meaningful and engaging.

    Instagram Business Reach

    The median reach for all companies on Instagram for July 2023 was 8.42K.

    Instagram Business Reach

    Let’s take a closer look at the Instagram Business reach across different industries:

    Apparel & FootwearMISSING
    Consulting & Professional Services2.26K
    eCommerce & MarketplacesMISSING
    Health Care7.12K
    Health & Wellness48.06K
    Information Technology & Services4.65K
    Industrials & Manufacturing13.61K
    Real Estate5.84K
    Travel & Leisure2.82K

    The Food and Health & Wellness industries markedly outperform others in terms of reach. On the flip side of the coin, Travel & Leisure, SaaS, Automotive, and  Consulting & Professional Services underperform significantly. With the exception of Travel & Leisure, visually focused industries perform much better than others on this platform.

    EXPERT RECOMMENDATIONS: Instagram Stories are a great way to boost reach on this platform. They offer a unique opportunity to repromote posts that might not have gained the desired traction initially. You can reignite interest and boost engagement by resharing older posts in your stories. 

    Additionally, make your stories interactive by using features like stickers, polls, and questions. This not only captures your audience’s attention but also encourages direct interaction. As a bonus, you can add important stories to your Highlights to ensure they remain accessible beyond the standard 24-hour window. This way, you can continuously drive traffic and engagement from evergreen content.

    Instagram Business New Followers

    The median number of new followers across all industries on Instagram for July 2023 was 15.

    Instagram Business New Followers

    Let’s take a closer look at the new followers on Instagram Business across different industries:

    IndustryNew Followers
    Apparel & Footwear122
    Consulting & Professional Services3
    eCommerce & MarketplacesMISSING
    Health Care22.5
    Health & Wellness40
    Information Technology & Services7
    Industrials & Manufacturing18
    Real Estate12.5
    Travel & LeisureMISSING

    Apparel & Footwear leads the pack by far, with Health & Wellness and Food industries being distant runners-up. This reflects Instagram’s strength for industries with high visual and lifestyle appeal.

    EXPERT RECOMMENDATIONS: Your bio is the first impression users get of your Instagram Business Profile; make it clear, use relevant keywords, and include a compelling call-to-action with a link. 

    Additionally, regularly analyze your performance with this comprehensive Instagram dashboard template to understand your audience’s preferences and adjust your content strategy accordingly. Engage actively by responding to comments, collaborating with influencers, and using Instagram Stories to showcase behind-the-scenes content.

    Instagram overview dashboard

    LinkedIn Page Updates

    The median number of updates during July 2023 across all companies on LinkedIn was 8.

    LinkedIn Page Updates

    Let’s take a closer look at page updates on LinkedIn across different industries:

    Apparel & FootwearMISSING
    Consulting & Professional Services8
    eCommerce & MarketplacesMISSING
    Health Care8.5
    Health & WellnessMISSING
    Information Technology & Services8.5
    Industrials & Manufacturing10
    Real EstateMISSING
    Travel & LeisureMISSING

    LinkedIn sees consistent activity from B2B sectors like Construction, IT & Services, and Industrials, underscoring its value for professional networking and business updates. Other sectors fall closer to the median.

    EXPERT RECOMMENDATIONS: A good headline is crucial for LinkedIn page updates. It’s essential to be clear and concise and effectively communicate your value proposition and stand out from the crowd.

    Consider using powerful adjectives, industry-specific keywords, and quantifiable achievements. This not only enhances your page’s visibility in search results but also makes a strong first impression on anyone viewing your profile.

    LinkedIn Page Unique Impressions

    The median number of unique impressions across all companies on LinkedIn for July 2023 was 1.57K.

    LinkedIn Page Unique Impressions

    Let’s take a closer look at unique impressions on LinkedIn across different industries:

    IndustryUnique Impressions
    Apparel & FootwearMISSING
    Consulting & Professional Services1.19K
    eCommerce & MarketplacesMISSING
    Health Care1.82K
    Health & Wellness1.69K
    Information Technology & Services1.66K
    Industrials & Manufacturing1.9K
    Real Estate2.16K
    Travel & LeisureMISSING

    Construction and Real Estate industries see higher impressions on LinkedIn, suggesting active engagement and interest in these sectors on the platform. Interestingly Consulting & Professional Services fall significantly below the median, showing that companies in this sector have to struggle to stay ahead of the competition.

