14 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Company Page More Engaging

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    There are numerous ways your company is most likely trying to get leads.

    Whether it’s posting fresh content on its blog or sending out an email marketing campaign, there are tons of different approaches you can use. And while your organization may be active on certain social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, don’t forget about your LinkedIn company page.

    When you know how to post on LinkedIn, it’s a great avenue your company can take to reach a new audience of people who may not know about your organization and what it has to offer. If you haven’t utilized your LinkedIn company page much in the past, there’s no better time than the present!

    So, don’t let your LinkedIn company page sit idle and unused on the platform. There are tons of ways you can optimize it to its fullest potential to reach a new audience and boost engagement. Check out these 14 tips on how experts are utilizing their LinkedIn company page for the better. 

    1. Utilize different media when posting
    2. Be as relevant as possible
    3. Showcase your company culture
    4. Tie content back to your company
    5. Post employee-facing content
    6. Highlight business developments or company news
    7. Educate your audience
    8. Ask your audience questions
    9. Encourage employees to engage
    10. Keep posts interesting
    11. Focus on building a network
    12. Share content consistently
    13. Optimize your company headline
    14. Be a thought leader
    LinkedIn Marketing Dashboard Template by Databox

    1. Utilize different media when posting

    When it comes to sharing on your LinkedIn company page, a great way to make it as engaging as possible is to utilize the different kinds of media you can post. Don’t pigeonhole your company into only sharing articles — get creative!

    For this, Kathryn Read at Uniconsult-Wick & Partner recommends, “To keep the company page more engaging it’s essential to do a mix of company updates and industry news. This has to be presented in an engaging way, using the different media options that LinkedIn makes available. That could mean a photo of an event where a partner was a speaker, and then the next post could be a news round-up of something happening in your industry. Videos bring some good results as long as they are uploaded natively to LinkedIn & have subtitles.”

    Also a fan of having some fun with the format is Krista Neher at Boot Camp Digital Publishing.

    “Experiment with the new formats that rank higher in the LinkedIn algorithm. Use polls (which are ranking well right now), experiment with Lives, and use Stories. Create content in the formats that are new and get to the top of the newsfeed to maximize your exposure and engagement,” shares Neher.

    Another big fan of using LinkedIn polls is Mindi Rosser of Mindi Rosser Marketing. Rosser elaborates to say, “Use polls more frequently. These provide an easy CTA without anyone needing to spend more than 20 seconds reading the poll and casting their vote. Polls on LinkedIn invite intrigue because you cannot see the poll results UNTIL you vote on the poll, which encourages people to vote. Once you post your poll, follow it up with tagging friendlies who are likely to vote on the poll as a comment below. Then, use the ‘notify employees’ feature to get your team members engaged in voting to drive initial engagement.”

    You should also consider multi-slide content to get more of your audience engaged. As Cheyenne Knight at Cosmitto says, “One way to make your LinkedIn company page more engaging is by publishing multi-slide content that is not only eye-catching but also provides value for your audience. For example, as a digital marketing agency, publishing an easy-to-navigate guide on optimizing blog posts for SEO would increase audience engagement, as they are following us for our marketing expertise and insight.”

    Finally, don’t forget about utilizing video on your company page. For this, Meisha Bochicchio at Wistia recommends,  “Video is great for social media, and LinkedIn is no exception. Adding video to your company’s page will keep visitors more engaged with your content and build a stronger connection with your brand. Video can be used for everything from product launch announcements and webinar promotions to longer-form content like interviews and live-streamed events.”

    To find out what content format performs the best, use this social media dashboard to measure how each post performs.

    2. Be as relevant as possible

    As you share on your company LinkedIn page, remember to be as relevant as possible to your business, its audience, and the industry you’re within. 

    Chelsea Cohen at SoStocked elaborates on this tip to say, “Share helpful information that is relevant to your industry. This helpful information can be tips and useful ways to use your product or information that would help people alongside using your product. People will continue to return to your page if you offer knowledge they can use.”

    Explaining this tip further is Andriy Bogdanov at OnlineDivorce.com. “Share content that is relevant to your company. The content on our LinkedIn page consists primarily of articles aimed at assisting our clients in enduring post-divorce and remaining amicable with their ex-partners. These posts are intended to provide our clients with a point of reference so that they can be informed about pressing issues they face, as well as to demonstrate that we care about their concerns,” Bogdanov says.

