Here’s What Happens When You Don’t Choose the Right Marketing Channel [Infographic]

Marketing Aug 8, 2017 1 minute read

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    Your product or service is not a good fit for most digital marketing channels.

    There, I said it. Hopefully, this is not news to you.

    You may have wild dreams of creating the lowest cost-per-click ad in your industry and watching the conversions roll in.

    You may think that you can write transformative content that will outperform all your competitors.

    You may dedicate yourself to building a viral loop into your product, turning every signup into 2 more.

    In reality, one of these strategies will probably lead to most of your leads or trials. So, when the time comes to re-allocate your marketing budget, will you continue to try to convince yourself that you need to generate leads from all these separate sources?

    The best marketers find a way to focus on their top-performing channels, and optimize them even further. They do not waste time by pouring money into channels that will steal their time and energy.

    Here is a little visualization of what happens when you don’t focus on the channels that produce the most leads.

    Infographic on improving lead conversion rate

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    How To Measure Lead Conversion Rate

    If you want to ensure your marketing budget goes to the right channels, you need to know which sources of traffic have the highest conversion rates. A free Databox account helps you track that information in real-time. Here are two pre-made dashboards that will help you do that:

    + HubSpot Leads by Source

    This dashboard investigates each traffic source in HubSpot to determine where your leads originate.

    + Monthly Marketing Performance Dashboard

    This marketing dashboard examines both Google Analytics and HubSpot to determine your top traffic sources.

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