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    Enjoy reading this blog post written by our experts or partners.

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    If you found this post, we’re guessing you are looking for a new Facebook analytics tool. With over 200 tools listed on Capterra alone, it can be overwhelming to figure out what tool you should go with. 

    To help you make an informed decision, we reached out to 51 social media marketers across B2C, B2B, and agency businesses to find out what they look for in a Facebook analytics tool, what they are personally using and why that is their tool of choice.

    Of the companies we surveyed, the most important factors in choosing the right Facebook analytics tool for their business are advanced analytics, full support of their business requirements, and a clear and appealing user interface.

    what was the most important factor in choosing the right facebook analytics tool for your business

    In total, our respondents have tried over 30 different tools for Facebook analytics, with the most popular ones being the Meta Business Suite, Google Analytics, and Facebook Insights. When it comes to specialized analytics software, our respondents have tried tools like Google Data Studio, Sprout Social, Buffer, Creator Studio, Databox, etc.

    which of the following tools have you tried, used or are using now for facebook analytics

    In this post, we’re taking a much closer look at the best Facebook analytics tools chosen by our respondents. 

    Let’s dive in! 

    1. Databox
    2. Meta Business Suite
    3. Sprout Social
    4. Agorapulse
    5. Hootsuite
    6. Quintly
    7. Vaizle
    8. Google Analytics
    9. Iconosquare
    10. Socialinsider
    11. Social Blade
    12. Social Status
    13. Keyhole
    14. Emplifi
    15. Fanpage Karma
    16. Google Data Studio
    17. Oviond
    18. Later
    19. SocialPilot
    20. Buffer
    21. Unmetric


    Databox logo

    At Databox, we think your Facebook page and ad campaign performance shouldn’t live in a silo. So, we make it easy to pull data from hundreds of sources, including Excel and Google Sheets, and build business performance dashboards for the KPIs and metrics that matter most to your company. 

    But, don’t just take our word for it. Here is what a few respondents had to say about using Databox.

    “Using Databox in conjunction with Meta Business Suite has always been the best approach,” says Joe Karasin of CircleIt. “While the Business Suite provides the data, but the visualization of the data is nonexistent. Databox provides the best visualization tools to help give clear and orderly presentations in our analytics and data meetings.

    Ashok Sharma of Signity Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd says, “With Databox We can do the followings: 1. Track Multiple Campaigns in a Single Timeline. 2. We can use Facebook (Page Insights) Dashboard Template which uncover key insights about our Facebook page. And we can easily keep track of important metrics such as page views, click actions on the page, total page likes, follower stats and demographics.” 

    Nathan Hughes of Diggity Marketing adds, “Databox has helped me to a great extent in finding insights about the Facebook page. I can easily track the performance of my posts and the page with Databox. I can measure the reach of my post and learn about the audience. I an easily monitor my posts on a daily basis. Databox has made the collection of information on total page views and likes, page clicks, audience statistics, and demographic details easy and quicker.” 

    Plus, we have a free forever plan that includes 3 data source connectors, all standard features, and 60+ integrations. Paid plans start at $72 per month. 

    Meta Business Suite

    Meta Business Suite

    As of July 2021, Facebook Analytics is no longer available. Instead, marketers can use Meta Business Suite to manage their business activity on Facebook and view all of their ad insights. The platform also lets you monitor your Messenger and Instagram business accounts. 

    One of the biggest advantages of using Meta Business Suite is that you can use the same tool for both ad management and ad analytics. Plus, it can be customized to your business and/or client accounts. 

    “I believe that the in-app analytics and insights tools for Facebook are the best at the moment because they analyze the data right from the source,” explains Niles Koenigsberg of Real FiG Advertising + Marketing. “I’d rather trust the source of the data than a third-party entity when reporting analytics, discovering insights, and identifying opportunities for our clients’ social media pages.” 

