The Power of Consistent Messaging & Clear Differentiation with Intercom’s Shane Murphy

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    When you think of Intercom, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

    So, while we can’t actually hear your response, we can bet your answers might vary.

    Shane Murphy thinks so, too. 

    Shane joined Intercom about 8 months ago as their SVP of Marketing. 

    At that time, marketing had 4 different teams. Marketing Multiple products. On 2 continents. 

    Now, imagine trying to maintain a unified message and overall brand vision.

    It’s been a challenge.

    That’s part of what Shane’s been working on at Intercom. To continue fueling growth, move upmarket, and differentiate from a crowded marketplace––Intercom knows that clarity of messaging will be critical. 

    And while Intercom might always mean something slightly different depending on the user, they know they have to be in control of those definitions. 

    On this episode of Ground Up, Murphy takes a deep dive into how he structures his marketing team, how to maintain consistency around messaging as your team grows, and so much more.

    Here are some of the topics he discusses:

    • How to align your team’s mission statement with that of your company.
    • Growing as a company and sticking to a clear message that appeals to both users and prospects.
    • How to build your marketing process and validate your strategies for long term impact.

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