Inside G2’s Explosive Growth with CMO Ryan Bonnici

Ground Up Podcast Nov 18, 2019 1 minute read

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    Early on, Ryan Bonnici told his bosses at G2, “if I don’t hit the numbers, fire me.” 

    He calls it naively confident, in that (at times) maybe he’s naive to just how difficult that goals he’s working toward are. 

    But really, Ryan’s been marketing software to marketers for the past decade––at Microsoft, Salesforce, HubSpot,…and now G2.  

    In the two years since joining G2 Crowd (now just G2), he’s grown the marketing team from 5 people to 80, the monthly organic traffic from 500,000 to 5 million, and rebranded and repositioned the brand to be about more than just customer reviews. 

    Naiveté. Confidence. Call it whatever you want––whatever it is, it’s working. 

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