Here’s How the HubSpot Blog Drives 5 Million Visits Every Month

Ground Up Podcast Sep 11, 2018 1 minute read

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    When it comes to inbound marketing, and more specifically, leveraging content marketing to attract customers to your website, there’s no better case study than HubSpot.

    The HubSpot Blog is 12(!) years old, and according to Emma Bruder, director of the blog, it’s still HubSpot’s top lead generator.

    Brudner has been at HubSpot for over 4 years and has seen the content strategy continue to evolve in that time.

    In this episode of Ground Up, Brudner joins Pete Caputa to chat about all things blog related, including:

    • The data behind the performance of the HubSpot Blog
    • What HubSpot’s organic strategy looks like
    • The pillar/cluster model
    • How the blog team is structured, and much more


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