How Heyoo Agency Cut Reporting Time in Half with Databox Reports

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    Heyoo Agency is a London-based digital marketing agency that works with clients at every stage of the customer journey. Their services range from brand development and creative to website development, CRM integration, and digital campaign execution across multiple channels, such as social media, email marketing, paid search, and organic SEO. 

    Keeping a close eye on client data is critical to running effective projects and campaigns for clients—but tracking progress can be tedious work in and of itself. 

    Heyoo relies on many tools to power their wide service offering. “There’s a lot of different tools that we need to pull into these reports, hence Databox is such a good fit,” Jamie Clifton from Heyoo says. Heyoo has all of their tools connected in Databox so all their client data is stored in one central hub. All client data updates automatically, giving the Heyoo team access to the most recent insights at a glance. 

    Using Databox made tracking client data easier, but sharing this data with clients was a challenge. The agency was creating reports manually with PowerPoint—a process that was taking up “late nights and early mornings” for their campaign manager. Finding a comprehensive and dynamic reporting solution was important for their employees and their clients. 

    Last year, Databox launched our Reports feature to solve problems like Heyoo’s. Databox Reports allows users to create and manage custom, presentation-style reports directly in their Databox account. Instead of copying and pasting data from different sources into their own presentation, users can create comprehensive reports with their Databox dashboards and metrics. This data will automatically update in the reports so users can ensure their clients are always getting the latest insights. 

    Heyoo began using Databox Reports for a streamlined data-tracking and reporting process. Before they can provide context or analysis, the team needs to understand the data. They now create and structure dashboards to better reflect their client’s reporting needs so when reporting time rolls around each month, the team has peace of mind knowing that the dashboards are ready in their reports with up-to-date data. 

    “Before, half our time was taken up finding the information—and then starting to analyze it. So now we write that analysis, and add a few narrative slides on top of that analysis to give them a little bit more value back in terms of what we see.” 

    Jamie Clifton

    This process enabled the agency to focus on analyzing data and providing valuable insights to clients, rather than spending significant time manually gathering information. This allows them to provide more valuable reports to their clients. 

    Databox Reports has made the reporting process more dynamic for Heyoo. In addition to the traditional presentation-style report, the live links to dashboards give them the opportunity to dive deeper into the data, change date ranges for on-the-fly comparisons, and more. 

    The Heyoo team also uses data stories to track and report on specific marketing objectives. Data stories are dynamic text elements within Reports that allow users to construct narratives around their data that automatically update. Heyoo uses data stories in their reports to present progress for key marketing objectives. Data stories perform comparison and goal analyses automatically, so Heyoo’s team doesn’t have to spend time doing the manual calculations. 

    Since using Databox Reports, Jamie says Heyoo has reduced their time spent on reporting by 50%. Before using Databox, their team was taking a minimum of four days each month to compile reports for clients. In addition to the time savings, using Databox Reports has allowed their team to offer more valuable, dynamic reports for their clients. 

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