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The Most Successful Articles from 13 Marketers Who Market to Other Marketers

These 13 marketers shared their articles directed at other marketers from 2016-2017 that have received the most attention.

Kevin Kononenko on July 5, 2017 • 8 minute read

You might think marketers can easily write useful content for other marketers.

After all, marketers know the exact issues that their colleagues face! That should create a clear path towards insightful content without interviews, guessing, keyword hunting or any other clever way to come up with blogging topics.

Unfortunately, thousands of other marketers have the exact same thought process. Marketers release over 2 million new blog posts every day. Most marketing topics have been covered extensively by thousands of bloggers from across the world. Most of these blog posts are junk, but they do make it difficult to find the posts that actually help marketers improve at their jobs.

We polled 13 top marketers to find articles that have gotten a disproportionately positive response from the marketing community. Here are their most popular posts.


1. Stop Creating High-Level Fluffy Content That No One is Reading”

Author: Carolyn Hansen, StoryTeller Media

Traction: 100 shares in less than a month

Article Summary: “We’ve noticed a huge decline in the quality of content that companies are creating and the desire to just keep creating content for the sake of creating it. This article is a call to action for all marketers to stop this bad habit.”

Company Purpose: “We’re committed to helping companies create journalistic brand content that will help them connect with their audiences rather than sell at them.”


2. “How to Measure Brand Awareness: 5 Winning Metrics”

Author: Lindsey Graff, Denamico

Traction: 4800 views in first 6 months of 2017

Article Summary: “With abundant digital channels, everything is trackable…even brand awareness. Here are the top five most compelling metrics your team can use to set SMART goals and start increasing brand awareness.”

Company Purpose: “We help our clients, and their marketing team, grow revenue. It costs money to make money and our goal is to help our clients hit their sales goals for while reducing their cost of customer acquisition.”


3. 3 Life-Saving Alternatives to Google Site Search”

Author: Kyle Bento, IMPACT Branding

Traction: 9300 views, 103 form submissions in first 6 months of 2017

Article Summary: “Our top performing article that was actually written and published this year (not historically optimized) shares 3 possible alternatives to Google Site Search, as it was shut down in April. Including cloud-based, server-side, and SaaS solutions, the article helps readers know their options and also determine which is best for their needs.”

Company Purpose: “We are an inbound marketing and website redesign agency that help people and their organizations succeed.”


4. “How to Beat Google’s Mobile Page Speed Benchmarks”

Author: Brad Smith, Codeless

Traction: 7000 views, shared over 1000 times

Article Summary: “Google recently unveiled new mobile site speed benchmarks. The vast majority of websites are way over them. That affects visibility, rankings, on-site experience, and conversions. This article tells you how to fix that issue.”

Company Purpose: “We create long-form, data-driven content for the best SaaS & marketing service companies on the planet.”


5. 6 Reasons Inbound Marketing Campaign Plans Fail (And How To Fix Them!)”

Author: Alex Embling, Strategic Internet Consulting

Traction: 4450 views

Article Summary: “Inbound campaigns contain many moving parts that can be complex to coordinate, especially for small marketing teams. HubSpot is correct in saying that strategy and process are two main contributors to Inbound success; failed campaigns are often the result of easily avoided strategic mistakes. This post outlines common errors we see people making with inbound campaigns (from poor planning, to directionless content, to not mapping to financial goals) – and explores how to avoid them.”

Company Purpose: “We specialize in helping some of the worlds largest B2B enterprise tech, professional service and pharmaceutical companies increase and nurture their sales and marketing pipelines. Our core services include inbound marketing & sales enablement, account-based marketing, modern lead generation digital strategies and web development.”


6. “139 Content Marketing Blogs to Watch in 2017 (Broken Down By Category)”

Author: Robbie Richards, SnapApp

Traction: 5000 views. 1000 views in first day of posting.

Article Summary: “With millions of blog posts published daily, finding the good stuff in all that noise can be hard. So we created a comprehensive list of the 139 content marketing blogs every marketer should follow.”

Company Purpose: “SnapApp empowers marketers to create the kinds of personalized, interactive experiences that activate buyers, accelerates leads through the funnel, and unleashes growth. Our interactive content creation platform is easy to use, with a simple, drag-and-drop interface that doesn’t require being a designer or developer to create a wide variety of content types across multiple channels. And robust integrations into top marketing automation tools let you collect information that improves marketing efforts and accelerate leads through the funnel.”


