Growing 3x by Going After Bigger Contracts (w/ Doug Davidoff, Lift Enablement)

Metrics & Chill Podcast Aug 23, 2023 1 minute read

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    In this episode, Pete Caputa interviews Doug Davidoff, CEO of Lift Enablement, to learn how he grew revenue by 3x by going after bigger contracts from bigger companies.


    Doug more than tripled revenue by very purposefully going after bigger contracts from bigger companies. In this episode, he breaks down how he did it while keeping headcount relatively low, and how he transitioned into targeting bigger contracts.

    He also shared his exact performance over the last few months: website sessions, pageviews/sessions, leads captured from the website, number of deals created, number of calls, deals won, deals won amount and average time to close deals.

    Pete compared Doug’s performance to a group of 61 other HubSpot Platinum (& above) Solutions Partners in this benchmark group, which unveiled some interesting insights. For example, Doug’s average time to close deals is nearly 2x as long as the median of the group, but his call volume is below the median. 

    So, while his deals take longer to close, he’s not spending as much time selling as the typical member of the group. He also closed more revenue and deals than the typical member of the group in the last 6 months. Effectively, he’s closing bigger deals at a higher rate with less effort, even though they take a longer time period to close.

    Get all the insights in the full episode.


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