New Integration: Track App Analytics from Your Mobile Apps with Appfigures

By connecting Appfigures in Databox, you can track and visualize 150+ metrics from your mobile apps from App Store Connect, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and more.

Marija Hladni Marija Hladni on November 8, 2021 • 2 minute read

We’re excited to announce our newest integration with Appfigures!

Appfigures is an insights and analytics platform for mobile apps. By connecting this integration to your Databox account, you will be able to access new and insightful integrations, get more valuable data from your apps, and visualize data from App Store Connect in Databox.

The Appfigures integration allows you to track 50+ metrics directly from Google Play, the Windows App Store, the Amazon App Store, App Store Connect, and Stream.

Even better,  you can create an Appfigures account for free! Ready to get started?

Connecting Appfigures to Your Account

In order to connect these different data sources, you will need to create an Appfigures account if you don’t already have one. Next, connect your app store(s) in your Appfigures account by following these instructions.

Now it’s time to connect Appfigures to your Databox account.

To connect an Appfigures Account in Databox, go to  Data Manager > + New connection. Type Appfigures in the search bar and click on the green Connect button.

Appfigures connect

The following data sources can also be synced through Appfigures integrations:

  • App Store Connect
  • Google Play
  • Amazon Appstore
  • Windows Store
  • Steam

View a full list of Appfigures Metrics available in Databox here.

Appfigures metrics

Let’s Build a Databoard using Appfigures

In the Dashboard Designer, search for Appfigures integration on the left side menu.

media library appfigures

Now, you’ll see a menu consisting of basic Appfigures metrics (with different visualizations) available to drag and drop directly into your dashboard.

Appfigures databoard

And you are ready to start tracking.

Appfigures visualize

If you’d like to add KPIs from other tools into this dashboard in order to create a comprehensive view of performance across your team, simply click back into the left side menu to search for the desired integrations you’d like to pull from.

Getting started with Appfigures + Databox

Existing users can view all of the available Appfigures metrics here.

New to Databox? You can create a free account here.

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