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Adobe Analytics dashboard template uses visits, conversion rates and customer loyalty to help you understand your customers as people — what they want, need, and believe.

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Used one-click connectors:

  • Adobe Analytics Adobe Analytics

If you don’t use Adobe Analytics, we can pull data from 50+ cloud data sources. And you can push your own data too (API Docs).

How effective is your online store?

Create an instant snapshot of your online store performance.

  • Measure how well your store converts visitors into buyers
  • See every step of your buyer funnel
  • Break down your traffic into cohorts to focus on specific demographics
  • Track different buyer personas and their contribution to revenue

Key Metrics

  • Monthly Revenue
  • Transactions, by Amount and Frequency
  • Recurring Customer Value
  • Most Profitable Categories
  • Buyer Personas
  • Conversion Rate of Cart and Checkout