New: Connect Your Dashboards Together in Databox Using Looped Databoards

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    Want to get a more comprehensive view of your performance in one report?

    Well, sometimes, you need more than one Databoard in order to do so.

    With Looped Databoards in Databox, you can connect relevant Databoards together to create a clean, organized, and in-depth presentation that can be easily shared within your company or with your clients.

    By using Databoard Loops, you’ll be able to analyze different parts of your business and combine them into one easy-to-use slide deck with a single click.

    Ready to get started?

    Create Looped Databoards

    How to Start Using Looped Databoards

    You can loop dashboards together from multiple places in the Databox app, including the Looped Databoards page, the Databoards page, and the Designer

    To start, let’s navigate to the new  Databoards > Looped Databoards subpage to access all Looped Databoards that are available to you. 

    Looped Databoards home screen

    You are now at the Looped Databoards listing page. From here you can click on the View button to open a loop. Once open, you have the ability to switch from one dashboard to another by clicking on the circles at the bottom of the dashboard. 

    Switch between Looped Databoards

    On the Looped Databoards page, you can do the following – 

    •  Edit the Loop,
    •  Share the Loop (via a sharable link, scheduled snapshots, embedding on a webpage, or  streaming to TV), 
    • Open the Databoards included in the Loop in the Designer,
    • Duplicate the Loop.

    Keep in mind that the Looped Databoard functionality supports looping Databoards together from within a single Account. Having the ability to loop together databoards from multiple client accounts will help teams throughout your company have a better insight into their field of expertise (like SEO, marketing, or sales) as a whole, not just for a specific client. If you’re an agency with multiple clients or a company with multiple teams, you can still combine databoards from multiple client accounts using these steps. 

    Give Looped Databoards a try

    So what are you waiting for? Check out the new and improved Looped Databoards functionality in your Account.

    New to Databox? Start by creating your free account.

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