This Trick Helped Shorten Our Lead Response Time to 14 Seconds [Data Snacks]

Data Snacks Mar 26 1 minute read

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    When it comes to conversational marketing, the operative word for executing a successful strategy is “conversational.” (Duh.)

    While bots are great and have many applications for serving your prospects and customers, a human presence is critical for hitting the right level engagement to improve downstream performance (deals closed, revenue, etc.)

    Are you available for website visitors when they need you? What’s your average response time in Drift?

    With Databox, we measure response time as one of our key performance indicators for Drift in our conversational marketing programs.

    In this episode of Data Snacks, I explain how to think about response time, the things we did to get ours down to just 14 seconds, and most importantly how you can improve yours by changing a few habits in your process.

    How to shorten your lead response time in Drift


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