How CloudApp Grew to 3 Million Users Without a Marketer on Staff (And How Things Have Changed Now That They Do)

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    Imagine growing to 3 million users without a marketer on staff. Sounds like a dream, right? 

    Well, have you heard of CloudApp? Judging by those user numbers, I’d assume most of you reading this have. 

    It’s a collaboration tool that allows you to quickly create and share gifs, videos, and screenshots with anyone.

    Well, this was CloudApp’s reality. 

    And, it was Joe Martin’s. After 7 years at Adobe, Joe joined CloudApp as VP of Marketing in early 2018.

    He was their first marketer. 

    Since then, he’s built upon their product-driven growth by doubling down on the things he saw were already working from a marketing standpoint before he even joined. 

    Marketing is ALWAYS happening, even if you don’t have a marketer on staff. 

    On this episode of Ground Up, Joe shares:

    • CloudApp’s journey to becoming a thought leader in customer experience, productivity, and collaboration.
    • How to get the marketing right for your freemium product (leveraging organic growth and referrals)
    • The role of historical data in building your marketing engine from scratch


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