    EXPERT RECOMMENDATIONS: A great way to maximize the unique impressions on your LinkedIn Company Page, consistently share relevant industry news, highlight business developments, and showcase your company culture. 

    Engaging your audience with questions and polls can also boost interactions. Remember, consistency in posting and optimizing your company headline can make a significant difference in capturing and retaining your audience’s attention.

    LinkedIn Page New Followers

    The median number of new followers across all companies on LinkedIn for July 2023 was 27.

    LinkedIn Page New Followers

    Let’s take a closer look at new followers on LinkedIn across different industries:

    IndustryNew Followers
    Apparel & FootwearMISSING
    Consulting & Professional Services29.5
    eCommerce & MarketplacesMISSING
    Health Care35.5
    Health & Wellness8
    Information Technology & Services36
    Industrials & Manufacturing18
    Real Estate21.5
    Travel & LeisureMISSING

    The Technology and Information Technology & Services sectors lead when it comes to new followers, most likely making full use of LinkedIn’s reputation as a B2B platform. This is supported by the fact that Health & Wellness has by far the lowest number of new followers, over three times lower than the median.

    EXPERT RECOMMENDATIONS: When aiming to grow your LinkedIn company page followers, it’s essential to choose the right metrics to track and adjust your strategies based on results. Consistent growth in followers is a clear indicator of content that resonates. However, don’t just chase numbers.

    Monitor sudden spikes in follower count to identify standout content or shares from influential figures. Prioritizing quality and relevance in your content will ensure you’re attracting and engaging the right audience, leading to more meaningful interactions and conversions.

    Resources: Organic Social Media Industry Benchmark Groups

    The data presented in this article is sourced from Databox Benchmark Groups, which are organized by industry. These groups allow companies to anonymously share their performance data, helping everyone gain insights and improve their strategies to drive more website traffic.

    To make this data even more valuable, we encourage you to join the relevant Benchmark Group for your industry or the group for all industries and contribute your own data. The more contributors we have, the more valuable the data becomes for everyone.

    Below is a list of Organic Social Media Benchmark Groups we used to create this research report. Simply click on the link for your industry to review the group and join it.

    Leverage Databox Benchmarks to Optimize Your Social Media Strategy

    Understanding industry norms and adjusting your strategy accordingly can be the key to unlocking success in the world of social media marketing. But insights alone aren’t enough. It’s the application of these insights that propels brands ahead of their competition.

    Our research has provided a snapshot of the social media landscape across various industries. These industry benchmarks for social media offer a foundation, but it’s your unique touch, creativity, and understanding of your audience that will elevate your brand’s social media presence.

    But why stop here? Dive deeper into the data, explore nuances, and identify gaps and opportunities that your brand can seize. Databox Benchmark Groups offer a treasure trove of insights, and by joining, you not only gain access to this invaluable data but also contribute to this growing community, making the benchmarks even more robust.

    Databox Benchmark Groups provide:

    • Precision Insights: Gain granular, industry-specific insights that allow you to fine-tune your campaigns for maximum impact.
    • Dynamic Evolution: Stay updated with real-time data, ensuring your strategies evolve with the ever-shifting digital landscape.
    • Community Collaboration: Engage with a community of like-minded professionals, share best practices, and collectively elevate the digital marketing realm.
    • Data-Driven Decision Making: Reduce guesswork. Make informed decisions backed by reliable benchmarks to optimize your resource allocation and strategy.
    • Competitive Analysis: Understand where you stand relative to your peers, identify your strengths, and pinpoint areas of improvement.

    Are you ready to harness the power of data and redefine your social media strategy?

    Let’s transform insights into action and take your social media game to the next level. 

    Join the Databox Benchmark Groups now and set your brand on a path to social media excellence.

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