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    To see what Databox can do for you, including how it helps you track and visualize your performance data in real-time, check out our home page. Click here.

    Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support software that focuses on cross-functional team collaboration and streamlines customer conversations across multiple channels including email, phone, chat, and social media. By connecting this integration to your Databox account, you will be able to understand how different agents and groups are performing based on various Freshdesk metrics.

    And that’s not all—our Freshdesk integration with Databox is the first step towards integrating the entire Freshworks customer engagement solutions ecosystem, a group of five products we will be working towards being fully integrated with Databox over the coming months.

    What can I track with Freshdesk?

    By connecting Freshdesk to Databox you will be able to get access to the following:

    • 85 basic metrics that you can visualize data for.
    • Freshdesk Query Builder for creating custom ticket, company, and contact metrics and filtering and/or grouping data by standard or custom fields available in your Freshdesk account.
    Freshdesk dashboard

    Connect Freshdesk to your Databox Account

    You can quickly and easily connect the Freshdesk to your account by going to the Freshdesk source in the Metrics Library. From there you can click on the green Connect button.

    Select metrics

    You now have the full list of Freshdesk metrics at your disposal. 

    Let’s Build a Databoard using Freshdesk

    In the Dashboard Designer, search for the Freshdesk integration on the left side menu.

    Choose source

    Here you see a menu consisting of basic Freshdesk metrics available to drag and drop directly into your dashboard. You can keep the offered Visualizations or choose a different one for each metric.

    Create metrics

    And you are ready to start tracking.

    In case you want to add KPIs from other tools into this dashboard in order to create a comprehensive view of performance across your team, simply click back into the left side menu to search for the desired integrations you’d like to pull from.

    Getting started with Freshdesk + Databox

    You can learn more about setting up Freshdesk from our guide.

    Existing users can view all of the available Freshdesk metrics here.

    New to Databox? You can create a free account here.

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