Drive Higher Intent Leads Through Your Site (πŸ“ˆ MTN #13)

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    In this edition

    • πŸ“Š Traffic benchmarks for B2B and SaaS
    • πŸ’‘ Instagram insights for businesses
    • πŸ“ˆ Answer your visitor’s questions to build trust, and drive higher intent leads

    πŸ“Š Featured Benchmark Data (from Benchmark Groups)

    Traffic benchmarks for B2B and SaaS

    Median GA4 performance for B2B & SaaS companies (May 2023):

    • Avg Sessions: 3.4k
    • Avg Engaged Sessions: 1.8k
    • Avg New Users: 1.9k
    • Avg Engagement Rate: 55%
    • Avg Event Counts Per User: 8.6

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    πŸ’‘ Trends & Insights (from Reports & Surveys)

    Instagram insights for businesses

    The benchmark data on Instagram for B2B companies is kind of surprising. Each month, the average business account publishes 10 posts, gets 6,000 impressions, and has a “reach” of 3.6k. 

    To be honest, that’s a lot better than I thought it would be. And out of 437 companies in the group, the average (median) follower count is 1k. 

    In a recent article, we set out to learn more about how companies are using Instagram.

    A few insights:

    • B2C brands tend to have a larger following – almost 3x what B2B does (no surprise there)
    • Most companies have had their IG page for 5 years or more. Only 20% have had theirs for less than 1 year

    πŸ“ˆ Drive Predictable Performance (from Metrics & Chill)

    Answer your visitor’s questions to build trust, and drive higher intent leads

    It’s 2023. But B2B websites are still hiding the info visitors want behind a sales call.

    Visitors want to know:

    – How does it help me ___?
    – How does it work?
    – What does it look like?
    – How do I use it?
    – How much does it cost?
    – Who on my team can use it?
    – Can I use it for ____?

    And they want to know *before* they talk to Sales.

    This is how most of us buy in our personal lives. We want to answer most of our questions before we click “request an estimate” or “buy now”. But for some reason, we think our customers are good with answering 1/3 of their questions then talking to Sales.

    I recently chatted about this with Marcus Sheridan, author of “They Ask, You Answer”, speaker, and Partner at IMPACT. He articulated another problem B2B companies face:

    70% of sales decisions are made *before* the sales call. And companies are not providing enough info for prospects to make those decisions.

    Another problem is that Sales doesn’t know – or care about – the content Marketing is creating. And leaders in the org feel that “content” takes too long to yield an ROI.

    Marcus feels there’s a simple solution to all of this. A framework B2B companies could implement to:

    – Build more trust with prospects
    – Establish themselves as industry leaders
    – Drive higher intent prospects to Sales
    – Create content that yields instant ROI

    The solution: obsess over knowing the questions, concerns and objections your prospective customers have. Then create content answering all of it.

    1. List out all common objections, questions, or concerns: Marketing should work with Sales and listen to calls, to make a list of every common question or concern prospects raise.

    2. Create content answering them: you might create new content, or improve existing content. The best medium to answer might be a video, a short answer, or a long-form article.

    3. Make the content easy to find: distribute the answers to these questions wherever visitors are most likely to look for it.

    The goal of the content is to educate the buyer on your category, your specific product, and why you structured things the way you did. Many may not know what questions they should even be asking to compare you to competitors or ensure it’s the right fit.

    For example, when answering “how much does it cost?”, many companies just share the cost and features/services you get. But you could take it a step further and explain the 3 ways most companies price – how you price – and why this is better for them.

    So why aren’t more B2B companies doing this?

    They feel they’ll lose opportunities. But Marcus has found the opposite is true. Most companies aren’t aware of how many opportunities they’re losing, because people don’t have enough information to get on a call.

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