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    At Databox, our mission has always been to help growing businesses centralize their data to improve their performance. First, we made it easy to visualize and track your performance with easy-to-setup dashboards, and 1-click integrations. Then we made it easy to share your performance with your team, clients, or shareholders with automated reports. And now, we’ve taken steps to further advance our mission with Databox Analytics: new tools that make it easy for you to compare, anticipate, and get insights to improve your performance.

    Traditional BI tools are incredibly powerful, but also inaccessible to most growing businesses. They’re expensive, complicated to set up, and usually require resident experts to manage. And simple dashboard or visualization tools lack the advanced functionality you need to make data-informed decisions.

    That’s where Databox Analytics comes in. We’ve taken some of the most powerful tools traditional analytics tools offer, integrated them with AI, and made them easy to set up and use. And just as with our dashboard and reporting tools, anyone on your team can use them – no data science experience required.

    Don’t just track performance. Improve it.

    Top-performing companies use data to make better decisions, identify issues, and uncover opportunities. We’ve taken the most powerful features in enterprise analytics tools and made them easy to set up and accessible to everyone on the Growth plan.

    Performance summaries: answer, “how are we doing?” in seconds.

    Performance Summaries

    Traditionally, understanding performance and contextualizing data was a task reserved for “experts”. With Performance summaries, anyone (regardless of their experience) can make sense of performance-related data – quickly.

    In one view you’ll get a comprehensive summary of where you’re at. Quickly understand if you’re trending up or down. Easily assess your performance with color-coded indicators. Plus, get recommendations and ideas on how you can move the needle on important metrics.

    Benchmarks: see where you’re ahead of the curve, and where you need to improve.

    Benchmarks are crucial to help you understand how you stack up against companies like yours. You can use them to show your managers, board, or clients that you’re ahead of the competition and headed in the right direction. And you finally answer the question, “is this good?”, and see if you’re spending too much per click, or closing enough deals. Soon, you’ll be able to view benchmarks right within the analytics app, so you can seamlessly integrate performance analysis into your daily workflow.

    Pick any metric and tailor your benchmark by selecting from a range of characteristics including industry size, monthly or annual revenue, and more.

    Forecasts: make better, data-informed decisions.

    Get highly accurate predictions of your most important metrics with Forecasts.

    What will your traffic, signups, or sales be next quarter? Being able to anticipate future performance is crucial to creating an accurate plan. Now you can eliminate guesswork from strategic planning. With Metric Forecasts, get highly accurate predictions of your most important metrics so you can set goals that are not just realistic but also data-informed.

    Get an easy-to-read chart and summary of your forecasted metric. And easily compare your forecasts to your goals and historical data, so you can update your plans in real time.

    Anomaly detection: get alerted when things go sideways.

    Get alerted when things go sideways with Anomaly Detection.

    When your ad costs surge, traffic falls off a cliff, or leads dry up, it’s crucial that you get alerted right away. That way, you can evaluate potential causes in real time rather than trying to evaluate what happened months later. To make that easier than ever, we’re launching anomaly detection. You’ll get automatically alerted when a specific number is above or below a threshold.

    Get access all our AI-powered analytics tools in one plan

    We’ve taken the most powerful features traditional analytics offer, and packaged them in one convenient plan. And like our dashboards, we made them easy to set up and use. Introducing the Growth Plan: for growing businesses who want to use data to make better decisions and improve performance.

    View plans and pricing.

    Plus, the Databox you love just got better.

    Introducing new features and improvements that make it even easier for all users to centralize data, build powerful dashboards, and create beautiful visuals.

    Performance screen: see how your most important metrics are performing, in seconds.

    See how your most important metrics and goals are performing with the Performance Screen.

    Our new and improved home screen allows you to track your progress and review performance at a glance. As soon as you log in to Databox, you’ll get a concise, comprehensive, and personalized view of your 10 most important metrics and goals.

    This new performance screen helps you see how you’re doing overall, and how close you are to hitting your goals with color-coded visualizations. You can also see your top-performing and under-performing metrics at a glance, so you better know where to focus your attention. Finally, you can quickly access your 10 last-viewed Databoards, Looped Databoards, and Reports so you can jump back in and pick up where you left off.

    Added integrations: connect all your data even more easily.

    New one-click integrations for SaaS, eCommerce and marketing agencies.

    It’s easier than ever to centralize all of your data into Databox. We’ve added new one-click integrations for SaaS, eCommerce, and marketing agencies, revamped our metrics, and built new Metric Builders to improve the way you sync data to your account – and the list keeps growing!

    Metric library: learn about (and improve) any metric.

    Learn about (and improve) any metric with the Metric Library.

    With our new and improved Metric Library, anyone on your team can quickly get the information they need for any metric. Just select a metric to quickly learn how it’s defined and measured, view benchmarks, and discover best practices to improve it.

    New chart visualizations: uncover opportunities with new visualizations.

    Uncovering opportunities in your data has never been easier with these new visualizations.

    Choosing the right visualization for your data is crucial. The right chart style will help you spot trends, or uncover new insights or opportunities you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. With new visualizations and more powerful charts, uncovering these opportunities has never been easier.

    Add multiple metrics to a single visualization to better understand how different data points relate to each other. Leverage charts like Radial Progress, Spider Diagrams, Bubble Charts, and Data Stories to turn complex data into easy-to-understand insights. Plus, add multiple comparison periods to get more insights. You can also customize your chart’s colors to present your data however you want.

    Report & dashboard templates: set up reports and dashboards in 1-click.

    Set up reports and dashboards in 1-click using templates.

    From the start, we’ve been obsessed with making it as easy as possible to track and share your data with your clients, team, or shareholders. With our new dashboard and report templates, you won’t have to build these reports or dashboards from scratch. We’ve added more metrics and integrations to the templates, to give you a head start in visualizing or sharing the data you need.

    Just find the template that best aligns with your role or goals (web performance, SEO, social media, and more), and add it to your account in 1-click. From there, you can make changes to customize it to your needs.

    Dashboard designer: build custom dashboards even faster.

    Building custom dashboard has never been simpler with the new dashboard designer.

    Building custom dashboards has never been simpler. Our new dashboard designer boasts a clean and intuitive design, making the process of creating and updating dashboards a breeze – regardless of your level of experience.

    You can add data from multiple sources into a single dashboard with just one click. Or, quickly switch between different visualizations to find the best way to represent your data.

    Account & security management: safeguard your data.

    Safeguard your data with dded features like Force SSO, Two-Factor Authentication, and advanced password protection.

    Keeping your data safe is our top priority. We’ve enhanced our security measures with added features like Force SSO, Two-Factor Authentication, and advanced password protection to keep your data confidential.

    Not a Databox user yet? Get started now.

    We’ve evolved into more than just a visualization tool, and are excited to continue advancing our mission. With Databox Analytics, we’ve bridged the gap between powerful enterprise solutions and simple visualization tools. Our commitment to simplicity means that now, more than ever, anyone on your team can become data-informed and leverage data to grow.

    Try our new, all-inclusive Growth Plan to experience the power of Databox Analytics. From Performance Summaries to Forecasts, you’ll get access to a suite of AI-powered features that will help you centralize and visualize your data, share your insights, and make better data-informed decisions to improve performance.

    If you’re new to Databox, start by creating your free account. Then, connect your data with over 120 one-click integrations and easily build custom dashboards to track your most important metrics. Automate your reporting, collaborate with your team, proactively monitor your performance, and so much more!

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