    Ann McFerran of Glamnetic agrees, “I go to the source when it comes to the best analytics tool for Facebook. Facebook Analytics is free to use and provides all the critical information you need about engagement rates and audience demographics. It is very user-friendly and lets you get a more granular view by showing the engagement rate for each post separately, or you can take more of a birds eye view by looking at the general engagement overview. You can see your promoted content’s effectiveness by checking the ratio between paid and organic likes. Facebook analytics provides everything you need at the source. It is a great way to track the effectiveness of your content on the platform so you can strategize your Facebook marketing efforts.” 

    And, the tool is free to use and can be utilized to create posts, stories, and ads. Essentially, you can view all of your Meta-owned accounts, optimize your content, and check your insights at no cost on one platform.

    Sprout Social

    Sprout Social is a powerful platform for social media management. Their Data and Intelligence product lets social analysts and strategists uncover insights to gain a competitive advantage. Features include automated, presentation-ready reports and the ability to track real-time results. 

    In particular, the Social Listening feature extracts actionable insights from global social conversations to help identify industry gaps and opportunities. Social Listening can even be used to gather audience feedback and generate content, product, or service ideas.

    “There are two critical factors to understand in Facebook marketing and that is to know the trends and see how well your promotions touch on those trends and Sprout Social is one of the best analytic tools to measure them,” says Adelle Archer of Eterneva. “Determining on what is trending on Facebook requires capturing data from several sources in order to produce the most accurate picture. Sprout Social takes in data on competitors and social media reporting and does so repeatedly throughout the day, This allows you to know the status of all campaigns, in real time, giving you the opportunity to adjust them when necessary. Through its tracking of industry averages, and its unique ability to highlight the smallest changes in trends, Sprout Social remains our most trusted Facebook analytics tool.” 

    Lauren Gast of Truck Driver Institute adds, “For TDI, we primarily use Sprout Social- it’s useful because of its allocation of useful data and insights such as impressions, engagements, and clicks. With Sprout, you can be more informed about your audience growth and demographics, organic vs. paid metrics, and your video performance. This data allocation is particularly useful in learning more about what your audience likes, and how to cater to those preferences. Viewing detailed analytics about content performance has helped us take aspects from previously high-performing content and integrate them into future posts. Additionally, TDI is a company that has 11 locations throughout 7 states. Sprout Social enables us to view the locations that we’re reaching with our content, providing us with invaluable information about our performance in those regions. Sprout Social plays a large role in managing our Facebook analytics. Having all of the relevant information at our fingertips has allowed us to make more informed decisions regarding which content to share, when, and how to do so.”

    Pricing begins at $89 per month for each user on a standard plan when billed annually. This is the most entry-level plan for Sprout Social and includes just 5 social profiles. More advanced plans include additional robust reporting and analytics features as well as 10 social profiles per account. No matter which plan you want, be sure to take advantage of the 30-day free trial.


    Agorapulse’s social media management software includes inbox, publishing, and team collaboration tools. Most importantly, it comes with monitoring and reporting features.

    The monitoring feature lets you listen in on social conversations in your brand’s space. The social listening tool is ideal for brands with an existing online presence to ensure you don’t miss urgent conversations involving your company, products, or services.

    The reporting feature helps you improve your content strategy by detecting which content performs best, where, and when. It then helps you track trends and team performance and gives recommendations based on user behavior data.

    For instance, Bill Glaser of Outstanding Foods explains, “Using Agorapulse, you can create Facebook analytics reports with actionable insights, schedule your social media posts, and assess your competition. Agorapulse generates easy-to-read reports that include metrics concerning your content performance, community engagement, and team response times. Sharing these reports between departments is simple, allowing everyone to be on the same page regarding Facebook marketing.”

    Abhishek Joshi of Dog with Blog adds, “I use Agorapulse for it serves my purpose of going beyond stats (publishing, monitoring, etc.). While it has limited capabilities when it comes to analytics, it provides a PowerPoint export that can save you a lot of time if your research is mainly motivated by the need to send reports to third parties.” 