    3. Showcase company culture

    Your LinkedIn company page is a great way to show your audience, as well as current and future customers, a little bit about your company culture. 

    The Anura PR Team at Anura.io is a big fan of incorporating company culture. “ We made our company page super engaging by pushing our company culture out for all to see! By creating video campaigns such as our SVP’s #FightFraudFriday and our CEO’s daily check-ins, as well as our office cat, Dunkin’, drives tons of interactive traffic to our page because people LOVE pets and mascots! We have a very diverse culture within Anura’s HQ, and we love to show the world via LinkedIn that we mean business while still having fun,” they shared.

    4. Tie content back to your company or industry

    Similarly, you should always consider how you’re tying the content back to your company or your industry. 

    For this tip, Jennifer Connolly at Connolly and Partners, shares, “Every item shared ties back to our company and is framed as it relates to our work and industry. An example of this effort: During Women’s History Month, we highlighted leaders in the industry that impact the work we do today. From the earliest female brokers to the post-War Rosie the Realtor set, and the trailblazers of today – there was a clear connection to our work. This unique framing stands out amongst the crowd.”

    Additionally, Christian Velitchkov at Twiz LLC recommends, “A good way to make the company page more engaging is by sharing video updates on the latest technology, tools, and trends. It not only helps your audience but also helps in expanding your subscriber base.”


    5. Post employee-facing content

    A great way for your audience to get to know your employees is to showcase them on your LinkedIn company page.

    Cas Paton at OnBuy recommends doing this by adding, “Aside from posting regular exciting company updates, employee-facing content is great for making business pages more approachable and engaging. Since LinkedIn is a business platform, we regularly show the faces behind the brand and celebrate our employees to proudly showcase our positive workplace culture. This allows us to give the public a look behind the scenes and showcase the incredible team that drives our company’s success. Plus, employee-facing posts are often a fantastic way to relate with professional connections too, as our network often wants to celebrate our teams’ achievements with us.”

    Roy Morejon at Enventys Partners is also a fan of giving your LinkedIn a personal touch.  “One way to make your LinkedIn page is through personal stories. LinkedIn is the place a spotlight on your company’s success. Share a story on an employee (with their permission), highlight a successful case study, or share an authentic story about your struggle with a lack of success. Authenticity is always a best-seller,” explains Morejon.

    6. Highlight business developments or company news

    In addition to showcasing your employees, your company page can also be used to highlight exciting business developments or company news.

    Ravi Parikh at RoverPass elaborates on this tip to say, “Share exciting business developments and new services on LinkedIn as (or even before) you highlight them on your website and other social media. This keeps followers engaged because they feel like they’re getting a first look at what you have to offer.”

    7. Educate your audience 

    Another great way to get people to engage with your company page is to educate your audience with your content! No matter the topic, it’s bound to start a conversation.

    For this, Kevin Miller at GR0 recommends, “We produce educational content centered around SEO best practices and pro-tips. Every day, we push out relevant pieces of data and information truncated into easy-to-digest assets which drives traffic to our website. Treating LinkedIn like a social media platform also proves to be a valuable networking tool that helps to establish a professional reputation which empowers our recruitment process.”

    Linkedn engagement

    8. Ask your audience questions

    Above we recommended posting content to your LinkedIn company page that polls your audience, but beyond that format, you can also just straight up ask your audience a question to get a boost in engagement. 

    “Ask questions! When you ask your audience questions you are able to engage them as well as get some insight into their opinion. Asking open-ended questions such as “What’s your biggest challenge right now?” can increase engagement and help with organic reach. Answer each comment too, even if it’s just a short “thank you for sharing your thoughts.” shares Jordan Beaumont at Basic Bananas.

    Also a fan of the question format is Brooke Logan at Sagefrog Marketing Group, who adds, “Ask page followers to weigh in on a topic. Let’s be honest, everyone loves giving their opinion, so why not give them the chance to do so (which can make your page more engaging)?!”

    9. Encourage employees to engage with your company page

    This may seem like an obvious tip, but if you’re not already, make sure you encourage your employee to engage with your company page on LinkedIn. They should be commenting, liking, and even tagging others on your posts to boost engagement and even increase your connections. 

