Marketing KPI Dashboards

From MQLs to Website Visits, Databox makes sure you’re never blindsided by data you haven’t seen.

Marketers need metrics.

And that’s the bottom line. Driving rapid growth means keeping a keen eye on what’s working and what’s not. But with data spread all over the place and coming at you from all directions, it’s easy to miss when something important changes suddenly, or when a trend is emerging.

That’s why Databox shines a spotlight on changes and events that deserve your attention. Far from just “another dashboard,” Databox helps marketers pay attention to what matters, when it matters.

As a growth marketer, you can use Databox to:

See when conversion rates change abruptly.Databox helps you stay on top of things by alerting you when metrics you’ve identified as important change beyond a given threshold.

Monitor trends in acquisition sources.With simple, beautiful visualizations, you can easily see when performance is exceeding or falling short of your expectations, and whether your optimizations are effective.

Know how campaigns are performing.Get a morning briefing with a daily snapshot of your most important KPIs. Delivered right to your phone whenever you specify, scorecards ensure you start the day one step ahead.

View all your KPIs in one place.Access all of the metrics you care about in one place, no matter where that data comes from.

The lynchpin in the marketer’s toolkit.

Google Analytics integration Adobe Analytics integration Hubspot integration

With data sources like Hubspot, Google Analytics, and Adobe Analytics, Databox aims to help marketers drive results with less administrative overhead. Connect your data sources in minutes, (not hours or weeks) and instantly view all of your KPIs right from your phone. Don’t see the data source you’re looking for? Let us know - we’re adding more data sources all the time!

Find out how Databox can help you propel your company’s growth.

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