New Integration: Track & Visualize Your Sales Engagement with Outreach

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    Hi there, Outreach customers đź‘‹

    Today, we’re excited to announce our new integration with Outreach, allowing you to track and visualize your sales engagement and measure the number of prospects contacted daily, the number of replies your sales emails receive, how many prospects are engaging with your sales team, where prospects are in your sales funnel, and much more.

    At launch, there are 81 default Outreach metrics available. This means that there are 81 pre-built visualizations for some of the most popular metrics available in Outreach.

    There are also 7 calculated metrics available, too. These are custom metrics that are commonly created by Outreach users that we’ve created using Data Calculations. These are also pre-built, meaning all you need to do is drag-and-drop them into your dashboard to visualize your performance.

    No code or design necessary.

    Also, in addition to having the ability to quickly drag-and-drop your most important Outreach metrics, you can just as easily customize your dashboards to include data from other integrations that your business relies on, too.

    But for the purposes of getting started in tracking your Outreach data quickly, let me show you how to quickly get started via a pre-built Outreach template.

    Getting started with an Outreach template

    Want a quick way to visualize your overall sales engagement from Outreach?

    We have 2 pre-built templates that you can download which will allow you to visualize some of the most popular Outreach metrics in just seconds.

    First, we have an Outreach Delivery Overview template. This template will provide you with greater visibility of your email delivery and engagement metrics. You can download it for free here.


    The second template is an Outreach Prospect Overview. This template will enable you to uncover key insights in your prospecting efforts and help you track the impact of every touch point. You can download this one here.


    Next, you’ll be prompted to connect your Outreach account.

    Then, voila! Watch as your dashboard automatically populates with all of your sales engagement KPIs.

    Getting started with Outreach + Databox

    Existing users can view all of the available Outreach metrics here or download the Outreach Delivery Overview and/or the Outreach Prospect Overview templates.

    New to Databox? You can create a free account here.

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