    Elaborating further is Daivat Dholakia at Force by Mojio, who shares, “Encourage employees to list you as an employer on their LinkedIn accounts (and make accounts if they haven’t already). When they engage with your posts and refer people to your page, it creates leads and helps your page look good to a general audience.”

    Jonathan Aufray at Growth Hackers Company also encourages companies to get their employees involved in their LinkedIn company page. “Encourage your team to engage with your LinkedIn company page content. A great way to get more engagement on your LinkedIn company page is to encourage your company’s team members to like, comment, and engage with your company’s posts. Of course, you should never force anyone to do so, you should just suggest them to optimize their LinkedIn personal pages (It will be beneficial for them), and when they find your company’s content interesting to start liking or commenting on it. By doing so, their contacts will also see your LinkedIn company page, might like it and it can have a viral effect,” shares Aufray.

    Wrapping this tip up is Carma Levene at Carma The Social Chameleon. Levene explains, “Assuming you have relevant and interesting content posted to your LinkedIn Page, the best way to get people to engage with it is to have your employees share your page content. You can measure the engagement they help generate for your page using this social media dashboard software.

    A thoughtful takeaway or summary included from the employee point of view with a link to the page post allows the leverage of the employee’s personal profile, but also makes the page content more dynamic and ‘alive’ because it’s generating conversation, not just broadcasting.”

    10. Keep things interesting

    A sure-fire way to lack in audience engagement is to post boring content or content that your audience simply doesn’t care about. Because of this, it’s crucial that whatever you’re posting is interesting to your audience. 

    “On average, my employees have a thousand connections. If I sum it up, that is a lot of collective connections. When our content gets shared by a lot of users, its engagement also increases since a lot more people are going to see it. Make people care about your content. People won’t engage in our content if they see that it has no relevance to their life. I could be talking about something that I am passionate about. But if users don’t find it valuable, they are just going to skip through it. So tell them why they should spend their time engaging, why should they care, etc,” explains Tal Shelef at CondoWizard.

    Also a fan of keeping things interesting for maximum engagement is Salva Jovells at Hockerty

    “Share content that the professionals who already are or could be your customers would find interesting, even if that content is not yours, doesn’t mention your company, or is not even related to your product. Build a real professional community around your brand,” elaborates Jovells.

    11. Focus on building a network

    One of the ways LinkedIn sets itself apart from other social media platforms is by giving companies the ability to build a network. So, whatever you post on your company page, keep the focus on building a network of people related to the industry your company is within. 

    “They build their network. In LinkedIn, it is important to be connected with a lot of people, especially those who are a part of a company that has a wide reach. This is because being connected to more people increases your chance of more people. It is like networking,” explains Sherry Morgan at Petsolino.

    12. Share content consistently

    Whether you’re sharing a video, asking a question, posting a poll, or featuring the employee of the month, it’s always a good idea to share content consistently with your audience. 

    For this, Brita Hammer at Emergent Software recommends, “Being consistent with posting and encouraging team members to like and share posts for more visibility. Once people know that you’re reliably posting on your page, they’ll be more likely to tune into your updates. Also, encouraging your internal team to like and share posts helps to give them a visibility boost and gives them the opportunity to champion the brand at the same time.”


    13. Optimize your company headline

    Another short and sweet tip, and something really easy to implement, is to make sure that your company headline is eye-catching.

    Anthony Blatner at Speedwork Social adds, “Put a lead magnet offer in your company’s headline! (See my company page checklist here, and examples on page 3!

    14. Be a thought leader

    Last, but certainly not least, don’t be afraid to be a thought-leader with the content you’re posting. Doing so is a great way to attract your clients and see a boost in engagement.

    For this, Shae Blevins at Greteman Group recommends, “A LinkedIn company page is far less valuable than the people behind the company. Focus engagement efforts on your leadership’s and subject matter experts’ personal LinkedIn profiles, giving them the resources through your LinkedIn company page to engage their own networks and showcase themselves as thought leaders at your company, in your industry, to your clients.”

    LinkedIn Marketing Dashboard Template by Databox

    A smarter way to connect

    LinkedIn is so much more than just a social media platform, as long as you use it right. Take the time to really think about the type of content your LinkedIn company page is sharing and how you can reach your audience in new and exciting ways. You never know when a new customer is watching!

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