7. Take advantage of Snapchat for business: Things you need to know”

Author: Kerstin Kitzmann, NetPress GmbH

Traction: 2500 views this year

Article Summary: “It is difficult for companies to distribute their content via social media, select the right channel, the right audience and more. We describe in our article how a company can use Snapchat for their content distribution.”

Company Purpose: “We integrate brands and products within a highly qualified B2B and B2C environment. Helping them succeed involves attracting the right online traffic to their content, generating leads, converting leads into sales, turning customers into repeat customers, and enhancing all the relevant processes through continuous analysis. It’s all about creating impact efficiently.”


8. 10 Steps to a Killer Lead Generation and Lead Management Process”

Author: John McTigue, Kuno Creative

Traction: 34,000 views

Article Summary: “Originally published in 2013, this blog post lays out the fundamentals of putting together inbound marketing, lead generation, lead management and inbound sales for sustained revenue growth.”

Company Purpose: “We help our clients generate, nurture and close qualified sales leads. We help them get the most out of their HubSpot investment and reach proven ROI.”


9. How Do I Get Followers for My LinkedIn Company Page?”

Author: Jackie King, Bluleadz

Traction: Thousands of views

Article Summary: “How to build beneficial business relationships on LinkedIn while getting more followers for your LinkedIn Company page.”

Company Purpose: “Bluleadz is a an agency where our passion is your growth. Consider us your inbound marketing body builders, where we fuel your business with inbound and agile marketing nutrition.”


10. “Cool Stuff I Can Do With Sales Enablement Technology”

Author: Eric Pratt, Revenue River Marketing

Traction: 3 active prospects engaged after social promotion

Article Summary: “Our entire sales process is originated, managed, and executed within our software technology stack. Every action, activity, note, deal, and opportunity is tracked. We can report on activity and results, allowing us to interpret the data and improve future efforts. Visibility into our sales system and team has absolutely improved both our focus, and our results.”

Company Purpose: “Revenue River designs technology systems to improve processes and raise the flow of profits.”


11. “5 Reasons Salespeople Aren’t Using CRMs Effectively

Author: Dani Buckley, LeadG2

Traction: 88 shares on LinkedIn

Article Summary: “CRMs are most often set up for the benefit of sales managers, so they don’t meet the needs of salespeople. To ensure adoption and maximize effectiveness, follow these tips.”

Company Purpose: “We help companies attract more leads and convert them to customers. Although we are an inbound marketing agency, our DNA is sales (our parent company is a sales training organization). We understand how to help businesses generate revenue.”


12. “The Difference Between Direct and Organic Search Traffic Sources”

Author: Andrew Macey, SmartBug Media

Traction: 37,000 views

Article Summary: “This article describes the difference between direct and organic traffic for newbie marketers. The author also includes links to other SmartBug articles on SEO, keywords, and blogging consistently for people looking for advice on organic reach.”

Company Purpose: “SmartBug Media helps businesses increase sales leads, close customers, and enhance the reach of their brands (for the last 10 years!). We do this by creating strategies based on sound data and then executing campaigns through best practices and the lessons learned from hundreds of clients.”


13. “50% of Your Contacts are Missing from Your CRM”

Author: Oleg Rogynskyy,

Traction: 132 social media clicks

Article Summary: “We know that data is missing from the CRM. With no data or insufficient data, you reporting doesn’t tell the true story of what’s going on. You should be using tools, like, to automate manual tasks like logging activities and creating contacts.”

Company Purpose: “ works with marketing and sales teams to increase team alignment by providing transparent insights into the entire lead lifecycle. By using marketers are able to have better insights into what happens once a lead is handed off to sales.”

How To Find Your Top Blog Articles

As you can tell from the contributions above, there is no single metric that defines a successful blog article. Social engagement, traffic and form submissions are all quality candidates.

If you are looking for quality readers and goal completions with Google Analytics, you can use this Blog Quality Metrics dashboard to find your top articles.

If you are measuring conversions with HubSpot, you can use this Blogging Performance dashboard to quickly find top-performing articles and decide what to write about next.

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