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    It used to be that when we thought about web analytics, the first platform that came to mind was Google Analytics. It has been like that for a long time, but in recent years we’ve seen a shift as more and more users are opting to try alternatives.

    Some are worried about the impending GA sunset, which will force millions of website owners to transition to G4. Others just want more robust privacy features and full control over their data. 

    With so many companies seeking out new ways to track website performance, We’re making sure to provide teams with even more options—

    Introducing the Matomo Integration with Databox:

    Available Matomo Metrics in Databox

    We have connected 53 basic metrics along with 23 Query Builder Custom metrics that have additional 16 Query Builder dimensions and 35 segments offering a large variety of data to collect, track and visualize.

    But let’s dig a bit deeper into the metrics themselves…

    Some of the Matomo basic metrics like visits or unique visitors can also be segmented by: 

    • Country
    • Continent
    • Region
    • City
    • Browser Language
    • Device type
    • Device model
    • Device brand
    • Screen resolution
    • Operating System versions
    • Browser
    • Configurations
    • Browser engines
    • Browser Plugins
    • Search engine
    • Keyword

    Each dimension provides users with a much deeper understanding of their audience. This enables far better customization of landing pages, ensuring higher conversion rates.

    Additional valuable basic metrics include: 

    • Actions
    • Actions per visit
    • Max. actions in one visit
    • Pageviews
    • Unique Pageviews
    • Total searches
    • Unique Keywords
    • Downloads
    • Unique Downloads
    • Outlinks
    • Unique Outlinks
    • Goal conversions
    • Goal conversion rate
    • Searches by Keyword
    • Events by Event Category
    • Avg. Page load time

    Custom Query Builder metrics allow for even further exploration of your Matomo data. These are available to Databox users on Performer and Professional plans. If you’d like to try them out, you can opt for a trial

    The main Matomo custom metrics include: 

    • Actions per Visit
    • Goal Conversion Rate
    • Avg. Time on Page
    • Avg. on Load time
    • Entrances
    • Clicks
    • Unique Clicks
    • Search Result Pages
    • Searches
    • Search Exists
    • Clicked in Search Results
    • Avg. Visit Duration
    • Max. Action in one visit
    • Bounces
    • Downloads
    • Unique Downloads
    • Pageviews
    • Unique Pageviews
    • Avg. Network time
    • Avg. Server time
    • Avg. Transfer time
    • Avg. DOM Processing time
    • Avg. DOM completion time

    While the available dimensions are:

    • Country
    • Continent
    • Region
    • City
    • Browser
    • Device Type
    • Search Engine
    • Keyword
    • Channel Type
    • Page
    • Page Titles
    • Site Search Keywords
    • Visits By Visits Number
    • Browser Plugin
    • Downloads
    • Outlinks

    Ok, now that you’ve seen all the data you can collect and track, let’s connect the Matomo integration with Databox.

    How to Connect Matomo to Databox

    To connect a Matomo Account in Databox, go to  Data Manager > + New connection. Type Matomo in the search bar and click on the green Connect button. Next, click the green Connect now button.

    This will open the Authorization window, which is where you will be prompted to enter your Matomo Token and Subdomain URL. For additional steps connecting you can use our Matomo help documentation

    Now that we have connected Matomo, we can go on and create our first dashboard.

    Building a Dashboard Using Matomo Data

    So let’s start by navigating to Databoards > + New Databoard > Start Blank

    Once in the Designer, select Matomo as your data source.

    And all that is left is to create a dashboard. And in this case, we have created a Visits overview that allows us to dig deeper into where our users come from, what devices they use, and even what is the most common resolution on those devices. 

    Start Tracking Your Matomo Metrics Using Databox

    The Matomo integration is available with all plans. Log in to get started.

    On a free plan but want access to the additional QB metrics with our Matomo Query Builder? Take it for a test drive by requesting a trial of Query Builder.

    New to Databox? Create a free account here.

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