    Pricing includes a free basic account for a single user with up to 3 social profiles. The basic account is limited in functionality, but paid accounts are affordable, beginning at $79 per month for small teams. Agorapulse does offer a 30-day free trial for new users.


    Hootsuite is a well-known social tool that lets users plan social media posts, manage multiple accounts, and stay on top of trends. 

    Hootsuite analytics gives their users a full view of their social results in a single hub. The platform allows for performance benchmarks to be set and improvement monitored over time. Reports are customizable so companies can monitor the data that’s most important to them.

    For example, Matthew Debbage of Credit Safe says, ”Personally, I think the best analytics tool for Facebook is Hootsuite. Not only am I able to see the performance of my posts through this tool, but I’m also able to schedule posts ahead of time, so I can work purely from one program. It helps to dictate which of your posts are performing better than the others as well as what you should include in your posts to make them more successful and to create more engagement. The site also has tips on how you should be posting to your social media to gain the most traction.” 

    Cornelius Fichtner of OSP International adds, “We use a combination of Hootsuite and Facebook Business Suite. We like Business Suite because it’s so feature-rich. For ads, there’s no replacement. It lets you break down campaigns, ad sets, and specific ads down to the granular level. KPIs can be a little misleading – we’ve found CPC is a poor predictor of actual ad ROI, for example – but you get deep, rich analytics and a high level of control. Hootsuite is good for my Facebook page. It makes uploading data and future posts easy, and we already use it for another channel sometimes (Twitter). So basically, we use Hootsuite for organic content and Business Suite to run ads.” 

    Pricing for Hootsuite begins at $49 per month. Enterprise plans are available starting at $739 per month, with custom options available for larger enterprise operations. Users can request a demo for an enterprise plan, while other plans come with a 30-day free trial. 


    Quintly delivers high-quality social data and customization in a single platform. It’s ideal for agencies, brands, and media companies alike. Features include analytics, customizable and automated reporting, API and integrations, and in-depth quantitative data. You can retrieve public and private data for each social channel.

    The platform allows you to validate your social efforts with accurate, robust metrics. Simply select from 350+ metrics to set up helpful analyses. Customize existing metrics or create new ones to effectively measure your brand’s unique KPIs to fit your goals.

    “Quintly comes with real-time and historical data functionality,” explains Chelsea Cohen of SoStocked. “It offers us competitor benchmarking solutions and cloud-based analytics, which help us identify key social media influencers. Perhaps the most exciting feature is the tool’s inbuilt QQL (quintly query language) which helps us create custom metrics and combine different data sources. These features combined with data visualization capabilities, offer us detailed Facebook analytics of our business.”

    Scott Rubzin of Tiffany Property Investments LLC adds, “In my opinion and professional experience, I’ve found Quintly to be the best Facebook analytics tool. I’ve used several tools for analyzing our social media efforts and tracking metrics, but none of them is a match for Quintly. This tool has powerful tracking features and a myriad of metrics and KPIs to track. Quintly is an easy-to-use tool that has helped us track our social media metrics and given us many deep insights. These insights have allowed us to improve our strategies. Quintly has also allowed us to track our competitor’s social media accounts so we can always stay ahead of them.” 

    Pricing for Quintly is on the higher end at about $345 per month, billed at $4,140 annually. The plan includes all features of Quintly plus 5 monthly profile swaps. New users can book a demo to test the software before making a purchase.


    Vaizle is a social media analytics tool designed for social media influencers. It’s a one-stop shop for social media analysis. The platform acts as a personal social media analyst with features including a custom report builder and a user-friendly interface.

    One of the best parts about the platform is its full suite of practical social tools at no cost. Their round-up of free tools includes Facebook Ads Analysis, Facebook Competitive Analysis, Instagram Competitive Analysis, Twitter Competitive Analysis, Facebook Ads ROI Calculator, and their Social Media ROI Calculator.

