New: Create Custom Metrics from Google Search Console in Databox

You now have additional options to filter your existing Google Search Console metrics by a number of dimensions and search types.

Marija Hladni Marija Hladni on October 5, 2021 • 1 minute read

Sure, click-through rate from search engines is a good metric to track, but which pages on your website actually drive the highest CTR?

And yes––clicks from Google are great. But, which queries are actually driving those clicks?

Aggregate data is helpful, but we know you need to dig deeper to really understand what’s working and what needs optimizing.

If you’re using Google Search Console with Databox, now you can dig deeper into your metrics using Query Builder.

By using fine-tuned data filtering, you can dig deeper into your data and create custom metrics that provide the insights that you need. 

This is what our new Google Search Console Query Builder for Databox offers you.

Using Query Builder for Google Search Console

Now, you can create Custom Metrics for:

  1. Impressions
  2. Clicks
  3. CTR
  4. Average Position
  5. Number of Queries on Position
  6. Number of Queries on Position Group

And, filter those custom metrics by the following dimensions:

  1. Country
  2. Device
  3. Page
  4. Query
  5. Search Appearance

You can also pull data using an additional layer of filtering by Google Search results types, including Image, News, Video, and Web.

This flexibility enables you to get far more focused results when it comes to exploring and presenting Google Search Console data in Databox metrics and dashboards. 

Query Builder for Google Search Console

How to access the Query Builder for Google Search Console 

To access the Google Search Console Query Builder in Databox, navigate to  Metrics > Query Builder. Click the green + Create Custom Metric button and select your connected Google Search Console Account from the Data Source drop-down list.

The Google Search Console Query Builder is now available in the Databox Performer and Professional plans. You can request a trial of Query Builder by following the steps listed here

New to Databox? Start by creating your free account.

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