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    The average landing page conversion rate hovers around 2%. Have you ever built a landing page that has converted visitors to leads at over 50%?

    These agencies have. They’ve found ways to achieve outrageous results using a combination of the following tactics:

    • Targeting a narrow niche
    • Direct-response copywriting
    • Great content that demonstrates authority on a specific topic more thoroughly than the competition
    • Clear, eye-pleasing, action-inducing design
    • Very targeted promotion

    If you want to get crazy high conversion rates, who can teach you better than the people who create offers and build landing pages for a living?  Here is the best work of 10 top marketing agencies, as explained by agency leaders themselves.

    Marketing to Healthcare and Pharma Companies in 2017 (eBook)

    Agency: SageFrog Marketing Group

    Description: “This eBook offers expert advice on navigating key areas of your marketing plan in order to effectively penetrate a complex and highly regulated industry.”

    # of Submissions: 52

    Conversion %: 59%

    Why it worked:  “We think this offer performed well because we chose to craft content that is highly relevant to our niche client base. We also believe it addresses a relevant pain point in the industry. For those trying to market to healthcare and pharma, there are very specific challenges due to the extremely gated nature of the B2B healthcare/pharma sector; more so than marketing to B2C healthcare companies.”

    Website Redesign for Maximum Marketing Performance

    Agency: Market 8

    Description:Website Redesign eBook that tells buyers what traits of a good salesperson can actually be effectively done by a good website.

    # of Submissions: 930

    Conversion %: 60%

    Why it worked:  “We are known for our ability to produce high performing websites. Much of our traffic comes to us looking for a solution. This is a simple offer that resonates with a problem buyers are trying to solve when they get to our site.

    How to Create Buyer Personas for Your Business

    Agency: Denamico

    Description:With this template, you can learn best practices for persona research and create beautiful, well-formatted buyer personas that you can share with your entire company.

    # of Submissions: 126

    Conversion %: 46%

    Why it worked:  “The landing page is simple and clear, aligns well with what our site visitors and most marketers need.

    A CMO’s Guide To Planning The Perfect Inbound Marketing Campaign (eBook)

    Agency: Strategic Internet Consulting

    Description:Ebook detailing how to build an inbound campaign strategy backed by data. Content covers how and why to adopt inbound; how to map financial goals to lead generation targets; why data-backed persona development is crucial; how to increase lead quality and SEO by planning campaigns around content hubs; how to design a digital channel promotion strategy to support an inbound marketing campaign and more.

    # of Submissions: 844

    Conversion %: 29%

    Why it worked:  “This eBook addresses our persona pain points and provides practical insight into using data to reliably hit marketing and sales goals.

    Guide to Compelling Introductory Sales Calls

    Agency: Moon Marketing

    Description:The hardest part about sales is the introduction. Without a clear plan, salespeople can spend an inordinate amount of time reaching out with minimal response. This guide lays out six steps to compelling introductory sales calls that jump-start the buyer-seller relationship.

    # of Submissions: 47

    Conversion %: 32%

    Why it worked:  “A majority of the traffic came from email marketing and social media. Most of the people that follow me are salespeople and marketers, so the topic is relevant to them. I’ve talked to too many companies dialing for dollars with limited success, and wanted to show them another approach. I think this topic struck a chord because it’s something many organizations continue to struggle with.

    The Guide to Creating Mind Blowing Content (eBook)

    Agency: Quintain Marketing

    Description:This is a 42 page ebook that covers the five “must haves” for great content, guidance on how to create content that answers your buyer’s most important questions, and 12 specific strategies to use when brainstorming content ideas.

    # of Submissions: 1042

    Conversion %: 34%

    Why it worked:  “This ebook performs well because it addresses a couple of key pain points that most content marketers experience – how to come up with stuff to write about, and how to make the content you create stand out and get noticed.

    Online Marketing Strategy – 9 Step Crash Course For Setting Goals

    Agency: Manage Inbound

    Description:Learn why you need to set goals and how to set goals. It also provides a template for setting goals using Trello.

    # of Submissions: 538

    Conversion %: 44%

    Why it worked:  “A blog post from our blog was promoted by Trello. This was the expanded content offer that correlated with that post. Trello actually did a separate post on their blog about it, and it was included in a Trello mass email campaign.


    The Ultimate Guide to Inbound Marketing Personas

    Agency: SmartBug Media

    Description:It’s the fine details that can separate a good persona from a great one – so be sure to learn from the experts in this free eBook. In this packed 34-page guide, you’ll learn why personas matter, how more details lead to bigger dividends, how to extract valuable persona details from marketing, sales, and your customers, and 75 persona development questions covering demographics, career, daily life, habits, pain points and more.

    # of Submissions: 4098

    Conversion %: 43%

    Why it worked:  “1) It’s practical and hands-on for marketers, 2) The 75 questions really offers marketers a place to start or additional questions they might not have thought of, and 3) Buyer personas continue to be key to inbound marketing so this is content that has been and will be relevant for a long time!

    10 of Our Most Popular Offers (guides, kits, and slide decks)

    Agency: IMPACT

    Description:Offered originally to just our existing subscribers, this offer unlocks 10 of our most popular premium offers with just one form. Visitors can fill out the form and gain access to insight on a variety of modern marketing topics including conversion rate optimization, buyer persona creation, storytelling, and website redesign.

    # of Submissions: 1869

    Conversion %: 42%

    Why it worked:  “I think this offer has done well because of its immense value and low-friction. Usually people would have to visit several different websites and fill out form after form to get each of these offers, but here they can get a well-rounded library of 10 with 6 simple form fields. Also, as we’ve collected only our most popular offers, there is a strong aspect of social proof; comforting visitors that this is good content.

    Plastic Surgery Marketing in the 21st Century: An A-Z Guide

    Agency: ClearPivot

    Description:This 38-page e-book covers every aspect of marketing that a plastic surgery practice needs to cover to effectively grow their practice, with an emphasis on digital media. It has chapters covering branding, websites, social media, email marketing, online and traditional advertising, and events. It wraps up with a year-by-year budget planning breakdown to guide practices in knowing exactly how much money to allocate to marketing to match their revenue growth over time.

    # of Submissions: 131

    Conversion %: 30%

    Why it worked:  “I think this offer performs well because it is written to a very specific audience – marketing directors at plastic and cosmetic surgery practices – who are in need of this information but are underserved by the existing ecosystem of agencies. Most marketing agencies are either generalists who don’t understand the ins and outs of their particular industry, or are predatorial agencies who charge high fees and provide poor-quality service. There are few other resources available online that speak to the specifics of the cosmetic healthcare industry but also provide straight, authoritative, detailed advice, free from buzzwords and shovelware content.

    Editor’s note: Track your landing page performance metric in a single marketing reporting software and avoid losing time by pulling metrics from several tools over and over again.

    Build Better Landing Pages and Offers

    As you’ve read through these landing pages, what did you notice? All of them are full of very valuable information and actionable advice that a downloader can apply directly and immediately to their marketing. Some of them could even legitimately be published as books. Plus, all of the landing pages are designed so that the offer’s content is clear and the action required to get the offer (ie. completing the form) is obvious.

    When you’re creating your landing page and offer, browse through these to get inspiration.

    Want to know another secret of creating high-converting landing pages and offers? Measuring performance and tweaking the content, design and promotional strategy over time. All of these agencies have published many, many offers on their site. They obsess over improving their overall visitor to lead conversion rate by publishing more and more offers and running campaigns that promote them.

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