How ActiveCampaign Grew to 80k Customers By Focusing On Product First

Ground Up Podcast Nov 25 1 minute read

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    Maria Pergolino had never heard of ActiveCampaign. 

    Which is funny, because Maria is a veteran marketing executive in the software space. She’s worked for other marketing automation giants like Marketo. 

    Earlier this year, Maria was weighing new CMO opportunities in the marketing technology space. 

    ActiveCampaign was one of them. 

    And though she had never heard of them, as she dug in, she found out why––an almost obsessive commitment to the product and customer experience rather than marketing. (Which, is why they were pursuing Maria.)

    They had 80,000 customers, are clear market leaders in marketing automation on G2, have a strong partner community…but up until now, no consistency in communicating all of that. At this point, Pergolino knew this was the opportunity she was going to pursue. 

    As of this recording, she’d only been 5 weeks into the role, but, she had already re-org’d the marketing team and gotten the wheels turning for leaning more into brand in the coming year.

    If you hadn’t already, in another few months, you, and everyone else, will know who ActiveCampaign is. 

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