Building Lola’s Marketing Engine from Scratch with Jeanne Hopkins

Ground Up Podcast Sep 16 1 minute read

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    You ever notice when people talk about growth, they often talk about the big finishes. How about when things are at near zero?

    That’s the fun part, right?

    It was for Jeanne Hopkins.

    An epitome of knowledge with significant experience in marketing spanning over 20 years, Jeanne most recently worked as a marketing executive at HubSpot and Ipswitch before joining as CMO in 2018. 

    At that time, there wasn’t a lot of historical context or data for her to go off to know which projects, channels, and work should be prioritized. 

    They were (and still are) early stage, so marketing was in discovery mode.

    So, how did Jeanne build a marketing engine from the ground up? 

    On this episode of Ground Up, Jeanne and John Bonini sit down to discuss all things marketing, team-building, accountability, and more.

    Here’s what to look forward to:

    • How to nurture your work relationships and leverage them
    • How to build a team from the ground up that works together and cross-functionally
    • How to set goals as a company and keep each other accountable 


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