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How Lessonly Built a Thriving Brand Community–One Llama at a Time

On this episode of Ground Up, Kyle Lacy sits down with John Bonini to discuss brand-building, communicating your brand’s vision, and battling imposter syndrome.

Rachael Bassey Rachael Bassey on September 17, 2019 (last modified on September 19, 2019) • 1 minute read

Kyle Lacy has spray-painted, in his estimation, close to 1000 golden llamas.

These are small, trophy-sized llamas, just to be clear. 

What started as a way to recognize the internal team at Lessonly for exemplifying the qualities of their vision has grown into a way to rally a passionate community around that vision, too.

They send these llamas to prospects and customers, and while it can’t always be measured, it’s helped in their efforts to build relationships, scheduled meetings, and even move upmarket.

A llama. 

This is just one of the few things the team at Lessonly has done over the years––they also launched a board game recently–– to not only build a great product, but a community that both supports it and spreads it, too.

When you know your community as well as your own team, these are easier bets to make. 

But, like anything you build from the ground up, this only comes with time, experience, and maybe even about of imposter syndrome.

On this episode of Ground Up, Kyle Lacy, VP of Marketing Lessonly, sits down with John Bonini to discuss how he has been able to deal with imposter syndrome, translate his company’s mission statement into action and, so much more.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Aligning marketing and sales
  • The importance of an inspiring mission statement and how to spread it across your company
  • Building a strong company culture
  • Building consistency across your team


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Rachael Bassey
Rachael Bassey is a community development specialist at Databox. She believes our silenced stories can change the world if shared. She loves to travel, volunteer and capture moments with her camera.
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