Basecamp’s Journey to 100,000 Paying Customers

Ground Up Podcast Mar 23 1 minute read

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    What if I told you that Basecamp was, sort of, an accident?

    In 1999, Jason Fried’s design agency, 37Signals, developed an internal tool to solve their project and client management issues.

    They never intended for it to become a standalone product.

    Well, as it turns out, a lot of other people were having those same issues. And they needed a solution.

    Almost 20 years later, Basecamp is doing tens of millions in revenue, is profitable, and just 56 employees, almost all of whom work remotely.

    Oh, and they’re bootstrapped.

    They didn’t take VC.

    They don’t care about world dominance.

    They ask that their employees work no more than 40 hours a week.

    They did everything…different.

    So how did Basecamp flip the Silicon Valley mindset on its head, yet still achieve massive user adoption and profitability?

    Listen in as Jason Fried shares the story.


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