    Charles Cridland of YourParkingSpace says, “We’ve been using Vaizle for several years now since we bought its AppSumo deal. We love it for Facebook analytics because it allows us to benchmark our performance against competition and clearly suggests improvement ideas.” 

    Pricing for Vaizle begins at $39 per month for social media plans. Social and ads begin at $59 per month. Limited versions of the free tools are available without a paid plan.

    Google Analytics

    Most of us are familiar with Google Analytics. This in-depth analytics tool is ideal for tracking the metrics for any website or app, large or small. With Google Analytics, you can check metrics like sessions, page views, conversions, bounce rates, and session duration. You can also segment traffic by a specific channel (like Facebook) or even a specific ad campaign (using UTM parameters). 

    “The best analytics tool for Facebook would be Google Analytics because it gives a breakdown of everything we need,” says Madison Tong of My Supplement Store. “We look at multiple different factors when it comes to Facebook and Google Analytics providing us with all of them.” 

    Melanie Musson of ExpertInsuranceReviews.com adds, “We had already been using Google Analytics to track our online presence, so it made sense for us to use it for Facebook. It’s a tool we were familiar with and one we didn’t have to learn from scratch. Social media is not our primary focus, so we wanted to track metrics without becoming consumed with it. Google Analytics is a good fit for us right now, and if we decide to put more effort into our social media avenues, we will reconsider a dashboard tool.” 

    And Google Analytics is free to use and has plenty of insights and features to work for small and medium-sized businesses.

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    Iconosquare is a platform made for brands and agencies. It was designed to help with scheduling and reporting for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

    Advanced analytics include easy-to-read graphs of metrics like average engagement per post, reach, follower evolution, and impressions. Users can measure how their brand is being mentioned through comments, tags, and captions with a breakdown of the media type.

    Additional features include profile activity monitoring, hashtag tracking, competitor tracking, and community analytics. Reports can be automated in just 3 minutes.

    For instance, Shane Paarman of Awesomestuff365 says, If I had to choose the best Facebook analytics tool, based on which one I trust the most, it would be Iconosquare. Iconosquare is one of the most reliable and used Facebook analytics tools, and the features it offers to monitor your Facebook success in an incredibly accurate way. You can check the reach of your posts, as well as the demographics of your audience and when they are active, which further helps you schedule and time your posts for extra engagement. It even allows you to compare metrics with competitors, which I find can be very useful when creating a strategic plan of action.” 

    Pricing for Iconosquare begins at $49 per month. Custom enterprise-level accounts are also available.


    Socialinsider was designed for data-driven agencies and social media managers. The platform’s premium social media analytics include a unified dashboard and different analytics tools for each of the main social channels, including TikTok and YouTube. Campaigns can be tracked across multiple platforms, and data can be compared side-by-side per channel. The reporting process is streamlined with automated reports, white label reports, and Google Studio Integration.

    For example, Alex Smith of Luckybobbleheads says, “I think this is the best Facebook analytics tool because it gives a complete picture of your page’s performance, including what’s working and what isn’t, with Socialinsider’s Facebook analytics function. You can follow all the important indicators, including engagement rate, reach, impressions, follower growth, posts evolution, demographics, and much more, with Socialinsider.

    Additionally, you may enhance your Facebook strategy using this Facebook analytics tool by evaluating them against leading rivals, influential figures, and key players in your sector. 

    I have experienced the following benefits for business with Socialinsider; I was able to save a lot of time because I didn’t have to take hours visiting each social media profile and checking the performance I wanted. I was also able to monitor my competition using various choices for reporting. It was as simple as entering the link to the page I wanted to monitor performance on. I received a dashboard with all of my Facebook stats and was able to analyze them easily. I could easily undertake a direct examination of Facebook posts.”

