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Ground Up Podcast Jan 29, 2019 1 minute read

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    When it comes to voices in the content marketing space, there are few who both understand and respect the craft like Jimmy Daly does.

    Often, those who understand content marketing focus on algorithms and keywords and search results and…well, you get it.

    And those that respect the craft and art form of writing often struggle to connect their efforts with sales.

    Jimmy “gets” both.

    When I worked for Litmus, the marketing team had an adjective for content that was awesome. Content that not only communicated ideas and product features, but did so by covering the problem incredibly well and positioning features not as features, but benefits and solutions to those problems.

    We called it “Jimmy Daly content.”

    Jimmy had worked with Paul Farnell, Litmus’ cofounder, on several content-related projects. Paul would often relay the lessons he learned from his sessions with Jimmy (which Daly likened to “therapy sessions” for them both on this episode) to the marketing team.

    Jimmy went on to lead content and marketing at Animalz, a content marketing agency specializing in SaaS, and now shares a lot of those lessons more widely.

    Today, he does so on Ground Up.

    We talk about:

    • Lessons learned/growing pains in growing Animalz
    • The “Library vs. Publication” method of content marketing
    • The connection between content and sales (Jimmy also does sales for Animalz, giving him a unique viewpoint.)
    • Content mix (written vs. audio vs. video) in 2019.
    • And more…


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