The State of Business Reporting (w/ Pete Caputa, Databox)

Metrics & Chill Podcast Feb 1, 2023 1 minute read

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    Peter Caputa

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    We recently surveyed 314 companies to learn how they’re setting goals and reporting performance to their teams. So in this episode, I chatted with Pete Caputa, Databox’s CEO, to discuss the top takeaways he feels SMB leaders should know from that report. You’ll learn how most companies are setting goals or KPIs, what departments are the most tracked, and the 7 practices that the highest performing companies implement.

    The takeaways

    1. Most companies are still cutting and pasting into spreadsheets/slides.
    2. Picking metrics is hard. Few do it correctly.
    3. Marketing is the most measured activity. Is that a good thing?
    4. Sharing company performance transparently is not the standard, but it probably should be.
    5. Seven habits of successful companies.
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    Jeremiah Rizzo

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