    Pricing for Socialinsider begins at the social media manager level at $83 per month. Custom enterprise plans are available as well as a 14-day free trial.

    Social Blade

    Social Blade gives every user access to their public database, providing global analytics for any content creator, live streamer, or brand. 

    Growth and user trend statistics are available for a variety of social platforms including Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Trovo, TikTok, Mixer, DLive, StoryFire, and Dailymotion. Social Blade even offers YouTube consulting to help users grow their channels with expert advice.

    Kimberly Harness of Starlight Blankets says, “It allows us to see how our page is performing in terms of engagement, reach, and other important metrics. Social Blade also provides detailed information about the audience, including page reach, likes and unlike ratio, and the number of media posts each day. This information is extremely valuable in tailoring our content strategy to better reach our target audience. In addition, Social Blade offers competitive analysis, so we can see how our page stacks up against similar pages in our industry. Overall, Social Blade is an extremely useful tool for improving Facebook analytics.” 

    Pricing begins at just $3.99 per month for premium membership. Paid members get access to faster browsing and premium data with no advertisements. 

    Social Status

    Social Status consolidates paid and organic social media reporting into one tool. The platform allows users to create automated reports in minutes, view live stats on an analytics dashboard, and produce boardroom-ready reports. Profile, paid ad, competitor, and influencer analytics are all included with membership. 

    The platform also includes a rich resource library to give social marketers additional insights into the industry.

    “I would recommend this Facebook analytics tool as an expert,” says Andrew Priobrazhensky of DiscountReactor. “Socialstatus offers multi-channel social media reporting that includes details about Facebook analytics tools, Facebook ad accounts, Facebook Business Manager, and Facebook Business Suite. Additionally, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube can be reported. 

    You will obtain more than Facebook Insights delivers comprehensive insights that measure the performance of all of your social profiles and pages. The dashboard may measure metrics such as video views, conversations, page and follower growth, Facebook messages, link clicks, and demographic information. 

    Social Status supports 14 of the most typical ad objectives, such as reach, brand awareness, traffic, and page likes. In addition, you can study your competition and any relevant influencers to determine how your profile compares to others in your niche and potentially establish important ties for influencer marketing.”

    A free plan is available with access only to profile and competitor analytics. Influencer and ads analytics are included with paid memberships starting at $29 per month.


    Keyhole helps social media marketers in media, agencies, B2C brands, and nonprofits with their reporting and analytics. Platform features include influencer tracking and analytics, profile and competitor analytics, and hashtag tracking and analytics. Users can also use the tool for social publishing. 

    Keyhole’s beautiful, shareable dashboard helps it stand apart from the rest. The tool also includes a library of how-to videos to help eliminate the learning curve.

    “The analytics tool you choose should play a big role in how you manage your business,” says Marcus Astin of Pala Leather. “Pala Leather found that Keyhole helps us understand our Facebook audience, monitor our public page, track Facebook hashtags, and perform an in-depth competitor analysis. Not to mention, we get feedback on what’s working and what isn’t! Pala Leather enjoyed several benefits after integrating the Keyhole Facebook analytic tool into our social media marketing strategy. The first benefit we experienced was that we were able to identify multiple target audiences, and within each separate audience, we were able to pinpoint specific people who were a good fit for our company. The second benefit was that this analytic tool allowed us to see the types of posts our customers liked the most. This helped us create better content for future posts. Finally, Pala Leather used this tool to understand which kinds of posts gained more engagement than others.” 

    Pricing for Keyhole is custom and can be configured for businesses of all sizes. To get a price, you’ll need to book a demo and consult with the platform’s sales team.


    Emplifi’s Social Commerce Cloud, formerly known as SocialBakers, allows users to their social shops through analytics. The platform’s Shop 360 Analytics tool gives users a complete and comprehensive view of their products’ performance across all social shops and messaging platforms. Pre-built and customized reports are available to process large data sets.

