Finally! You Can Monitor Client Performance, for All Your Agency’s Accounts, on One Screen

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    The end of every month is a hectic time for PR 20/20.

    Like most agencies, end of month reporting eats up a lot of bandwidth and resources.

    Keith Moehring, Director of Labs at the Cleveland-based agency, has overseen key aspects of agency operations as part of his role. (He’s been with the agency for over 11 years.) This includes the technology stack and processes his account teams use to track and report on client performance every month.

    “It’s disjointed,” Moehring said. “We didn’t have that one thing that could piece it all together.”

    Between clunky slide decks, spreadsheets, and their own scorecard-based system that varies widely across every client, the agency’s senior management didn’t have a quick, high-level view of client performance across the board.

    “The time it takes for our account teams to pull the data, put together the scorecard, and work with a senior level manager to determine next steps, it’s already the tenth day of the following month,” Moehring said. “Ideally we want to have a gameplan on what’s working, what needs attention, and where the focus should be right off the block going into the month.”

    Now that’s never been easier.

    Today Databox is excited to officially announce Client Performance, the easiest way to track critical KPIs, across all of your clients, on one screen.

    Like our Databoards, the Client Performance dashboard updates in real-time, so you’ll have an up-to-the-minute view on how all of your client accounts are performing so you can prioritize attention, support, and the work that drives ROI when it matters most; right now.

    “This now gives us one central portal to see all client campaign performance across the board,” said Moehring. “It also allows us to join together technologies that wouldn’t necessarily go together. For example, traffic from Google Analytics, leads and opportunities in HubSpot, all in one spot. No more logging into different accounts and client portals.”


    Identify Wins and Losses as They Happen

    Located under the “Clients” tab in the Databox dashboard is Client Performance, a dashboard that tracks all of the key metrics for your clients, from any connected data source, in one place.

    On the far left column, you’ll see any of your connected client accounts listed. Each subsequent column after will consist of whatever metric(s), from any of our 50+ connectors, you’d like to track across the board for all client accounts.

    Client performance overview screen

    Atop each column, you’ll notice a dropdown wherein you can choose the metrics and data source you’d like to track, as well as the time interval for which you’d like to track it. Once chosen, that data will automatically populate for all the clients you’ve added to your Client Performance screen.

    For example, if you choose to track “Page Views” from “HubSpot” (as seen in the image below), the data will populate for all the clients that you’ve included in your Client Performance dashboard under the “Page Views” column.

    You’ll see comparisons for each metric based on the time interval chosen, i.e. comparisons to the previous month if you’ve chosen to filter by “month to date.” We show the percentage change and color-code the block red or green to signal whether the number has increased or decreased. This gives everyone the ability to quickly identify the wins and losses, and most importantly, the adjustments necessary to drive improvements.

    Need to track different metrics from different data sources for each client?

    You can do that, too. For example, if some clients use Google Analytics to track traffic, while some use HubSpot, you can customize this screen accordingly. To choose which metrics to show for each client, just change the metric for any of the individual squares.

    “Knowledge sharing across accounts is important to us at PR 20/20,” said Moehring. “This view gives us the tools to facilitate knowledge sharing much faster so we can pull the insights from individual account silos and impact accounts across the board.”

    Client Performance works with any data source currently integrated with Databox, so you can create that holistic view for all of your clients that your agency has always needed.

    Hear What Others Are Saying About Client Performance

    “Client Performance in Databox has proven to be invaluable in understanding which clients are excelling and which need attention. From a management perspective in overseeing multiple account managers, this lets me see who I need to spend more time with on training and for overall support. Most importantly, I am able to do all of this by looking at one screen–giving me back more time to focus on our clients’ growth.”

    –Brittany Balog, Client Services Manager at Bluleadz

    “We have a number of customers on retainer and it’s great to compare their stats in a single place without having to jot down a note. As we grow our retainers, having this data at our fingertips will help us make decisions based on data instead of emotion.”

    –Kris Aguero, Advancify

    “For our internal operations meetings, we have a scorecard for each client which consists of a couple of Databoards each. We use these scorecards as basic problem highlighters for our clients (e.g. leads are down 20% MTD vs this time last month). However, we found even glancing through this data for each client in the meeting took too long – we’d try to analyze why leads were down 20% in the meeting and it would drag on and on. We’re going to use the Client Performance screen as a quick overview of the most important metrics during the meeting instead of going through each scorecard, which will speed up our meeting time.”

    –Rob Ellis, Inbound Marketing Consultant at Lollipop Local

    Setup Client Performance for Free

    Ready to radically improve clarity into client performance? This new functionality is free for existing Databox Agency Partners as well as all Agency Free users.

    For existing agency partners, simply visit the Client Performance screen to get set up.

    If you’re new to Databox, all you need to do is set up a free agency account to get started.

    Once you’ve created your free agency account, then you can start adding client accounts. (You don’t have to share this with your client.)

    Then connect all the data sources your clients use.

    From there, you’ll be all set to start populating client data in your Client Performance screen. Also, check out these free client tracking dashboard examples


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