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Mike Volpe on the Current State of Inbound Marketing & What It Takes to Build a Movement

Fresh of his announcement of joining Lola as CEO, Volpe shares his insights on building a movement, marketing to the SMB, and the current state of inbound marketing.

John Bonini John Bonini on September 12, 2018 • 1 minute read

A couple of weeks ago, fresh off his announcement of accepting the role as CEO at, I hung out with Mike Volpe.

Also the former CMO of HubSpot, and more recently, Cybereason, we had a lot of ground to cover.

Under Volpe’s leadership at HubSpot, the marketing team helped define what modern marketing looked like in the digital age.

Sure, the specific tactics may have changed over the years, but the ideals behind attracting customers to your business is as relevant as ever.

As I mentioned, we covered a lot of ground in under an hour, including:

  • The transition to CEO
  • Marketing to the SMB vs. enterprise
  • Inbound marketing – its evolution, its current state, and what companies are getting right/wrong
  • How HubSpot built a movement
  • The importance of Founder/ go-to-market fit, and more.

Stay until the end where Mike reveals his top 5 hip-hop MCs.

This one was fun. Enjoy.

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John Bonini
John Bonini is Director of Marketing at Databox. He's passionate about building brands that tell great stories. Connect with him on Twitter @bonini84.
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