    “We use Social Bakers Facebook analytics tools which is excellent for Benchmarking and competitive analysis,” explains Angus Chang of Iupilon. “It allows creating groups to track performance in each and share detailed reports on your page or competitors, including details such as growth, location, likes and many more. Tracking all the data from one dashboard makes this process simple. All of your video content, Facebook stories, and ROI can be viewed from one place, making it easy to use. With SocialBakers, it is easy to manage and respond to your customer’s incoming messages from different social networks in one feed, which improves customer experience as messages are responded to in real-time. It has improved our business process outcomes, agility, services and relations with our customers.” 

    Pricing for Emplifi is not available publicly on their website. Instead, you’ll need to sign up for a free trial or a customized enterprise trial. You can also book a demo through the site.

    Fanpage Karma

    Fanpage Karma is an all-in-one solution for social media managers to streamline publishing, analyzing, publishing, researching, presenting, and communicating with a single tool. PowerPoint and Excel reports can be used in designs and users can analyze an unlimited number of profiles. 

    Additionally, Fanpage Karma can be used to find influencers and social trends. The platform includes multiple free tools such as performance scores, annual reports, and a Facebook Catalog.

    “Benefits for our business: FPK can be used not only for monitoring our own Facebook pages (not only FB, or any other popular social media platforms), but it also helps to monitor the competitor pages & their stats,” says Praba Ponnambalam of MeasureSchool

    Pricing for Fanpage Karma begins at $69 per month for a paid account. A free account is available but can only connect to one social account. All paid accounts include an unlimited number of social accounts.

    Google Data Studio

    Google Data Studio is a free, easy-to-use dashboard tool. It allows you to turn data from Google Analytics into shareable and customizable dashboards and reports. 

    The tool features a drag-and-drop report editor so you can create beautiful, interactive reports with links and clickable images.

    Hannah Wester of Rewind Creative explains,“Platforms such as Digimind and Sprout Social can be great to display the data with some level of customisation for analytics and reporting, and these can be great for teams who are time-poor and need to access the data quickly and without much need for set-up. If you’re looking for more advanced analytics with the ability to have full customisation to really gather the data you want, I would always recommend Google Data Studio. 

    The ability to display data from multiple sources, blend and cross examine your analytics gives a complete full picture and deep dive into how Facebook is performing. It gives you the opportunity to uncover new insights that you wouldn’t get elsewhere with the data segmented, and there are a lot of new connectors available to compare with other sources, such as competitors’ data and Google Trends for comparative measures. 

    Using Data Studio has enriched our client reporting by enabling us to blend and cross examine data across sources. Not only has it given us full customisation of our client reporting, but it has also supported in content planning and ideation. It has given us better ways to understand what types of content are driving traffic to our website and conversions, and see how our audience responds to different content types as a full picture between channels.” 

    Google Data Studio costs nothing to use, and is available to anyone with a gmail account. 


    Oviond is a platform made for digital marketers and their clients. The tool features cross-channel digital marketing reporting capabilities. It unifies social, email, SEO, PPC, and social into a single report. You can even connect your CRM data. 

    The reporting feature includes over 120 digital marketing reporting templates to work with or create your own from scratch. Reports can be branded with your logo and chosen colors.

    Jonathan Aufray of Growth Hackers says, “We’ve tested so many tools gather, collect and analyze data from Facebook and we found that Oviond had an easy interface, the right integrations and it was visually appealing to show and understand data.”

    Pricing for Oviond begins at $99 per month for smaller agencies. Plans are set by agency size, from small to large. There is no free or basic plan available for Oviond.


    Later is a robust social media scheduler that acts as an all-in-one social marketing platform. It can be used for the top social channels including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, and LinkedIn. In addition to planning and scheduling content, users can find and share user-generated content (UGC) by searching and keeping a list of industry hashtags.

