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Building a Content Engine & The Importance of Left Brain/Right Brain Marketers with Elle Woulfe

On this episode of Ground Up, Elle Woulfe shares her experiences of 12 years of building content marketing engines and marketing teams in Martech.

Rachael Bassey on November 4, 2019 (last modified on November 1, 2019) • 1 minute read

Elle Woulfe has been marketing technology solutions to marketers for close to 12 years. 

Eloqua, Lattice Engines and Path Factory are some of the notable companies you’d recognize her work from. 

A lot has changed in marketing (and technology) over the last decade.

Elle has seen the evolution of automation and content marketing first-hand and has experienced its effect on hiring, strategy, go-to-market plans––really everything.

But perhaps the biggest lesson she’s learned in advancing her own mastery and career in marketing is to “find roles where you can own a lot of things early on and grow with a company.”

After 12 years of doing this herself, Elle has a lot of lessons to share.


About the author
Rachael Bassey is a community development specialist at Databox. She believes our silenced stories can change the world if shared. She loves to travel, volunteer and capture moments with her camera.

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