New in Databox: Easily Switch Between Databoards Inside the Designer

Product and Design Feb 27, 2019 1 minute read

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    You wanted an easier way to switch between all of the Databoards in your account. We listened.

    Now, our new Databoard Dropdown allows you to view and edit your Databoards without interrupting your workflow.

    Here’s how it works (in less than 60 seconds)


    When you’re inside the Databoard Designer, simply click the dropdown when you want to view or edit another Databoard.

    You can either quickly scroll through all of the Databoards in your account, or just search for the one you’re looking for.

    Choose the Databoard you’d like to navigate to, and you’re done.

    It’s never been quicker to view or edit your view of performance.

    Existing users can visit the Databoards screen to try it out.

    New to Databox? Start by creating your free account here or learn more about the KPI Dashboard Designer here.

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