    The link in bio tool allows for tracking, measuring, and optimizing posts with a customizable link in bio page for Instagram and TikTok.

    “I have always relied on Facebook’s direct insights when it comes to advertising result,” says Christina Hunt of Haus von Albe. “The ad platform is easy to customize and pull information out of, especially if (like me and the small businesses I service) you’re not looking for advanced analytics or dashboards. When it comes to organic content, Later has been a wonderful tool for me and my clients as the information is user friendly for those who aren’t “in the know” and comes as a beautiful report weekly.” 

    Keep in mind that Later also has a wealth of resources available free for their audience. Resources include webinars, blogs, and training courses to help you get the most out of your social media marketing efforts.

    Pricing for Later begins at $18 per month for a starter plan. Each plan includes a 14-day free trial so new users can test the product before making a commitment to the platform.


    SocialPilot is the ideal tool for social media marketers who need white labelling capabilities. It can be used for many of the major social networks including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and Google Business Profile. The tool is used for scheduling and analytics, but most importantly, collaboration. Through the software, you can set team roles, create workflows, and onboard clients. White label solutions are fully customizable so you can create a branded experience for your clients.

    There are a ton of great Facebook analytics tools out there, but my personal favorite is SocialPilot,” says Natasha Rei of Explainerd. “I love it because it’s so user-friendly and it provides tons of valuable insights into how my audience is interacting with my content. It also helps me track my progress over time and measure the effectiveness of my marketing campaigns. If you’re looking for an affordable, easy-to-use Facebook analytics tool, I would definitely recommend giving SocialPilot a try!” 

    Pricing for SocialPilot starts at $25.50 per month for a single user account. Small teams, studios, and agencies will need more robust features that come with higher-tier accounts. There is a 14-day free trial for any size plan.


    Buffer is a social media tool that helps companies build their audiences organically. The platform allows teams to measure their social performance, collaborate and plan campaigns, schedule posts, and use labels and hotkeys to respond quickly to comments.

    The features of Buffer are a social marketer’s toolkit with publishing options, social performance analytics, and the ability to create a customized landing page in minutes. The analytics dashboard is used for creating Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn reports. The tool also helps with recommendations for reach, engagement, and sales.

    Pricing for Buffer begins at $5 per month for a paid account. Note that it’s $5 per month for each channel, not each user. There is a free account available that lets users manage up to 3 channels at a time with basic publishing tools. A 14-day trial is available to get users started.


    Unmetric is a social benchmarking platform made to help teams make real-time decisions based on performance. Features include content tagging to gather insights on competitor strategies and campaign intelligence to analyze and compare your campaigns to your competitor’s campaigns. Analytics are available for 4 of the major social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Additionally, 30 types of automatic reports are available.

    “We use Unmetric as our primary Facebook analytical tool,” says Dan Shepherd of VEI Communications.  “It’s best for reporting and accessing historical, social media analysis. The reporting feature has helped elevate our business process by leaps and bounds recently. My personal favorite is the convenience with which both Excel and powerPoint reports can be availed. The historical metric feature can find data as old as four years. This has helped us see what kind of tools are still working and those that need to be changed. Unmetric has also allowed our business to categorize each campaign and break down user engagement, type of posts and the content making waves with the audience. Our Facebook has improved drastically since the implementation of this dashboard. What’s more, is that Unmetrics analytics are AI-powered, the advanced technology ensures we are never lagging behind amidst tough competition.” 

    Pricing is not publicly available through Unmetric’s website. Instead, you’ll need to request a demo. 


    Monitor the Performance of Your Facebook Campaign in Real-Time 

    The best part is that you can create a Facebook campaign dashboard in minutes using our drag-and-drop interface. You can also connect hundreds of sources automatically, including Meta Business Suite (obviously), Stripe, HubSpot, Drift, and Salesforce.

    Ready to create your first Facebook performance dashboard? Create your free Databox account here.

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